My Operating System made with Visual Basic vb. OS

Login Form Desktop Menu Console Create Folder Web Browser Calculator Control Panel Recycle Bin

7 thoughts on “My Operating System made with Visual Basic vb. OS

  1. AWESOME. I'm making my own, but do you got any idea what a good OS name would be? I've been hammering stupid ideas for about 30 Min. Now!

    XD Gj on the OS +1

  2. Pershendetje, bravo super e paske ndreq. Edhe un e kom ndreq ni OS temin me visual basic, problemi osht qe jon ka me duhen scriptat per new folder, rename folder, delete folder edhe per recycle bin. Mundesisht kontaktom sot ose neser ne facebook. Linku i profilit tem osht:

  3. Everyone is making but can someone tell me how can I install it in my pc(just like we install windows.) Is it possible?

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