100 thoughts on “My Ball Python Finally Ate After 1 Year of Refusing Food

  1. Original video (1/3) https://youtu.be/i8s9Zi-5gzU
    Vet update (2/3) https://youtu.be/B2g8yZWnWEo
    Why your snake won't eat https://youtu.be/IiWfFTa4auc

  2. Alex petty green, is that really your middle name? O.O my ball python went 8 months without any intrest in food I think they just want a break from food sometimes, like they know when they feel the urge or not xD thank you for sharing your story I always enjoy watching your videos ^-^ I've learned quite a lot from you good sir

  3. I just discovered you when I got my beardie. I just wanted to say, keep up the good work. I love your spirit and no-fucks given attitude. Keep your head up.

  4. We learned that you need to look at each snake individually and not freak out too fast if a snake doesn’t eat for so long but still looks & acts healthy 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

  5. I trusted your judgement on your reptiles. You and I have been keeping reptiles for the same amount of time as far as I knew you were doing exactly what I would have done. Apart from the vet and I know you did it mostly to shut up other commenters that told you to go to one.

  6. Snakes can go many months and up to a year off food, it's not your fault. It happens. If the snake won't eat it just won't eat. We have 6 ball pythons and they all like to eat in different environments, my oldest is 36 and has gone of food for close to a year. She's 36 and is huge and healthy.

  7. So I recently have taken in a ball python. In hopes to learn more about proper care and help him thrive, I joined a few BP groups.

    I joined the group you got banned from.

    I laughed, I cried, and I left.

    The admins in that group are ridiculous. Apparently they are ALL KNOWING. What they say is FACT.
    And if you believe different things, they bully the hell out of you and get other people in on it. But you fight back with information?

    I’m glad they got hate and I’m not even upset you showed a picture of one.
    Let them get the hate they dish out on everyone that is trying to learn.

    /rant over.
    I just wish that group would finally get deleted.

  8. I don’t like the people who act like they know everything it’s kinda sad lol but glad you got him eating and live the vids

  9. Sunny went of feed he regulated his metabolism…the albino might have been Ill so was in starvation mode that's my best guess. Snakes in the wild dont eat till they catch it soo… they have to have some process to survive that

  10. my 2 month old ball python eats every 2-3 days of white mice, but this week it ate everyday for 8 days.. whats the harm of ball python eating many times a week? thanks..

  11. if you handed me sunny and said, "this is an example of a healthy ball python," i wouldn't doubt it much. she looks really well, honestly.

  12. Ppl are stupid! First off it’s your snake and you know the snake! It don’t matter what the housing is as long as you have good bedding a hud water water water and a heat source but I’ve never had problems even with no heat source! As long as the snake is pretty fat and not a skeleton and looking bad. He might have been in a type of hibernation thing or something! As long as it kept most of its weight and kept drinking water they should be fine it’s not even their snake why are they worried. He was probably just stored up fat and was good! Glad he ate though 😁☺️

  13. In the wild don’t they find a rock and lay on it or asphalt and lay on it when it’s heated by the sun 🌞🤣😂 ppl are so stupid at times! If they hungry they will eat just give water in mean time BUT I am curious to know if he shed any during the time of not eating?

  14. Same thing happened to my noodle. Didn't even lose 1% of her body weight. I was blown away, but she was totally cool. No problems, and hasn't refused a meal since.

  15. I wish people would just be quiet and pay attention. This was actually very educational for me. I’ve been thinking about getting a ball python and if this happened to me it’s nice to know that it does happen to them. Crazy how animals will like this will just have their own agenda.

  16. Well I'm glad Sunny's hunger strike is over. I think it's funny he ate shortly after you put him back in his old husbandry setup.. Almost like you were doing it just fine to begin with lol.

