Mobile Legends – part 1 – let's play

what is going on welcome back to the swill entertainment channel guys on this episode we will be playing mobile legends alright so if you guys are fans of MOBA like I am then you guys will fairly enjoy this episode or actually enjoy this game as well alright I haven't played mobile games in a while I usually used to play mobile legends which I might start making another No More series of that game as well because those games are fun League masters and all of the games like that – those games are fun alright but we're going to go ahead and see what this one's about this is the newest one out right now alright so we're going to watch the little synthetic alright welcome to mobile legends by gear and go to battle so let's go ahead and buy some gear spin the nipple here yup preowned these graphics are pretty good oh snap alright says you have enough gold to buy another piece of gear and I will do that tap you to upgrade the second ability so let's get that upgraded there I know once you get points start amount of points and you can upgrade your gear and all that kind of stuff like that so that's always a good thing so let's go ahead and get our walk on all right so we are a range class upgrade this lets get that all right so there's a character we have to beat we got some serious cooldown action but we arranged so it doesn't really matter look at this first blood I'm actually like it is barely mobile legends but still that's the one that got me hooked into MOBA look at this man this is good all right so we need to take out this good old statue let's go ahead and upgrade that too bad as a cool-down this is not a bad game guys I'm not gonna lie being a mobile beast I play so many mobile games alright so there we go we got that MVP no deaths gots lots of kills all right so pretty proceed to advanced tutorial see how much advanced do I have to get all right so we got Derrick eaten so it's a 5v5 battle I'm not sure if these are other players but let's see we're ready to go and I'm not sure what Lane we're going to take we're going to take the South one with the big guy right here it's big old panda bear you can build battle info so it's going to be four versus three all right and he ran quick so we have a recall and we have a region so I guess those take time to regenerate especially recall so I guess you can go back to your base so let's not run away let's go ahead and take this guy out come on guy we're going to keep on going we got first blood Flair's rude first blue gonna Hagen alright so we're gonna get let's go ahead and take over this tower here let's upgrade our skill um I just want to buy something I'm not buying jack man let's go ahead and check out this tower that's the most important thing to do all right so panda is fighting something and he just owned it whatever it is let's go ahead and upgrade our skills let's take this guy out right here oh this is getting exciting trying to run no sir not on my watch all right so you want those guys to be able to tank for you why you oh no I don't know what that's to happen yeah lemon back I want to get to tower all right so these towers down panda boys running don't need to fear I am here alright so there we go alright so this business is going to run no sense running be alright there we go alright so there we go with that let's go ahead and uh we gotta get away from this guy where's my kite him alright so there we go now we got some backup so I keep tighten this guy he can keep coming up before once it's going to die all right so he's got another friend named Moore and I think we're still good on health we're not dying I just want to drag him close to our side so he can get the tower damaged we go upgrade this stuff pieces not really doing that much damage because we're kiting the heck out of him there he goes so we're on a rampage alright and we run super slow so let's go and upgrade some skills I guess that's a skill with upgrade they're not too bad shabam I'll create our skip old man's keep on getting this stupid troll alright so I got to a better job of controlling my tune all right so there's another bad guy we're going to kite the heck out of him too so we'll run around and run around nanny nanny boo-boo nanny nanny boo-boo there we are unstoppable of course let's upgrade our skill my god I love mobile so we're gonna go ahead and regen because right now we're less than half health like all right so mmm yeah we're um Oh No so gotta cut this guy again we're dominating all right so goes another guy these guys just don't a once on but they don't telling you guys all right so we're godlike this is our match all right so I get this tower down guys like it's imperative that we get this tower down look at me now Oh Lester we're legendary and I hope I can get some more we have let our guys go in front I don't know I gotta be careful all right so we got another one okay it's got the tower down finally let's go and upgrade our skills and this guy and we win I think maybe not all right so we are on the verge of just kicking some serious butt up in here guys let me go ahead and regen cuz I don't know what's going on here I'm just getting overwhelmed but we're still winning guys killing spree like for real let's go ahead and keep on killing because I don't know this is actually dag on Skippy good man all right so that's a good thing about playing range is you can always kite these people like they can chase you all day long all you do is this sit down a run and you can go back turn around and shoot alright victory 26% battery for Ueno alright so we are the MVP of that mattress sure all right so we got a new hero Yong Zhao and we're going to do a matchup mode here and to the game I don't wanna play on that one play yes this is my character right here Lon's is a ranch character I'm down Laila where Layla where I live forever not playing anyone else I refuse I refuse all right so we got grey Dara can eat in I'm not sure these are actual player characters we're going on with the South again this guy got a big old honor minuses tail but that was his a gun or like a boat what's a boomerang nevermind it's a big old boomerang jeez Edison got a boomerang Oh stay here OOP all right so we're going to check out whoever this is more these guys want more more once more no fat fingers we want that first kill guys we have first blood first blood and I sit there and Bhima keep shooting at him popping those shots you're not gonna clap back at me but not gonna happen once you know I am the MOBA master anybody wants to challenge me bring it on guys like I love mobile games like I've never played League