My Favorite iPhone Apps – What’s on my iPhone 11 (2020)

what is going on everyone it is Mike and
welcome back to tech 24/7 TV now with 2019 coming to close in 2020 new decade
8 right around the corner I thought it might be appropriate to give you a peek
into how I use my iPhone on a daily basis and how it helps me stay
productive really running my personal life running my professional life and
then also here running the channel so I use the iPhone 11 Pro max you know the
big phone in midnight green and 512 gigs of storage now I got this phone a few
months ago obviously when the iPhone 11 launched it’s my second year in a row
getting the 512 gig and I would say that this is probably gonna be the final year
that I would stay with the storage tier unless there’s significant some
significant kind of advancement in in camera technology that will require me
getting you know staying at the storage level so let me explain my thought
process was that I was gonna get the 512 giggling with a 5-iron 12 gig storaged
here based on the triple camera setup figure if it’s recording three lenses at
once or three video streams at once based on the on scream demo that they
had with filmic Pro that it might be beneficial for me to have a higher
higher tier storage phone because I’m gonna be using my phone for a lot of
things and really go as it turned out that that was not the case
so one I think as of when I checked yesterday which was Christmas the filmic
app for you know using the three different cameras was not available and
I’m supposed to be available this year so you know that’s still not available
to I really don’t use my iPhone to record a lot of video like I did in the
beginning of this channel where that was kind of one of the main reasons to get
that higher storage I use the camera that you are watching this on right now
which is the Sony a7 three with that said I think there really the question
is do many people need or does anyone even really need off iphone with 512
gigs of storage so I think the answer that question is probably gonna be
mainly no what I would ask myself if I was getting a new iPhone right now is
saying one do I need I might be doing a lot of video recording right because
that’s gonna be like one of the thing that uses the most amount of bandwidth
or most mass storage on the device – do I not use some type of no cloud storage
either whether it be for photos video video and photos or even for other types
of content and three what does it cost from a peace of mind perspective to go
from the 256 gig iPhone to the 512 gigabyte iPhone now I am on the Apple
iPhone upgrade program which is you know I think it’s a seven or eight dollar
difference per month now if I think about seven or eight dollars I’m gonna
keep this phone twelve months at the end of 12 months that’s $84
so is 84 dollars worth it to me for peace of mind to go from 256 to 512 I
think it is right now I only have like a hundred and fifteen or 120 gigs of
stores used on my iPhone so I don’t know I think I could definitely go down to
256 I would not be able to cut you know to the lower model which is 64 gigs and
that wouldn’t that wouldn’t cut it for me but you know all that
with the iPhone I use this phone pretty much as my point-and-shoot camera for 60
percent of time so this phone is you know I’ve States with me all the time I
do have a phone that I use for work which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but my iPhone is my primary device if
someone were to ask for my number that would get the number to my iPhone and to
this note device but all that said what is on my iPhone in what allows me to
remain productive let’s talk about that so we’re gonna organize discussion kind
of a few different ways so one I’m not gonna talk through many of the default
apps that come on your iPhone not because they’re not good or not because
they are horrible but really their default apps and if you already have an
iPhone you know largely what they do I will go into a little bit of detail on
shortcuts and also on the home app that’s gonna be the first part and the
second thing is that really we’re just gonna go page by page on how I am I have
put setup you know the first page is for what I use the most second page is for
what I either use second most or things I want to use more often in my life
third page is for folders and all of these folders are organized
alphabetically so even side the app I organize it alphabetically so a little
little retentive if you know what I mean anyways so here starting here at the
very beginning I have messages up top in the top left-hand corner which is the
way that I communicate with 95% of the people that I talk to everyone in my
family you have moved them off of Android or some other different
operating system and to iOS simply for the integration really that’s what keeps
me or one of the main driving factors which keeps me on iOS at this point is
almost everyone I know has an iPhone almost everyone I know has you know not
just an iPhone but they have multiple Apple devices and so the benefits of
having the integration between your iPhone your Mac your iPad your Apple
watch whatever the case may be is highly enticing and very much kind of a
sticking point or pun intended I guess a sticking point allowing you to kind of
stay within the iOS app ecosystem so that’s one of my favorite things moving