  17. I never thought bad of you because sunny wasn't eating. my ball python also goes off eating for 3 months and then suddenly eats again. most around nov-feb

  18. my ball python went off food from Jan to Aug this year, and he didn't even lose any weight really. Snakes can handle it lol
    And i think that if your snake doesn't want to eat, it will lose weight slower then if you starved it or something. Like how i can be watching shows and forget to eat all day and not even notice really, but if i was hungry and no food could be found that would suck, ya know?

  19. That’s a very cute snake! I’m glad it’s okay, I just joined the channel, and I really enjoy your videos. I hope that I can learn more.😁

  20. Isn't the albino much younger? That is likely why, the metabolism is likely much higher for younger snakes. — not an expert though. Just an enthusiast.

  21. People are dumb, ignore the haters, 99.9% of them have never owned a snake in their lives and are just talking out of their ass.

  22. Yoo please don't listen to those negative asses lmao I love your videos even though I've just started watching you, you're a great person in my opinion and I'm looking forward to more of your videos ly good luck with your babies 😊💕

  23. We learned snakes’ metabolisms just like people, varies between snakes. Sunny wasn’t needing protein for what ever reason. We learned that you know more about your snake than a bunch of people who have given themselves the title of BALL PYTHON EXPERT and you knew what was best for Sunny. In spite of the fact they had never seen Sunny in person they felt knew best. I could give myself a title, say CHEF, because I have spent years cooking but just giving myself the title doesn’t make me a true CHEF. Do these BALL PYTHON EXPERTS print up a degree for themselves?

    We also learned that even when you gave into peer pressure and took Sunny to a VET, that’s a real EXPERT with years of schooling and a real degree, and Sunny got the all clear…was declared a healthy BP, the BALL PYTHON EXPERTS still weren’t satisfied. You gave into their demands but it wasn’t good enough because the real EXPERT…the VET…didn’t agree with them in spite of their computer generated BP EXPERT phony degree. They banned you because they couldn’t accept or admit that they were wrong. You hurt their BP EXPERT egos.

    We also learned BP can be a PIA at times doing fasts for unknown reasons.

    Sunny is a beautiful snake but secretive. I doubt he is going to share the reasons for his fast. BPs are just like that. Btw your second video about the VET visit was so funny. Also I learned that the care for your snakes is a number one priority. I never doubted that in spite of the phony BP EXPERTS’ indignation about the way you were handling Sunny’s refusal to eat. If Sunny had started to fail during his year fast, I have no doubt you would have made that VET visit much sooner but you knew it just wasn’t necessary. I will say that x-ray picture almost made it worth it. That is such a cool x-ray.

  24. I guess it is just like with humans (minus the not dying while starving for a year). If you start eating less you first are still hungry but after some time your body adapts and you kinda lose your sense of hunger. But once xou force yourself to eat more again your body actually feels stronger and you get increased appetite again. At least itnis this way for me so I can starve for a while until I force myself and then like my stomache expanded and wants more.

    Bottom line I believe your force feeding is why he started to est again cause he entirely forgot that it is actually nice to have a full belly lol

  25. I thought all the drama surrounding this was so unnecessary. Like calling you a bad keeper and all. Like, really? If Sunny didnt loose that much weight, like leave the dude alone! Now if he looked like the yellow Bermese, another story but totally did not!

  26. My sisters ball python regularly stops eating every 6 months, usually during the winter months. The only time we every started to worry was when it didn't start eating again after it's 6 month fasting. It ended up ramdomly eating after 10 months and had a shorter fasting period the next time around. Ball pythons are just notoriously picky eaters.

  27. This is a re-post, I posted this same comment on your I took Sunny to the Vet video:

    I had a ball Python myself that started by going off feed for a few months as you mentioned for about 3 years in a row. It would stop eating around Oct, and then around Feb, March stat again. This was for 3 years. Then one year it went off feed as normal, and then not go back. Basically, at the 8 month period, I took it to the pet shop that I bought my feeders from. They inspected it and told me it was perfectly healthy, and for me not to worry and Ball Pythons will often go off feed and they will feed again when they are hungry and not die from starvation. It went almost a full year before one day when I tried feeding it it did take the medium rat just like it used to.

