Master of Science in Nursing: Entry into Nursing Program

It’s never been a more exciting time to
be a nurse and here at Johns Hopkins we’re really leading the way in
innovation in education practice and research. I’m excited to tell you about
our new masters of science in nursing entry into practice degree. We’ve really revised our curriculum to
meet the needs of those individuals who are aspiring leaders in the nursing
profession. There are several advantages to this firstly we are enrolling
students who already have a baccalaureate degree so to do a second
baccalaureate degree is not that meaningful. But perhaps the most
important reason for us moving from a baccalaureate to a master’s degree is to
allow us to provide pathways for students to much more quickly move
through their career ladder and also to be able to tailor and target the very
best nursing care to meet the needs of individuals patients and communities.
Graduates of the master of science in nursing entrant nursing program have
tremendous variety of roles that they can take on graduation. Many of our
students go do go into practice and hospital setting but we also have nurses
to go into practice in the public health sector, as well as community health or
primary care. One of the greatest advantages of our
master of science in nursing entry into nursing program is that students can
earn up to 17 credits in the master science in nursing and Ranger to nursing
program which they can apply to the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. They
can also at this time apply up to 12 to 14 credits towards the PH.D program.
There is a feeling of Johns Hopkins that you can accomplish anything. There are
leaders in their specialty areas in the School of Nursing we have amazing
researchers and practitioners School of Medicine similarly has amazing
researchers and practitioners. The School of Public Health has colleagues that are
making global changes in health care and all of those practitioners and
scientists are anxious to participate with our students, with our faculty. And
so there are endless opportunities here at Johns Hopkins and I would encourage
anyone who’s thinking about a career in nursing where they see themselves as a
future leader, as a change agent, someone that’s going to make a difference
locally, nationally, globally to consider Johns Hopkins because I think there are
no other experience, you will get like the Hopkins experience.

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  1. I do not have a nursing bachelor's degree but would like to pursue a nursing career, I can just go to Master degree in Nursing there? Can I go for an RN?

  2. I have nursing degree with second class upper certificate….Am in Ghana and wish I can get a full scholarship program to help me further my education to make me a useful member of the society as I have always been

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