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Welcome to Medical Insight. A weekly healthcare feature brought to you
by the experts at Essentia Health. Here’s your host Louie St. George. Today on Medical Insight, Essentia Health
physical therapist Ron Winans tells us how the SpineX rehabilitation program is helping
patients restore neck and back strength. We incorporate some strength and conditioning,
cardiovascular, stretching, home program and a routine here in the physical therapy department. We’re here also to help decrease their fear,
return to their activities recreationally, work, home, yardwork, anything they need. We cater their program to themselves. If someone comes in with back and neck pain,
it is a head-to-toe project. We do an initial evaluation. We find out where they’re at, not where
they should be at, for height, weight, age, female or male. We find out where they’re at. If you’re 6-foot-5, 350 pounds, that’s
who you need to be strong enough for. We have to find out where you’re at. 80 percent of sports injuries are from training
errors. So we have to find out, what’s their flexibility,
range of motion, and then progress there. The SpineX program is two days a week for
6 to 8 weeks. Winans says a successful outcome occurs when
patients can increase their activity without fear. We’re here to re-educate the back and neck,
increase their range of motion and flexibility. Once we have that, then we can start building
on the strengthening component. It is, again, tailored to the individual
And obviously as they build confidence and decrease fear to their return to activities,
I want to hear that they can do stuff they hadn’t been able to do, and that’s what
we typically see. In the last 11 to 12 years we’ve seen close
to 2,500 patients with an 80 percent successful rate. For Medical Insight, I’m Louie St. George. This Medical Insight was brought to you by
Essentia Health. To learn more about the services we offer
visit Essentia Health dot org.

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