of Legends because it never really downloads like right now I have a downloading right now so hopefully it actually plays this time I've been trying this game for months but I kind of give up I don't play computer games anymore but I've been thinking about putting some computer games on the channel I don't know yet still thinking about it all right so Quinn is bringing it on he's bringing on some heat here and upgrade our skills for some grab all these point like these guys get the let'em tank for us the brunt of the damage and they should be having they should be sending somebody here pretty soon like they just did there he goes more once more and we're going to regen alright so we die I thought we died could God could have got them so we need to save some of our points here because we're this late losing a lot right now so let's get our attack speed up there we go just get our third skill in there and let's finish this tower off because this is starting to make me mad now guy in here about me well this game has is where you can hide in the bushes – okay so I wonder what happened to him he disappeared for a second that's all good though yeah get some tower damage I need a heal flake for real I need heal I'm gonna regen already already come on come on come on come on come on I'm not gonna run away from this let's get that tower guys run mummy perfect hold snap it's not a time to die right now so he turned into like a little koala bear looking thing whatever that was the lice time from Super Mario all right Quinn you keep running keep running suck them come on come on sucker we get this tower down once in for our guys let's do this there we go finally now we can advance oh we're gonna die getting the bush getting the bush get in the bush and regen we're good coming out the bush guys coming out the bush another bush is a good place to be but right now not right now keep running I keep running alright so I guess we're on a killing spree is that us I don't know I'll pray these skills all right there we go so someone stole our kill we did all the work let's run back a little bit so we can try to regen a little bit if we can let's get our boots up some what have you got 10 seconds still alright not sure if you guys can hear the background but yeah every time I make videos it's like they the people that cut the grass always seem to or did what we finally died they seem to cut the grass whenever I'm making videos so this guy's doing the air blower and hope he doesn't blow that crap on the car or mayhem I have a different conversation all right so he'd per heater he must've heard me alright so we got 5 seconds until we resurrect alright so here we go back to action guys back to action we're going to follow this way down all right so we are leveling up our skills again all right so if you look at the mini-map on the top left you can see where everybody's that everybody's pretty much saturated right here in the bottom to see maybe the oh we got stunned oh man whoa they got some kind of skill that like hey Weez everybody down that's that's what's up finally a little bit of a challenge took them a little while to come up but let's go ahead and try to recall let's try it out takes a little while to refill it takes a little while for it to cast but then when it does we go right back to our home spot and we get region full of health all right so recall doesn't Lee has a cool-down on it I'm sure it does but something that I noticed all right so now we're going to go ahead I'm not sure why that happened right there hey Mike oh so I click the button okay so let me watch my fat fingers here watch my fat fingers not sure why this guy's running stop running back guys no events all right so when I get this tower down because this is dark tagay we're Dicker's right now all right so I'm not sure if I'm getting hit yes I am this guy get this tower down all right so that guy died I'm not sure why everybody runs back and forth I think that's the UI sucks so these are definitely not player characters so they were brave like me it's not running all right so we are taking this floor that is Greg and I want this I want his guns all right so we got another one of these down and we got somebody coming up to try to slow us down not going to happen not going to happen but I'm so sorry for the inconvenience of killing us but not really all right guys so if you guys are playing this game and you guys are enjoying it like I am make sure you guys are like in the video and also make sure you guys leave some comments down below if you guys want to set up some kind of a tournament or some sort I'll be more than happy to accommodate that if you guys are not subscribed to the channel please make sure you guys are subscribing for the latest and greatest content in the entire youtube world all right guys definitely okay let's see what they got going on here oh these guys are taking out the tower and I'm not leaving Oh No maybe I might be yep they got me they got me guys can't believe it they actually got me believe it or not you know even the great one how to lose a battle but it's all good cuz we're coming back so I'm like real life where you die and that's it all right I'm not sure what that is crawling on me there so we're going to hide in the bush I'm going to go ahead and if it around in the bush here guys sniff sniff sniff hi Greg think Greg one to sniff around a bush – not sure all right so we got their little minions done right there come on guys advance vans quicker we want to win like for real all right ken don't know hadouken think so guy I don't think so yeah you better go for me because I'm going to kill you if you don't alright guys this is do or die and we got it we got it guys we're the champion victors for real alright guys so that's going to wrap this episode up definitely if you guys liked the video make sure you like it comment subscribe and if you can share the video as well with your friends share it on your social media wherever you think you can share this video because we need to get some more players in this and I definitely wanna get a tournament started up here like for real let's get a tournament going on a MOBA tournament and let's get this thing set for like a week or two if we can that'd be great alright guys wrap it up thank you for watching a video see you guys on the next episode be safe guys

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  1. The second hero u got is actually beast cuz he is basically range withthe staff and is strong. And it helps when they try to go in their base just pull em out n kill em

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