53 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Developer Diary #2 | PS4

  1. I'm confused on something. They are acting like we don't already know about the three subspecies they hinted at with Viper, Nightshade, and Coral. They also are acting like they are just now revealing Acidic. Was this recorded before all that was revealed?

  2. At least, a game company learning about Marketing and understanding the importance to hear your fans.
    EA and others must turn the key and learn too.

  3. Dev diaries by other devs: 5 to 15 mins of unspecific marketing waffle and being coy about the big questions.
    Dev diaries by Monster Hunter devs : Straight to business with nearly an hour of new trailers, new features and patch notes that mostly include exact numerical data on buffs/debuffs and explanations for those changes.

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