My Ball Python Hasn’t Eaten in 1 Year

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  1. It seems that if they change their eating pattern during the winter maybe he just feels like its still winter lol… Now that you took him out to go to the vet maybe he got the hint. Honestly would it be crazy to take him outside for like 20min. wouldn't it be crazy if he just started eating again??

  2. Sonny is seriously so calm and balanced! He's just amazing! Probably one in a million to go off food for a year and maintain health, personality and energy like that.

  3. I'm not sure if this is on topic, but i just remembered something that happened when i was in 3rd grade, my class had a few snakes, there where 2 ball pythons and a corn snake, the corn snake somehow got into one of the ball pythons tank and my teacher was cleaning the tank and found the corn snake, she named them Lucky, sadly he died before the year ended. i don't know if/when the ball pythons died.
    sorry if this is off topic, i just wanted to share a story from around 6 years ago.

  4. Mate, you could've killed him.
    You didn't take him to the vet & at the LEAST.. get an x-ray to eliminate the possibility of a foreign obstruction (blockage) or internal growth …. Before force feeding him like that, and after a whole YEAR? 😕 🙇

  5. Although this is very concerning and a year is a lot, he looks healthy for a snake who hasn’t eaten in a year

  6. 1:28 why would you hate on another YouTuber fuck you even tho you didint write the comment you liked it Brian is better than your channel soo

  7. Try putting them in a room with no animals and you send them a very I'm so maybe something else maybe a tub

  8. Have you tried live feeding. Also some predators are stimulated by movement so maybe putting in a couple of mice in his aquarium would help. Actually you mentioned the fact that you had tried live feeding them later on in the video, but you said you had held the mouse or something. It might be better to let them run around so that the snake gets a chance to hunt for a change.

  9. my ball python hasnt eaten since i got her in late Feb 19. she is around 7 to 8 months old as far as the reptile shop told me, shes about 3 and a half feet long. ive been told not to worry yet but now im concerned cuz i can very slightly see her spine and i read that wasnt good, and now shes resorted to going in her water bowl 2 or 3 times a day. i have tried everything… diffrent feeding tank, male, female, pinkies, alive, dead, frozen, gutted, brained, mouse rat all sizes… whats next. shes seems very healthy still. proper temp used diffrent types of bedding. i dont want to force feed. am i forgetting something or am i freaki9ng out too soon?! what to do GH?

  10. I have two males that are going on 9 months off feeding and a baby male that’s at 3 months so I feel the pain man

  11. OK here is a theory. I'm not sure how smart snakes are, but maybe his metabolism is slowed down more than usual and he realized that if he eats as much as he usually does, he will develop health issues. I mean he lost quite a small amount of weight since he stopped eating.

  12. I love the way you say corn snakes never refuse yet my corn snake just went three months without eating and only just ate ten mins ago lmao

  13. Sunny Makin you sad or makin your life rainy? You know too much sun will give you cancer. All the missing dads are in the hospital going through chemotherapy

  14. You are a liar ball pythons can only live up to six months without eating because they are using energy you got me stored energy they have to eat stupid….so slow

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  16. Hi! Thanks for the insights. I am no expert, but waiting a year and not going to vet / s doesn't make any sense, no matter what knowledge u may have !

  17. So call a vet. You judge other ppl for the things they do and you let your snake go for a year with out eating . what an idiot so ummmm if you had an idiot pushing food down your throat and something was wrong with you health wise he obviously is not Perfect that is curelty to animals

  18. End of July 2018 my ball python went off feed. She is still not eating to this day. She is already small for a female ball python of her age as it is.

  19. Ok but I can't wait to get a snake and them to perch around my neck. It's not a kink jsksk I'd just like to be able to walk to the store with a scarf and my best friend around my neck

  20. Mine hasn’t eaten since the first week of August and it’s almost October. Hopefully it’s just the breeding season
    + change of seasons

  21. If you have never seen a ball python go off food then you ain't been doing it enough. Also if you feed them weekly the the fasting periods are longer

  22. My snake also didnt eat for almost a year but since a few months he started eating again finally. Im so happy. He didn't look that underweight either. Ofcoirse a little but really not as much as you would expect. So i had this problem too. Mine is a cornsnake btw.

  23. Oh snap.. I had sort gerbil..

    Seriously, I hope that snake gets better! It’s gonna be a long ride, but I believe he’ll get better!

  24. Is it safe to have to have a ball python around your neck like that? It looks cool and the snake looks pretty comfy hahah. Once i had a baby corn snake, less than a year old wrap around my neck and i knew it wasnt strong enough to constrict but i instantly started panicking and i could feel her constrict which made me panick more so my friend removed her from my neck.. i really just want to know if it's safe so i feel less inclined to panick next time.

  25. Im gonna be gettin my first ball python soon and since you have tanks i thought you would be the one to ask….how do you keep the humidity at 50 – 60% and the ambient temperature where it needs to be?

  26. Just a quick question: Can I shave my bearded dragon? I would like to have a more normal looking lizard, without a beard.

  27. Yo I think he’s vegan now but don’t worry just like humans its just a faze and the python will eat in max 1 more year

  28. I can’t believe that some you tubers are calling you an unintelligent kid that doesn’t know anything because like this proves you know at least Somthing

  29. I feel like he's being fed by someone else, and that's why he's not taking food from you. Like, it seems INSANE that he would loose practically no weight and act completely normal after not eating for a year. Wild.

  30. I know you might not like Brian but should go to his channel and see how he feeds his animals that do this which they put a tube down the throat give it some Science Diet and some medicine from the doctor that's for snakes that don't eat that coats their stomach and water and put together and they actually start eating after that at least it's getting the nutrients if you do it that way

  31. My ball python Guzma (my first snake) stopped eating in November 2018, and I put it down to the winter months getting to him. Except when temps rose and he became active again, he still didn't eat, for several months. I ended up taking him to the ONLY exotics vet in Northern Ireland and the vet said that he was lively and had a good weight, so it was weird that he hasn't eaten. He was treated for worms and I was given a supplement to bathe him in when required (when he was due to shed). Two months later and just as I was considering taking him back for further investigation, the little bugger started eating! He's such a little tool and he's currently in burmation atm, I'm missing him xD.

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