Music Podcasting Guide : Video & Audio Podcasts in iTunes

Hi everybody how you doing? I’m Jay Donnelly
for Expert Village and today we’re going to talk to you about Audio Pod casting. And here’s
Leo Laporte, as you can see the little orange thing’s spinning that means it’s downloading.
You can get all of these, if I want, or just individual episodes of The Tech Guy, which
is Leo. And here’s The Tiki Bar, which I just ah, and this is video. Here’s the other thing,
this little symbol here, that means these are videos. So, for video pod casts or video
blogs, depending on what time of day it is people will tell you differently. Once again,
it all works the same, the RSS feeds, this is video, and I believe Leo’s, up here, is
all audio because we don’t have those little symbols. And then Dummeycast. here, this is
mainly video to. And, then MadPod, it’s mixed there’s one video in there and the rest seem
to be audio. So, basically, that is Itunes, and if you want to go back to the Itunes store,
you just click Itunes store and, let’s see the center button here.

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