my-Ditto NAS Solution: How to Enable Media/iTunes Network Attached Storage Server

Begin by clicking on the Windows start button or Icon, select Computer or My Computer from the list Locate the my-Ditto USB drive and double-click on it Double-click on the my-Ditto application to launch into it Once connected, type in your password Click on the Login button to proceed Begin by verifying that you are using the Administrator key. You’ll need this in order to turn on the Media or iTunes server Click on the Settings button in the upper right hand corner Once loaded, select the Media/iTunes server tab on the left Here you should see two buttons for rescanning and disabling or enabling the server. Make sure the button reads Disable. If it says Enable, click it and click on the Rescan buttton. Then click on the close option Your Media or iTunes server is now enabled. To verify open up iTunes. You should see a my-Ditto server under the shared option Click on it and you should see the music thats located in the myMusic folder. To play something simply double-click on it and it should begin playing Note: You will not be able to modify any file information You notice here that we can see all the information for the file however it is all greyed out unlike our normal songs in iTunes. Unfortunately, on a network attached storage device you will not be able to modify any file settings or information Any that concludes todays show on how to setup the Media/iTunes server

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