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– Staring contest! – Three! Two! One! – And, go! – [All] We’re the Irwins!
And this is Australia Zoo. – [Robert] Our dad Steve built this zoo to protect our world wildlife. Today, we strive to carry on his mission. – [Bindi] So come with
us. This is Wild Times. – I am so excited to introduce you to one of my best friends. Meet Jenny. So Jenny here is our Burmese python. Have a look at her! Burmese pythons are usually dark brown, and they kind of look like mottled earth. But Jenny here is white, as you can tell. – She’s actually completely leucistic. So what’s really interesting, is she turned this completely pale white. No pigment whatsoever. But now, the weirdest thing has happened. She’s actually starting to
get some of that pigment back. – As you can see, they can
grow to be absolutely giant. These guys are completely non-venomous. What they do, is when they
catch a small animal to eat, they actually constrict. And that means, when they
grab the little food item, they’ll give it one giant hug to kind of squeeze all the air out of it. And then they’ll be able to eat it. But these guys are non-venomous. – A lot of people can be
quite afraid of snakes. A lot of people think that they’re kind of these slimy things that just sort of creep
and crawl everywhere. But they’re not. They’re
really beautiful animals. They’re nice and smooth and soft. And the most important
thing, if you see a snake, is just kind of leave it alone. Let it do its thing, and you’ll never have a problem with it. – [Bindi] Look at that!
She’s smelling at the moment! – [Robert] It’s true. So you can see that amazing tongue there. That forked tongue. That’s
kind of how they smell. So they actually use that
to sort of scent the air. They are actually quite inquisitive. – And she actually can’t hear anything. So we can tell her that
she’s very beautiful, but she can’t hear us. She can kind of feel our vibrations. – [Robert] Yep. – [Bindi] But she actually can’t listen. – [Robert] Well I think now it’s time to let Jenny slither on back home. – While you watch this. (jazz music) – A choco bicky is kind
of Australian slang for chocolate biscuit,
or chocolate cookie. – Devo. That means really sad. Devastated. Let’s say you lost your dog. I’m devo’ed. Dunny means toilet. So you’d say, I’m just
going to go to the dunny. – I am here at our amazing
meerkat adventure area with our, you guessed it, meerkats. These girls are hilarious! These are our beautiful meerkat sisters. As you can see, they’re
searching for food, which is pretty much what they
do all day every single day. These guys are actually
from southwest Africa, which means that they live in the desert. Did you know that? You live in the desert! These guys live in giant mobs, from three meerkats all
the way up to 50 meerkats. And that’s pretty special. Every single meerkat has a
different job in the family. But the most amazing job
in the meerkat family is being the lookout. So one specific meerkat
will be the lookout, watching out for the rest of the family. Checking for any danger,
any eagles in the area. Thank you for keeping
watch over all of us. I feel very safe. I feel like I’m in good hands. What’s happening? Can you hear something? And just like that, if
they hear something, that kind of sounds like
danger, they’ll instantly bolt. Listen: (meerkat barking) That’s the sentry calling, saying there’s some kind of danger around. Let’s hide for a minute and
make sure that it’s safe. It’s safe, I promise! Everything’s good. And then they’ll come back
out for some more food. These guys are also
fantastic at burrowing. In the wild, they create
these elaborate burrows. They even make their very own bedrooms. So at night in Africa, it can
get really cold in the desert. So what they do is they
all snuggle up together like one big, happy family. And they keep each other warm during those cold nights in Africa. If there’s any danger in the area, or a predator approaching, what they’ll do as a family
is they’ll all group together. So you can imagine, if
there’s 50 meerkats in a mob, all grouped together, they look
like one big giant creature. And nothing attacks them.
It’s a pretty great strategy. And then they go back to
looking for food again. They’re so funny! You can hear them talking to each other. They’re so mischievous, too. You never know what a
new day’s going to bring with these meerkats. It’s like a giant soap opera. – I absolutely love this
image. These lions are amazing. I felt so lucky to travel to South Africa and be on safari right next to
these magnificent creatures. One time, we were actually
on a midday drive, and we were looking, searching
for this pride of lions. And we finally found them. They consisted of about 10 lionesses. And they were all kind of
sleeping, nice and lazy, and I got out my camera
on a really long lens. They were about, maybe
I’d say, 50 feet away. And I was photographing
them, watching them, kind of all asleep. And then all of a sudden, as
the sun started to dip down, and it was about to become
night, they started to get up. Started stretching and yawning. And this photo captures one
of the lionesses doing that. A huge yawn. I was really
really excited to see this. And this photo was taken just after they all went
out on a night’s hunt. It was an amazing experience. – Next week on Wild Times! He has those really cute
little frog-like eyes. Look! I’m scratching his head and he says, that feels really nice. – [Robert] He loves it. – [Bindi] He likes a good head scratch. (closing music)

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  1. Terri, what a WONDERFUL child you have! Robert feels exactly like a STEVE clone! He's been on THE LATE SHOW with Jimmy Fallon a few times. I CANNOT take my eyes off of him!!! He even has the same UMPH his dad had (meaning his dad's energy, stage presence,
    tons and tons of self-confidence, etc, etc.,) Not to mention, he's only 14 years old!!! You must be so very, very PROUD of him, Teri !!! It's quite remarkable, isn't it..after all this time. And look at him now. Because NOW it's all about "here comes Robert!!!" You've done a wonderful job, Teri. As they say, "Every cloud has a silver lining."

  2. thank you for your conseveration work. i wish more people were aware of the efforts, not only by you, but by reputable zoological institutes throughout the world. I get it. And I support you. <3

  3. pls Kids.. find animal Enthusiasts as Partners and make many more Children xD make the world a better place with Irwins!

