you guys hacker noob you see this it's a bit rare ready I'm gonna leave tsunami it's gonna flood the world wait no you can't do that I'm gonna flood the world watch this no wait you wait that's actually a tsunami book you better be careful with that thing what do you mean you know what easy drinking the water I think this water is poison it is Anubha yes this is the new noob we called her salamΓ© hi noob noob l no no geez noel again soul eater today guys we're doing new burst probers Oh tsunami based challenge guys so we have built tsunami challenge based challenges before but this one's gonna have a mix we gotta build a sandcastle noob you know what to say in cancellous yes pick one before what's the payout of what material and no black magic boy killer killer please all right you're not killing her she's still alive hacker sorry I don't use my hack powers for a for anger and revenge well you mean what do you what do you hack for then what do you mean don't test me I'm gonna back away that's pretty for a that's my plot by the way remember I'm orange look at me look at my character I'll start doing black for you so you know I get had so the noobs over there she's starting to build look at her what is she doing oh my god she seems confused look what she plays it she plays her first block two blocks alright I got an amazing image that I'm gonna be using you guys will be able to see my sand castle okay so I got my sand castle all picked out and I got some wicked sick blocks look at this hardened sand boom boom doesn't fall down regular sand check yes Juliet so we'll use the regular sand beginning to think but when we need to place it up in like overhangs we will use this hardened sand and we have a couple of things some sandstone red sand where I say it looks pretty sick by the way I love the look of it anyways so I'm gonna start working on my castle I don't wanna go over the time limit so I'm not gonna do like nutty big alright we're gonna do the gate the first gate will have a little bevel there and then we're gonna go backwards one and this is gonna be kind of a wall we're gonna build it up a little bit and then we're going to kind of work on a little circle so the circle will be for the tower kind of like a half circle that works out pretty well and then we're gonna go backwards okay this is going to be a wall that's kind of forming around the back and it's going to going to connect to the main area is it snowing it's snowing in the desert oh god the tsunamis are already starting the flood it's beginning it's snowing here and raining here that's hilarious no it's the draining and snowing at the same time oh the elements they're working against me but it's a far now still win no you're not gonna win I've already won this battle before it everybody votes for me oh is he gone oh he's gone that was kind of made me nervous alright so I'm gonna continue building guys and I'll be back once we have our full shape ready to a goal we're doing a wig and good look at this so we got the sick design over here um maybe oh crap that's one thing I gotta be careful about using the sand and breaking it yeah I'm gonna do a little bit more of this hardened sand looks fantastic place that get a nice design so they will be able to defend from up here the sand soldiers what do you what do you think would live in this castle I mean if I went the beach and I saw this extravagant like behemoth of a base yo Selena not doing too bad I'm like in the noobs the noobs base anyways uh yeah if you go to the beach and like see this behemoth of like a build oh my god I'm not entirely sure what the heck I would do I'm going for like kind of a fantasy look the freaking hacker over there hmm see he built one Tower and he's just copying and pasting around see I'm building everything by hand that's one thing we gotta take note up guys when you're voting in the comments you gotta pull up me at the top they look look at this man and place everything by hand me and the new by I will get the new some credits you do fantastic you now we finished up like the main kind of tower in the center I got to do a couple other smaller towers in the back here I think some of these we got to build up and we're just kind of making to the the similar to those one the ones over there that I was making but our saying cast oh my god I am super excited to see other thing turns out I got a couple more to do I'm gonna get building guys we got a co-op against the hacker Oh Mike I'm not even gonna look over there I feel sick give me your power Atlanteans come comment in the comment section right now just do a hash tag Cody give me your power I'm feeding off of it it's gonna be a spirit bomb pretty soon hey noob how are you how you doing you're doing good you sound awfully sick am I gonna contract noob if I go near you sure I'll coffin your pillows oh god you sound hideous no but seriously oh you sound hit is like it's disgusting fix yourself I have tissues in my nostril plugged up with my nostrils like in real life yeah I'm really sorry to hear well I'm I'm gonna go I'm gonna look at your base from in spirit I mean my basically fantastic the hacker Oh Mike don't look I don't think hisses very good yeah I think he's it's ugly it's awful Sorella would never live there Oh Singh karela yeah you sent him fine at the beginning the video and now you sound like I can't I don't know what's happening I think your your you caught the noob and now how long have I been a noob or