MITES Program Overview

(energetic electronic music) – MITES has been life-changing. – MITES was an incredibly challenging but rewarding experience. – MITES was the most eye-opening and academically invigorating
experience that I’ve ever had. – The chance to learn
alongside amazing scholars in one of the best
institutions in the world. – What makes MITES really unique is that students from across the country, the summer before their
senior year, come to MIT. They take tons of really
challenging coursework. That includes Calculus I, II, or III, Physics I, II, or III, Biology,
Chemistry, Biochemistry, Humanities taught at a college level. And they also take a hands-on
engineering or science course. That could be in Genomics, in Electronics, Mechanical Engineering,
Architecture, Water Robotics. – Then there’s also the
rewarding experiences that come from things that
are outside of the academics. Just being able to experience
not only MIT’s campus, but experience what
Boston is like around MIT and seeing places like Martha’s Vineyard, and going on boat cruises, it’s just all of these
experiences combined together. – It’s a phenomenal opportunity for students to really get a taste of what it’s like to study at MIT, but then also be in the social kind of environment that MIT provides the students. – As an instructor in the MITES program, I kinda see myself as more of a coach, where I want to help the students develop the skills that they’ll need to be successful in their fields. So that’s why I let them
pick their own project and do things like that,
because I want them to be as excited as possible
about what they’re doing. – We had to create a robot
that would go through, navigate through, a chess board, and collect pieces back to a box, and also go up a ramp
and collect the queen. – I had never done
anything like that before, and then here I am building a robot for a competition at MITES. Getting to do that, to work on the design and then see the design
come to complete fruition throughout the six weeks,
was a really cool experience. – In the end, it’s like,
you make lifelong friends, who you’re probably
gonna know in the future because you all have the same interests. And you get to go in depth in subjects that you never thought
you’d be interested in and learn to love them. – I feel confident in my ability to be able to impact
the world with my ideas. – Where I come from, we have
the highest poverty rate in the nation, the highest obesity rate, and so there’s a lot, a lot
of struggles with education. Coming from that, a lot
of what I think about is tryin’ to do what I do and achieve the best that I can for my community. – It’s been amazing just
being able to be around other people who are really motivated and passionate about learning. – I think MITES has allowed me to see the potential and possibilities of all that hard work right now and how that can pay off in the future. – MITES was… The best summer ever.

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  1. This is a nice video from MITES students and staff that gives a good visual sense of MITES. Glad that I watched. This makes me really want to participate in MITES since it seems like a life-changing experience where I will have to work hard do some exciting things, have some fun, but also make some lifelong friends.

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