    So, I think you are right to be worried about Sunny, but do not get pulled into the peer pressure thing and use your best judgment. I believe you have the confidence to know what is right for your snake. Not the hundreds of people who post to your comment. Thank you for making these videos, and I would love it if you continued to post updates about Sunny. Glad to see he started eating again. Please keep the Sunny updates coming.

  28. The albino is an inbred snake so this could be one of the problems of bad breeding. There are many problems with morphs, physical & phycological. Sonny looks good. My Royal was off food for months & was an on off feeder since I had him. But recent months he's been a total pig. I took advice about different prey, for example multimammates are a favourite of Royals, also gerbils & degu if you can get degu small enough. Mine ate a giant one that i really didn't think he would even attempt. He now eats more regularly than ever (with gusto too lol) on various prey including mice & rats which he really disliked when he came to me. Conclusion of your problem was the housing, they like their homes & HATE moving especially into tubs 😁

  29. I'm glad Sunny is eating again! Hopefully this doesn't happen again, I want happy healthy long friends. (Again I'm not blaming you! I was just worried about him is all.)

  30. LOL I love when people get so worked up over things that are truly fine. my BP is currently 4 moths off feed and is doing just fine. just like sunny. gunna offer her a mouse this week and see.

  31. Okay, but I have to say I love your post that you made on that website, but if it was gonna be taken down anyway, ya shoulda made it spicier.

  32. Mine is on a fast right now, like flat out refuses to eat; but nothing is wrong with him. They just do weird stuff sometimes, and you never know what to expect; ball pythons are just moody and weird.
    I've always been told as long as they dont look skinny or dropped drastic weight, deformed or sick, then they're ok.

  33. Yeah buddy ignore the haters!!! If they don’t like your care of your pets they don’t have to watch!! Your doing great!!!! Well except for killing the plants….🤣🤣

  34. You know your pet more then anyone else, and all animals are different. I think you did the right thing by going with your gut and trusting your knowledge.

  35. Sometimes doing nothing is very hard. Glad your snake is now eating. My friend had some red-eared turtles and they stopped eating. The vet could not help so she ended calling the Auckland zoo who helped her out. They advised they raise the temp of the tank up slightly. Problem solved.

  36. Sounds like Sunny goes off his food or back on at will. I have an adult male who is refusing his rodents. He still looks well. My young albino male has had to be forced fed for months. He will not eat on his own and even expects me to put a rodent in his mouth and slowly push it along. The Albino looks wonderful and is growing well. These snakes can be worrisome when they are off their food. I wonder if they do this in the wild from lack of food or the desire not to eat.

  37. Ok, so, I joined this group right after seeing this video for the first time. I had actually forgotten why I joined but I came back to find this video and say that those admins are such gd know-it-alls. I swear they all think they have Facebook degrees in snake care despite the fact they're just all parroting each other. It's so annoying, Erik is the worst. He seriously just bans people for not having the same opinion 😂 def a loser in real life. That group is the worst.

  38. Yeah Sunny! He has finally eaten 🙂

    Obviously scientists do not understand snake metabolism very well. Unfortunately scientists only study thing witch they can get funded for. So, it will be left to the hobbyists like yourself to try to discover much information themselves. (The same is true for us in the fish keeping hobby). Your care and patience for your reptiles show. Please keep up the good work rescuing reptiles and caring for you own.