what's the Patrick me more is funny about me how long have I been ugly let's meet to me IRL we're working so hard on this so I'm gonna have a little tower right here another tower there and I'm gonna have like a bigger longer Tower I think right in this section I gotta figure out how I'm gonna pulling it out but I I think dude we're having such a freaking ball here we're gonna be balling up against the freakin hacker I don't know you guys tell me am i doing a good job yes or no I am teens I'm always trying to like outdo myself in all the videos and I think I'm out doing myself now tenfold I've loved building castles what's your favorite castle like a game of Thrones one it could be like Disney Castle I mean I think I like the Disney Castle the best it just got such a good flow to it those fantasy style castles yeah everybody knows that I'm breaking down everybody knows everybody knows my home [Applause] boys and gals and sea creatures wait why is baby blooper here it's a seed into me um well anyways are saying guzzle is good new holy smokes you did better than the other noobs really ah best new whoo literally we have like noob 1.0 and noob 2.0 and they're teamed all the time cracking in blooper and they do sucks looks like coin slots you put in a quarter and then it plays the same stuff it does actually do you think this will stop the tsunami yeah oh my god I forgot out the tsunami oh I shouldn't have spent that much work all right come over to mine Anoop I like it is there anything everywhere check the bed now is just plain in the back it's all about the caboose oh yeah it's definitely not about the caboose on this one yeah dude he's not thinking the back well actually it is think of the back but it's just plain anyways we're moving on to the castle they do yeah so like nice it was after years and years of the waves coming in and out that this formed just like sea glass I'm seeing some kind of oh yeah fly to me hold on I got to do this what were you doing do well oh my block here we go get ready for it hey hey he's touching something yeah oh it's gonna face regarde the eyebrows up there The Sandman its Sun man welcome to the Sandman yes he will protect us from the tsunami that's going to be coming and killing all of us don't cuz yours man actual sin what were you thinking we're always a sandcastle competition what did you build see the Taj Mahal they have the desert people the Persian temple oh wow it's bigger than the Taj Mahal the Taj Mahal is very small seeing a stone so yeah I got some gold blocks right here I got some towers you know there's some king of the sand is what the is you know the guy that goes here he's it's his palaces so the King horik yeah boring dude can we can already walk come down here I'll show you a little bit more excitement if you come a teepee to me and you need to hear the main entrance you can have the well I didn't really have enough time pretty awesome I just did a powwow a bullet tsunami tsunami oh my god boy let's are unaffected hey I stopped it we might want to get inside of her houses here's a giant hole what castles at whatever cuz the actual tsunami will be appearing very soon I told you guys I told you I could get the double mine oh my god I'm at the bottom oh my I see it that's not good I don't see it cuz I blocked in I did really plain person Ami's so I don't know if the palace throne room can withhold such are you calling the tsunami fat cuz that's rude pretty happy oh dear God yep it's actually coming new where are you I'm here it's a new first pro $90.00 hold the ground on hold of it she will hold that done this before peasant down oh hey do the same thing oh it's surrounding you but Cody your base is gonna slowly Marik into the water changing your blocks wait she's already getting hit yeah Oh down below she's getting oh crap holy Cody you brought the kid you brought to get wall up first love me like the kool-aid you've been over here I'm sorry crap anymore soon dude down below it so totally flooded my first floor and all we're trying up off us Betsy it's like Cola tool nothing's coming at my base oh you got about 30 seconds to live Cody so what are you who do you have before in life Taco Bell I love Taco Bell and I want jump up the cello plays cello light and Taco Bell wait what's your favorite talk over taco you don't have a favorite taco man I hate talking crap supreme the last time I went to Taco Bell I got I went to the hospital not kidding I couldn't blot that noise oh no wait how can i hack oh i sealed it just in time how are you good bro I mean the last gulp of beer we lost connection Oh Cody I'm preaching like a whale I'm coming to you bro hey no heck oh these is for royalty only new peasants no come to me come to me I'm surviving you're underground he's closing her I need a boat yes yeah yeah you gonna swim down to Hermes will die before you all right honey I think this is ironically a little too high for my palace wait where am i I'm coming to you come on into the top house room oh no come with us you need you need to experience this I'll make a throne for you too we're just gonna sit here and enjoy the weather Oh guys we're not gonna last much longer thank you so much for watching this video please leave one like for us if you want us to survive the tsunami I'll give God it's coming nope just just f5 look at yourself and just tilt your arms back and just enjoy not being grounded meme review you

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