MOVE! Weight Management Program for Veterans

America and our nation’s Veterans have a
weight problem. Nearly 69% of U.S. adults, and 80% of Veterans enrolled in VA care are overweight or obese. Obesity is linked to rising U.S. rates of
chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It’s also associated with arthritis pain,
injuries, and muscle atrophy. Obesity can be addressed with small steps that can lead to big results. Evidence shows that even a 5% reduction in body weight creates a meaningful effect on overall health and reduce risk for chronic
illnesses. The most effective step Veterans can take is participating in VHA’s MOVE! Weight Management Program for Veterans. What is MOVE!? MOVE! is VHA’s comprehensive lifestyle intervention that includes caloric restriction, physical activity promotion, and other behavioral change strategies to help Veterans manage their weight. So, MOVE! targets physical inactivity and
unhealthy food choices— two of the biggest drivers of chronic disease and death. MOVE! uses patient-centered evidence-based methods to empower Veterans to reduce weight and improve overall health. MOVE! is everywhere, and anywhere a Veteran chooses to take care of their health. At every VA facility, there is a MOVE! Coordinator to provide direct support and
assist Veterans in meeting their weight loss goals. MOVE! has been expanded to include TeleMOVE! a home telehealth program that is delivered through a range of in-home messaging technologies MOVE! Coach a mobile app, also provides anytime-fingertip access to tools and resources used in the MOVE! Weight Management Program. The best part is that MOVE! works! Since 2006, MOVE! has reached more than 725,000 Veterans. MOVE! matters to Veterans. In 2016 alone, MOVE! reached 120,000 participants. In fact, MOVE! has a participation rate that is more than double the 2-to-3% participation rate for similar, private sector programs. Check out over 100 Success Stories on our website to see how even small changes can improve health. Visit to learn more and take advantage of this proven preventive health program.

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