100 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 – Free Weekend Trailer: Oct. 11-14 | PS4

  1. For fighting game this game has so much content offline it's like the Injustice 2 system but on steroids my only complaint about this game is that there is no Molina and that sindel is DLC.

  2. We know a cheaper version is coming eventually with all dlc, but they should put MK9 on PS4. Heck make a 3 pack with MK9, X, and 11. They can call it MK 9-11.

  3. Amo el juego de mortal kombat. Pero este mk11 es decepcuonate, no veo que supere al mkx en nada. Sus graficas y skins son del asco. No lo jugaría ni regalado.

  4. Mortal Kombat:becomes free from the weekend
    Me: starts downloading
    My Ps4: 99+ hours to download
    Me: *sits in the corner crying”

  5. I downloaded the demo for mortal kombat 11 and when I went into the game,it says the trial is inactive…what does that mean?

  6. I’m feeling slow. I can’t seem to play with all the characters like it says. May I get some help please. FYI I’m on PS4

  7. This became an exciting event to a disappointment out of me misreading, but only one thing's clear I'll be asking for MK11 for Christmas but I'm not buying it off the bat because of this.

  8. the mk11 free weekend is actually timed trial! for 10hrs playtime!
    story mode is only 2 chapters.
    no trophy support

  9. Thanks for leading me on by having The Terminator in the promo and claiming to be able to play "all the characters". No terminator or night hawk! Really…Bro!

  10. Me sees this this is free ok tell friends ok I'm finna download 1 day later looks at ps4 what looks at at the details ok come now dog


    the DLC characters are ONLY available in the TOWERS OF TIME game mode.   cheers!

  12. I got it on saturday I was able to try a few features I play for a while sunday try to play was not available anymore, i try again today not available

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