Minecraft Name Change: Minecraft Usernames

By | August 15, 2017

Minecraft Name Change: Minecraft is a very renowned and one of the most sought after video games ever. It is also the holder of the title of being the second best-selling video game of all times. Millions of people around the world cherish playing this game over and over again. Sometimes, due to various reasons, the players find the need to change their usernames. know how to change user name in minecraft from here.

Procedure to Change Minecraft Username:

Minecraft Name Changing is very easy. A very common question in the minds of Minecraft players is ‘How do I change my Minecraft username?’. The solution to this question is very simple. The players will have to follow a few steps and then their username gets altered easily. The first step to change the username is that the player will have to visit the Mojang website at account.mojang.com. Then, one has to enter the login credentials like email id and password for the account. Those who don’t have an existing Mojang account should select the option to register a new Mojang account, set up an account according to the steps provided. After logging in, one can find a list of all the Mojang games related to the account and from that list, one should find the username related to the Minecraft game and click ‘Change’ icon next to the profile name.

Username Change in Minecraft:

After this, the screen shall display the current username and a box below that to enter a new username. One should remember that the username can consist only 3 to 16 characters without any space in between and except for an underscore, no other special character can be used. The desired new username should be entered in the box along with the password in another box which asks for it and then the ‘Change name’ option should be chosen to save the new username. Before confirming the name change, the user can insert the new username in the ‘Check availability’ box so as to see if any other player has already taken that name.

Effects of Altering Username in Minecraft Name Change:

Once the username is changed, the Minecraft servers may take a few minutes or hours to process the request and make the necessary changes. For the new username to come into effect in the game, a player has to first completely log out of the game and then log in. People might fear that changing the username might erase all the data and progress made in the Minecraft game. But thanks to the UUID which does not make that happen. UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. Each Minecraft account has a unique and distinct you UUID which does not change at all and hence despite changing username, all the data pertaining to a player will remain unchanged and unaffected.

Once the username for Minecraft game is changed, a player cannot change it for the next 30 days. But if a player wishes to get back to the old name again, then after the completion of 30 days, within the next 7 days such change can be made because Minecraft servers save the old username for 37 days before releasing it to others.


Changing the username in Minecraft is indeed a very simple process. Players can enjoy the game without any hindrance, as all the game related data will stay intact despite a change in username. if you still have any doubts on Minecraft Name Change or on Minecraft Usernames do comment below we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you.

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