on to my second app here is going to be spark email spark email is my email
client of choice so I’ve probably run the gamut like many of you using
different email addresses or different email apps looking for the holy grail of
email clients and I think I thought I found it with Dropbox what was it called
so Dropbox had an email there was an email client at Dropbox spot several
years ago they integrated into Dropbox to some degree some of the technology
but integrates several different email clients it looks really good it gives
you a lot of options in terms of notifications swipe through preferences
kind of one-click options and you can go ahead and integrate kind of these
different apps as well like OmniFocus which is something that I use to manage
kind of all my tasks and activities in addition to that so it’s it’s really
good I don’t use it for two or I don’t use it to integrate calendars or to view
all my calendars and that is the calendar app from Apple
I do use fantastical to capture those those events but I don’t use it to view
their I’ve not really found the way that it looks my weather app of choice is
gonna be carrot weather which I am a huge fan of and really funny it is a
paid app it’s it’s $4.99 I’m actually I subscribe to I think they’re tier 2 or
tier 3 level notifications where you can get like lightning strike notifications
and a couple other things which I find interesting to view and you can tailor
care others personality to depending on how you look at life and you can go from
no politics center as conservative terian communist it’s just it’s a nice
way to brighten your day my opinion so kudos to you next up is gonna be my
password management choice of app is gonna be one password now I’ve been
using one password for maybe the better part of 10 years always as a standalone
app a couple years ago I up upgrade to the subscription service when they first
launched it and now I actually get it for free because I subscribe to euro
secure Plus which is the advanced subscription service that euro offers
with their mesh networking products I have in my house here so I get it free
but I still love it and I think it’s probably one of the better better
meaning like kind of least amount of friction with using your phone and your
you know and integrating your passwords within iOS and the Mac so I like it a
lot day 1 is going to be my journaling
active choice so I have several different notebooks here in d1 depending
on what I’m talking about or how I’m feeling I would go ahead and how’s my
day start how’d my day and those kind of bookends to my day and really just kind
of capture my thoughts throughout the day into this for a little bit of
reflection later on when I remember that I have to do it overcast right now was
gonna be my podcast appetize I use that today but I am moving to pocket casts so
I do plan to make that move sometime early in the new year
reason being because pocket cast is multi-platform and I have on my android
phone I know 10 and they also play video so
there are a few podcasts that I wash and subscribe to that our video then we have
app I use to go ahead and track all my timers and kind of what I would call
things that are automated but I do that are done on a daily basis so really kind
of reminding me to take my vitamins or I mean when my cold brew is gonna be done
when I need to cancel a subscription for something that is in the App Store
that is going to all be in inside of do next up is gonna be my Twitter client of
choice in abhi tweet bot I like the way the look and feel of it I don’t like
that Twitter limits the developer API where I can’t get notifications from
Tweep out like I used to but I do have Twitter installed on my device
if I can identification I can open it in Twitter and then find that notification
or find that you know that tweet inside of tweet BOTS next up on there is gonna
be shortcuts so shortcuts I talked a little bit about earlier this summer
when Apple integrated rockets in iOS 13 and this is really I think probably the
way to automate and simplify a lot of the things I do daily or frequently on
my device getting weather reports turning on my VPN I’m helping me fall
asleep at night you know chi starting my meditation all things that are in there
sexy time which is funny getting work done time to shred things like when I
connect to the gym Network turn my phone on silent go ahead and start a playlist
and start a workout so those things are all there this has really helped me
simplify you know many other things I do audible which is my my reading app of
choice I am very much a someone who can read in multi mode so whether I’m
reading a book reading a lot of screen or listening to it I kind of work well
with any one of those but I probably prefer the most is listening to an
audiobook while kind of doing many different things it just allows me to
consume more content in times where I normally wouldn’t have that opportunity
notability is my app of choice for taking handwritten apps on my iPad I do
have it on here on the home screen which you use to search through those notes
very often and notion is really kind of hard to explain for me because I’m not
so it’s on my home screen because I want to use it more often and really it’s
like a database app it allows you to kind of go ahead and create and maintain