  39. Everyone just thinks they know everything and animals are completely linear and have no distinct personality. I mean jesus i went to a forum asking if anyone elses snakes bask because i have a mix of both lamp and pad for aesthetic reasons and to keep the heat regulated during the cold months and people were arguing with me weather or not I had a heating pad because “if you really had one your snake wouldn’t bask snakes don’t bask” Blah blah blah. I looked it up a bit more on reddit and many people have snakes that like to bask sometimes but because i have a BP who actually moves and is comfortable enough to be out in the open i’m a bad pet owner

  40. alex: mostly knows what he’s talking about, has saved snakes from starvation and has owned a lot of reptiles
    everyone: oMg YoU ArEnT a VeT u dOnT KnOw AnyThInG

  41. I'm glad you have the right mindset around these things! I don't like how much criticism there is on the internet. Keep doing what you're doing!

  42. We learned that every animal is different, and unless it's showing signs of distress or physical deterioration… s'probably fine. lol

  43. This is so awesome! You said it perfectly about other people, always thinking they know more than you. Sunny is your snake and you know him the best always listen to your intuition. If you know what you’re doing stick with it don’t listen to others. Someone’s always going to think that you’re doing it wrong or that their way is better. I love your YouTube channel you are entertaining and you were truthful which I value in other people👍🏻😜 I wish you the most amazing success in your business that is going to be growing. Thank you for sharing🐍💚

  44. pretty fascinating story. i'm glad someone like you went through it and was able to talk about it a bit. glad he's eating again.

  45. I've kept and helped people with BP's for as long as I can remember for 20 years. If the snake looks healthy, the snake is healthy. There are so many misleading articles about why these snakes go off-feed despite being easy to keep. They simply eat to stay alive, and it looks like your snake figured out a way to be alive and healthy without food. You literally moved into a house for animals you haven't even met yet, no intelligent person doubts the heart you have for these animals. I also have not had the best experience with vets. Happy holidays bud

  46. Really like your videos. It's so monotone but with humor and cynical. And ya I think like humans there is no one way of doing things and how they will react not all animals will react the same and vets like doctors can only give suggestions on what's going on and it's never certain so I'm not surprised a vet couldn't give any advice. Love your videos been binge watching them, really appreciate your attitude in gaining experience with animals

  47. I would be so happy if someone posted something like that in some of my animal Facebook groups. Some people are ridiculous

  48. Just got it baby ball for Christmas and I'm not going to lie I have never owned a snake before. Your videos have helped me learn so much to help take care of our new baby! Thank you SO MUCH Alex for making these videos, and I think you're doing a GREAT job with Sonny/Sunny(??)

  49. Animals are just weird like that. My cat did something similar when she was ill. She had a kidney issue and wouldn't eat so I had to feed her all the time for several days. Lots of fucking scratches! Took her to the vet who gave her 2 medications and an IV bag. The medicine made her worse and she couldn't hold any food down after that (I believe it was methimazole… which didn't have anything to do with her condition, so we stopped. and kept the antibiotic and IV fluids). She still wouldn't eat. In the middle of feeding her she scratched me up pretty good. I was frustrated, depressed, all the fun stuff… she just stared at me and went and ate her food from the bowl directly…. I was so mad… and happy… animals are evil sometimes.

    P.S. She's wonderful now, and refuses to leave me alone. You know how well an animal is cared for by how they treat you when they're all better. Sunny loves the shit out of you!! XD

  50. This makes me so relieved, honestly. I recently rescued a larger female ball python, and was told when I picked her up she was probably really hungry and to be careful if I tried to handle her. Granted, the people I got her from didn’t know what they were doing, but it’s been almost a month, and she still hasn’t eaten. She looks healthy, loves to be held, isn’t very head shy, and is never snippy. Thank you so much.

  51. Posted a picture of my otherwise healthy adult ball python soaking after a bad shed asking for advice on keeping humidity consistent, and instead of any advice I got a bunch of comments telling me I was a horrible snake owner. I was new to snakes, I didn't know the issue was he was in (warm and dechlorinated) water which is apparently stressful for terrestrial snakes. It's not like I had done no research at all, I just didn't understand care sheets meant "put him in a wet pillowcase" when they said "soak." Not one of these comments told me that, they just attacked. Facebook groups are where good intentions go to die.

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