100 thoughts on “Monty Python The Holy Grail – The killer bunny

  1. -let’s taunt it. It will become so cross, that it’ll make a mistake.
    -like what?
    That’s some good planning right there.

  2. “Bring up the holy hand grenade!”

    “How does it turn? How does it work?”

    “I dunno..”





    “3, sir!”


  3. I feel like this scene tells a story of people finding out about Watership Down after taking their kids to see it.
    Fellow parent: “I warned you but did you listen to me, didn’t you? Oh it’s just a harmless little bunny movie, isn’t it?!”

  4. "I warned youuu!! I warned youuu!! But did you listen to mee? Oh no, you knew all didn't ya? Oh it's just a harmless little bunny isn't it?" Gosh, John Gleese's performance kills me 😂

  5. How is it that a movie that took 2 minutes to throw a hand grenade can be such a beautiful timeless classic….

  6. I have come into possession of a rabbit and I now understand where the inspiration came from.

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