custom databases to hold information that you find valuable so like here I
have setup like this right here this is a a Ken Kanban Kanban board for you know
all the videos that I have in production right now and so as they move I would
take it from ideation and then move it over to research as I started going to
the different place you can set it up really however you want it’s completely
Greenfield open space when you you know first get into it they do give you
suggestions and there are templates that you can get into this temple that I’m
using here came from oh gosh what’s his name here
is Thomas Frank so he had a good video which I’ll link below in the description
he will be more elegant in describing how it is and how he uses it I am just
getting into it I would say I’m a complete amateur especially compared to
his level of discipline in the notion app there’s a few other channels I’ll go
ahead and leak in the description below as well but it’s a good app nonetheless
so that wraps up the first page here on the bottom I have my phone app because I
still use my phone as a phone every day I’m probably on conference calls three
to four hours a day kind of so that is gonna be in the bottom left hand corner
I have a drafts drefs is the app that I use to go ahead and capture on all kind
of quick text and as a starting point then I can export that text from drafts
to anywhere else and there’s a lot of automations that you can go in here to
how to use then my productivity app of choice or my to-do list of choice is
gonna be OmniFocus so I think at this point I really need to dive back into
kind of the discipline of using OmniFocus or getting things done which
in my mind they go hand in hand in this reference because I’d like to be more
organized would like to use OmniFocus more effectively and I you know I would
just like to do it more so here this is really gonna be my app of choice for GTD
related activities so next here on the second page is gonna be out my home app
so my home app what I did was in each of these different rooms and set
aspirational photos let’s just say four different four different rooms at but I
have you know different photos for the family room the things that just found
online and it really just has a nice it’s nice visually to you know kind of
set each room apart on there and hallway living room so that’s that’s a nice
touch of my son’s room which is literally never this clean so next on
here is gonna be double double is an app that allows you to capture video
simultaneously from your front-facing camera in your rear-facing camera and
then integrate both those video streams into a single of the single video so
it’ll actually combine them together it’s kind of useful for social media
kind of use for Instagram things like that kind of gives you that perspective
of here that see what I see or this is what I’m looking at
halite is the next app which I used I think it’s gonna be my
third party camera app of choice it’s got a nice UI it’s clean in my
experience there’s good results and you can use all three cameras within this
third-party app it’s probably the app that I would use it’s my default
third-party app when I want to use it so we have Treece is what i used to go
ahead and track all of my kind of habit-forming activities so you know
closing activity rings making sure that I burn my calories reading for 20
minutes every day sleeping seven hours right now 10 minutes of meditation and
then recording my weight so those are the things that I’m keeping track for
kind of on my basis right of everyday basis and you can add different pages or
different tabs let’s just say in here so I can have another tab buffer is an app
that I used for social media and allows you to publish to multiple platforms at
once water minder is the app that I use to go ahead and track my water
consumption which is something and she says I’m thirsty here so was that good
yeah headspace which is the app that I use
for meditation over which is an app that I purchased earlier this year this is an
annual subscription but this is I would say it’s kind of like Photoshop not
necessarily is full-featured Photoshop but it allows you to go ahead and do
some pretty interesting things for social media and sex it with the app
that I use for all my thumbnails music while you do use Apple music and that’s
my app of choice next up is gonna be tool box pro so tool box Pro is the app
that I use this is kind of a more robust add-on to shortcuts allows you to go
ahead and get very granular and create shortcuts there’s even
predetermine shortcuts in there like here’s one that I use so get the heat
map if you guys show shortcuts a picture alright using machine learning tell me
what is gonna be the heat map or map the heat the places of interest that
people’s eyes are gonna be drawn to looking at this photo that’s really
important you know I used to use vsco probably about a year and a half ago
anything at this point I haven’t been using it that much and I don’t know if
I’m gonna would continue to you know to renew my subscription after that CES
2020 so I am going to see yes in about a week and a half here and I will be
covering a lot of content so if you are interested in some that see us content
let me know what you want to see down in the comments
but this is the app really sales helped me who’s going there where they located