  4. Steve is the reason for my passion for reptiles. I have a red tail boa and their amazing creatures. Growing up watching Steve was an amazing experience and to see the passion his kids have for the animals is just amazing

  5. I remember going to Australia zoo and having a photo with a big white python. I don’t know whether it was Jenny or not.

  6. Bindi can become story teller for kids too to narrate all animals like a story book reader , her voice feels so calm and lovely

  7. Steve Irwin. Once said In an interview to the question "would you ever retire from wild life conservation" yo which he replied "yes I would when I can pass the mission to my kids and know they will continue my work yes I will"

    And so you did Steve. . .I think it's important to remember that they are carrying there dad's legacy but they are also making there own

  8. I love the constricting family of snakes they are low maintenance+ at the same time getting a hyper- aggressive emotional response from its victims. I mean people. My favorite constrictor is the jungle carpet Python. For it is one of the most aggressive constrictors of all! out of the many various different types. i wanted a natural superior aggression for it would ensure the increase of it feeding. And it has the ability to pick up body temperature on top of using it's forked tongue, which picks up on the electrical impulses that permeate from one's heart rhythm. So when the beautiful attractive young lady says it picks up on vibration it's a little bit deeper than that. Electrical impulses come before vibration. I have a lot of good memories experiences with red tail, boa constrictors. I used to have two. That I quite often wrapped around my neck, as I would go for walks long bike rides with them. One time I was going out of town. And I had a feeling when I was gone, some local coconut that was cracking out would try to rob my house' so I gathered up the $10,000 cash I had on me at that time stuck it in the snake cage with about 14 foot of snake, I had two in one aquarium. I figured it was the safest place because I didn't have a safety deposit box. Sure enough when I got back' somebody broke into my house stole about $10,000 worth of my gold couple other items. Never went into the snake cage where the cash was. Later on when I got a jungle carpet Python. I realized it would be much more efficient for me to breed my own rats as a source of food for the snake. Eventually I figured out a way to potty train the rats? Which made their living environment cleaner as well as being easy for me to maintain that cleanliness. In my earlier years when I was at the boardwalk down at the oceanfront which, I may add was the first or second cleanest beach in America! At the time. I Got to experiment with the psychological mental spiritual effects that a person felt when the scene a snake. One of the things I learned was that when a person unexpectedly would see the snake their body would naturally release adrenaline! Which was misinterpreted as a form of attraction. When I had the snake females were quite willing to get up close personal with me! Give me their phone numbers asking if we could hang out so forth and so on. I didn't let it go to my head. For my primary goal was to do research. Which concluded that any mail would increase their chances of attracting the opposite sex. With a big thick snake hanging from their body. So if the average male had the intellect the charm of persuasion active during the friendly chitchat it would lead to engaged conversation resulting in long term short-term successful mutually beneficial relationships.

  9. You had me at Meerkats. Why watch the Kardashians, when you have a amazing family like this? God bless this whole family ;u;

  10. Bindi won Dancing with The Stars several years ago, and Robert has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon several times. Terri has done a great job raising them, and running the Australia Zoo. Steve would be so proud of his family!

  11. I owned 2 Burmese Pythons. They were over 10+ feet. One was over 12 feet. They get massive and they are strong as heck. 100 lbs of muscle. Like a trash compactor hug. Squash. They are beautiful snakes but not for a home. Ok a small home.

  12. If you go to South Africa again you should visit Kevin Richardson’s, the Lion Whisper, sanctuary and the beautiful big cats he has rescued along with hyenas. Check him out here on YouTube. Amazing man.

  13. Until Jenny takes a chomp on you…
    I live in AZ and so fortunate that the Pit Vipers I see weekly
    have a rattle before they bite me (Thank Gosh)

  14. I'm so happy that mi kids😁can grow up watching te Irwins,I"ll keeps Steve alive in them as long as I live 🐊🐢🐨🐯🐒🦒🦏

  15. “CLEAAR!”

    Digatona dig digatona, digatona dig digatona, digatona dig digatona-

    What was that?!
    Quick before the hyena come- ding!

  16. It's a myth the constrictors like pythons and boas squeeze the air out of their prey and suffocate them to death. In fact, what they're actually doing by constricting is stopping blood from circulating in their bodies. This causes extreme high blood pressure which causes vessels to pop and hearts to stop. Ultimately, the prey animal dies of a heart attack.
    I love these two but they're not herpetologist.

  17. I love animals, but I doubt that I'll ever be fit to work with them since I'm super ticklish and I get really nervous handling animals. Most of the nerve come from the fear that I'll drop/mishandle them and they'll attack me. My mom has always been afraid of animals and that fear might have subconsciously rubbed off on me in a way.

    Meanwhile Robert is about 5 years younger than I am and he's handling a large friggin python with his sister like it's just a normal Sunday with the family. I know he and Bindi have been around snakes since they were toddlers, but the fact that they're so composed is still really impressive.

  18. Wow! I’ve seen albino pythons, the ones with yellow colorations, but never a white one like that! That’s fascinating!

  19. I was the human pillow at one point in time I would wake up in the morning and the two girls would be sleeping on my chest ,
    one girl would be sleeping on my stomach the other two would be stretched out across my legs trying to steal my sleeping bag blanket hogs that's what I mean by the human pillow it was like that for six years , thankfully I don't have to live like that anymore ,
    Sometime tho I do miss the company and the feeling of being loved by my friends .!!.

  20. I want dr. Wonnacott to do the surgery on my wrist I am going home to get to get it done the same guy who did the surgery for my arm my wrist done has been popping out protruding I accidentally broke it , he's doing the surgery one else He's the only doctor I actually trust no I am going home and seeing Dr. Wonnacott end of story end of conversation .!!.

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