Meet the HPE Developer Community: Team Members, Part 2

Hi, I’m Brian Martin, part of the
Composable Fabric product development team. I work in product management.
In that team, it’s my pleasure to bring the Composable Fabric Manager API,
the REST API, the Python bindings and the StackStorm integration pieces to HPE DEV,
so you can interact with Composable Fabric Manager directly through REST, through
Swagger, through cURL commands, or take the easy way and use the Python bindings,
or the StackStorm integration pack. Thanks a lot. Hope you’re having fun. Chris Young here. I am a product manager
working in the Composable Fabric Division, and one of the things that I’m doing
is participating in the HPE DEV community trying to work on Python,
bindings, StackStorm integrations and really just trying to make it easier
for customers to consume our products and help your businesses
drive value faster, which is really what this is all about.

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