at the different Convention Center and how to get there
very simple master class is a app that I use for kind of self-improvement self
learning so right now I am on a Ron Howard class on filmmaking as I did not
go to school for this brainstorming are the apps that I use to go ahead and kind
of well its brainstorming but so there is my node plus my node plus is a mind
mapping application how I would kind of import you know I put a topic in here
and I would say the topic and then I’m gonna go ahead and do branches there for
the different areas of or kind of aspects that I want to cover on this
topic so that’s gonna how I want to use this and then once that’s done I use I’m
the outliner to go ahead and to organize it so to kind of put a little bit more
structure into a kind of something that’s just more freeform at that point
camera so here are all the different camera apps I use I would say probably
the most useful is gonna be you know the moment app so I have the anamorphic lens
from moment I in the moment Gaby squeezes it it’s a viewer so if you ever
want to view exif data so that’s the metadata has written into a photo that’s
very helpful Foucault’s FOCS I would probably call it focus but Foucault’s is
if you want to capture edit and manipulate photos that are taking with
using portrait mode filmic Pro that’s a video app that I use to capture video
very customizable very flexible that’s the app I was referring to
talking about if you want to capture three video streams from all three
cameras also you can you know set controls you know pinpoint white balance
it’s very full-featured it is expensive I think it’s 20 dollars for that app and
then the remote for it if you want to control it on a different device GoPro
for my GoPro imaging Sony imaging edge for my camera that I’m using pro cam
which is another app that I use Ronin for my Ronin Mike Kimball and Spectre
which is for a low-light photography yeah I think it’s low at photography
yeah for low-light photography that’s their next presenter tainment so I then
have Apple TV everything eleanor’s pretty pretty self-explanatory finance
all the apps I used to manage financial aspects of my games right now I think
with my favorite game that I’m playing is going to be
what the golf that’s really fun thinks holding for recommending that and I just
downloaded Lego builders journey getting into that other than that I love the
rooms that the toy makers mansion that’s actually very fun so that’s probably my
favorite apps right now more of a puzzle game and I’m sort of like a puzzle games
and you cannot forget ashphalt Racing 9s for all racing night is my go-to app to
play racing game for sure Google is things that are all Google but
not related to YouTube health that we don’t all the health related apps
research kit Beachbody on demand and home kit is where I have all the apps I
would use that are control some accessory that are in my house
not necessarily home kit related but I just call it home kit hue lights is
another app that I use so it’s it’s not it’s not made by you the third-party app
but what’s cool about this is that you can dial in the color temperature that
you want for certain lights so these lights daylight balance which they
actually are right now I can down them into a certain temperature and they will
go ahead and go to a temperature which is really helpful when filming video and
trying to match like lighting temperatures Instagram these are all the
apps that I use with Instagram so boomerang to make boomerangs Instagram
obviously I GTV spark camera which is a really interesting one I should go ahead
and make videos to go ahead and import Instagram stories or other social
platforms one blocker is the app I use for to block all the content or for
content blocking Backblaze backup service you wrote that’s the app that I
use I was talking about earlier for my mush Network so that’s probably euro nor
BPM which we talked about earlier and speed test music instead of music
probably the most notable thing is gonna be one song ship song shift allows you
to import playlists from other music services into another music service so
if I was switching from Spotify to just say Apple music or vice versa or
whatever the case is I can go into song shift and say okay
this is what I want to go ahead and import I want this playlist this is the
target service this is the destination service and
is the playlist I want to copy over so that’s very helpful photo editing
darkroom darkroom is it so I think I added most of my photos it’s at a
Lightroom I would use darkroom kind of infrequently when I use I mostly export
things into Lightroom and then fix them photo photo pills is actually a really
interesting app now let’s just say you want to you know you’re gonna be in New
York City at 3 p.m. and you want to take a photo in a certain location it’s gonna
tell you what’s going to be what’s gonna hook the Sun and reflections shadows
what’s it gonna look like in that location at that time so it’s actually
very very cool tells you when you know all the different no twilight nautical
Twilight sunrise and look at the one called sunset maybe so that’s in there
as well so that’s really good for photo planning or photography planning so
reading I use Apollo as my app of choice and I also used pocket pocket allows me
