Man wins fight to the death with 25ft python he encountered on way home from work

A security guard nearly lost an arm in a brutal
battle with a 25ft python – which was later chopped up and fried by hungry Indonesian
villagers. Robert Nababan crossed paths with the giant
creature while patrolling an oil palm plantation in the remote Batang Gansal subdistrict of
Sumatra island. Police say the 37-year-old tried to catch
the giant python and stuff it in a gunny sack. But the huge serpent fought back and bit him
on his left arm, nearly severing it from his body. Local reports said there was a desperate struggle
before villagers rushed to his aid, hitting the snake with a log and saving his life. Nababan was then rushed to a hospital in a
neighbouring town for treatment. Hungry locals killed the snake and displayed
its body in the village before dicing it up, frying it and feasting on it. Speaking from his bed, Nababan said: ‘I tried
to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while.’ ‘The python was 7.8 metres long , it was unbelievably
huge,’ local police chief Sutarja, who like many Indonesians only has one name, told AFP. Giant python, which regularly top 20 feet
in length, are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. In March, a 25-year-old Indonesian farmer
has been discovered inside the belly of a giant python after the swollen snake was caught
near where the man vanished while harvesting his crops on the eastern island of Sulawesi.

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  1. 25 feet totally false cause the man standing next to the snake is like 5 feet tall according to my number so you can use his size to compare the snake i calculate 12 to 13 feet

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