MMD Para Celulares (Parte 1)

Hello guys! Today I will show you a mobile MMD
And I will show you here on this tablet Android I just won (laughs)
And for starters, let’s go to the Play Store and type in the search: MMD And look for this one: MMD Agent – Jado VR I’ve already downloaded it so I’ll just touch open So for starters let’s add a Model on this button here Hmm… I’ll choose this one from Mitsuke Brasil Now I will add a motion And here you switch to Camera and let’s put motion in it Now we turn off this “Handle” to disappear this little cross
And so let’s choose a stage I’ll take this Stage anyway. Hmm… Good… Here there are only 3 effects you can use
There’s this Ovelay that tries to simulate a Cartoon aspect, I will enlarge for you to see Distortion looks like this, but it doesn’t seem to work here Gaussian looks like this, but I also don’t think it works And here there are several configurations, like these that create a shadow And this changes the background color Here is the Physics, In this option you turn off
the jump of frames and the other is the amount of FPS of the animation. And here you can configure the light, such as its color and position And here you put a song or the audio. But for copyright reasons, no
I will put none. Now I will record the video on this button.
red play Hmm… I do not know… Not good, I’ll record again and call
gravity, because the hair and the skirt are not moving. And … It’s over! Let’s see how the recorded video looks. Now if you want to spice up the video, let’s
use a video editor, I haven’t found it yet an unmarked free yet, but this one
serves for now, the Power Director I will touch New Project and I will call him
from “Mobile MMD” Ih … I will have to make a copy of the video because
The editor does not access the folder where MMD Agent created the video. I will create a videos folder inside the Folder
MMD where I put the downloaded MMD templates Hmm… It will take time, so I will make a quick cut with the “magic of editing” so it doesn’t get too boring Ready… I’ll put an effect that simulates a TV, to see if it looks cool. Good … The rest I’ll put a title at the beginning of the video, but I won’t show much of the video editor because I don’t know anything about him either. Good now is to export the video, like this
Video editor is in the free version, he is limited making videos at most
at 720p. AND… It is! See you guys!

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