to go ahead and pull in many different you know find an article I want to save
it for later and then store it into my pocket list for that is gonna be fine
social so I just cord in there I haven’t started or haven’t announced the
discordant service yet but kind of have a discourse for the channel where people
go and talk about productivity things of that nature that’s gonna be in their
video edits so we man is an app that allows me to go ahead it integrates with
my record my sound recorder which I’m using right now and it shows kind of
real-time levels of what’s being recorded start/stop rename the channels
or rename the audio that’s actually very helpful when you know recording by
yourself a luma fusion is an app I use to infrequently edit on my iPhone videos
I would use that or iMovie and frame IO is a really good way of sharing projects
with folks that neither need to review it though either midstream give you
feedback you know get some type of approval on how to move through so as a
independent video creator you could use frame i/o with a client send them you
know a kind of first draft of a video and they could leave you feedback on you
know scene-by-scene second-by-second along the timeline of how that looks
while paper are the apps I use for wallpaper and I think right now
my favorite is gonna be Wally that’s gonna be my favorite appetizer for
wallpaper and I will leave my favorite artist his name is art liner a art liner
yeah a a art liner yeah hey art liner many different ones so YouTube are all
the apps I use for managing YouTube right not just YouTube but then YouTube
studio Adsense vid IQ and then rebrand Lee which is a URL shortener and then
flow which I have not even opened yet to see how it works it’s really just kind
of a note taking application so that about wraps it up for me folks that is
what is on my iPhone in 2019 and how I say productive now this is more than
likely gonna be my last video for 2019 I hope that you’re gonna stay with me in
2020 I got a lot of things planned and you know hey we’re gonna start it off
right with going to CES I am Mike and I will talk to the next one

8 thoughts on “My Favorite iPhone Apps – What’s on my iPhone 11 (2020)


    1) My Phone of Choice – 00:39
    2) Does anyone really need 512GB? – 2:00
    3) Why iOS works for me – 4:30
    4) The best cross-platform email client (iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and Android) – Spark Email – 5:15
    5) The snarkiest weather app – Carrot Weather – 6:18
    6) Password Manager – 1Password – 6:50
    7) How I like to journal – Day One – 7:30
    8) Play all the podcasts – Pocketcasts – 7:52
    9) Keeping track of the everyday timers – DUE – 8:13
    10) I like to tweet a lot – Tweetbot – 8:36
    11) Automate all the things – Shortcuts – 8:55
    12) Is it really reading if you're listening? – Audible – 9:37
    13) My cross-platform note taking app of choice – Notability – 10:00
    14) The coolest app that I'm not yet an expert on – Notion – 10:15
    15) The place where all my text starts – Drafts – 11:30
    16) How I GTD – Omnifocus – 11:53
    17) My Home Setup – 12:27
    18) Use your front-facing and rear-facing camera at the same time – Double – 12:56
    19) My default camera app – Halide – 13:19
    20) How I build habits – Streaks – 13:31
    21) How to publish to several social media platforms at once – Buffer – 13:55
    22) Stay hydrated, my friend – WaterMinder – 14:01
    23) Stay mindful, my friend – Headspace – 14:11
    24) CREATE! – Over – 14:17
    25) More automation goodness – Toolbox Pro – 14:34
    26) Full featured photo editor – VSCO – 15:07
    27) Find cool gadgets and gadgets – CES2020 – 15:19
    28) Learn new things – MasterClass – 15:29
    29) Mind map like a pro – MindNode – 15:50
    30) Create structure like no other – OmniOutliner – 16:14
    31) De-squeeze anamorphic – Moment – 16:23
    32) Manage photo EXIF data – EXIF Viewer – 16:30
    33) Portrait mode like a pro – FOCOS – 16:36
    34) Videography must – Filmic Pro & Filmic Remote 16:50
    35) Low-light king – Spectre – 17:19
    36) My favorite game rn – WHATTHEGOLF – 17.40
    37) My latest  Arcade game – Lego Builder's Journey
    38) My latest non-arcade game – The Toy Maker's Mansion
    39) Vroom, vroom – Asphalt Racing 9
    40) Dial in the colors on your Hue bulbs – Hue Lights – 18:20
    41) Make interesting IG stories – Spark Camera – 18:50
    42) Block all the bad content – 1Blocker – 19:00
    43) Secure your internet – NordVPN – 19:08
    44) Shift all the songs – SongShift – 19:15
    45) Edit photos like a pro – Darkroom – 19:47
    46) My default photo editor – Lightroom –
    47) Plan out your photo shoots like a BOSS – PhotoPills – 20:03
    48) My reddit client of choice – Apollo – 20:35
    49) Save articles for offline reading – Pocket
    50) The "wingman" for recording audio – Wingman – 21:05
    51) Almost perfect way to edit video on your iPhone – LumaFusion – 21:23
    52) Share your video projects with clients – Frame IO – 21:31

  2. Great video! Awesome to see a video more about the apps rather than just the hardware! Can’t wait to try a few of these. Do you use different apps on your iPad Pro? If so, it would be great to see some apps optimized for the bigger screen.

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