Make Ringtone without iTunes – 2017 (Easy Method!)

Hello Frends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly! Today I’ll show you how you can make Ringtones without iTunes and once you understand this procedure you would be able to make ringtones in less than a couple of minutes. So, without further ADO, let’s get started. So first of all, go to App Store and download this free app ‘GarageBand’ The links are there in the description. I’ve already downloaded it, so let me just
tap ‘Open’ There you go. Now select this ‘Audio Recorder’ Now tap this 3 little dots on top left corner. Now go to the top right corner, and tap this little + sign. Now tap ‘Section A’ and here as you can see ‘8’ is written, we have to make it ‘30’ So just tap and make it ‘30’ That’s it. So let me just go back. And here, I’ll just tap outside, so that I close that menu. And now go to the top right corner and tap this little ‘Loop’ Now here, tap ‘Music’ Now as you can see, you’ve different options to select your song like ‘Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists and Songs’ So let me just tap ‘Playlists’ and tap ‘Recently Added’ And now I’ll select ‘Cheap Thrills’ So just tap, hold and drag it over the section. Now it is importing your song into GarageBand. Now it is loading your song, so let it load. And now you can tap the song to select it and you can use handles to decide the start and end point of the song. You can also tap and hold and move this song along this length. You can use this ‘Play’ button to listen to your song so that you can decide the start and end point of the song. You can just play it or again tap it to stop the song. So let me take this as my start point. So there I adjust using handles and now I’ll move the song and now I will move the end part. Now once you are done, tap this ‘Inverted Triangle’ button and now tap ‘My Songs’ Now here first you tap this select on top
right corner and then tap ‘My Song’ Now tap this ‘Share Sheet’ at top left corner. Now this popup menu appears. Now select ‘Ringtone’ This will give you this warning, just tap
‘Continue’ And now, just tap this ‘My Song’ and give this song a name. I’ll just call this ringtone just a ‘New Ringtone’ That’s it. Now just tap ‘Done’ and tap ‘Export’ Now tap this ‘OK’ and finally tap ‘Done’ at top right corner. That’s it. We’ve completed creating our Ringtone. Now let’s open ‘Settings’ and see where is
our new ringtone. So, launch your ‘Settings’, scroll down, tap ‘Sounds’ then scroll down again and tap ‘Ringtone’ Under ringtone section, you’ll find your New Ringtone. And as you can see, this is the New Ringtone that we’ve just created. So, that’s how easy it is to create ringtones using GarageBand. It hardly takes couple of minutes once you understand the complete procedure. So, that’s it for this video guys. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it
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100 thoughts on “Make Ringtone without iTunes – 2017 (Easy Method!)

  1. ☝🏼Updated video: ▶️
    GarageBand has been updated recently and GarageBand layout has been changed a bit. So here is the updated video with latest GarageBand. 😄Hope this will help! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.❤️

  2. Why doesn't it work with songs I've imported on my iPhone from iTunes. It seems to only work with purchased songs – and not songs "stored locally" on to my iPhone

  3. I cannot thank you enough for showing us how to go around Apples iphone and allowing us to use custom ringtones. Easy to use and great video. Thank you

  4. Followed instructions created ringtone , but when the phone rings with new tone applied it plays back quiet , even though it’s set too full volume any ideas why this is happening , great video

  5. When i open to my songs it says "protected songs and songs not restored locally on your iPhone can not be imported" What should I do. HELP please!

  6. For the song do you have to Download it or something its cuz I did ur method and when I was picking the song it won't let me please help me?!??!

  7. you are amazing brother
    it worked perfectly for me
    ive wasted my time with bullshit videos
    keep it up you have my subscribe.

  8. Its a wonderful video and very easy but i have a problem if anyone helps me when i get white screen i cant tap on garage band because the white screen is all over the screen please help me and guide how to minimize the white screen. Thanks in advance

  9. thanks brother i have successfully change my ringtone through this app and i also subscribe your channel and also like your video.btw i'm a animator,if you need any kind of help contact me on 9462029307.THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER…

  10. Ok, I see everyone giving you props for a great video…and I agree except for one thing….I CANNOT FIND THE AUDIO RECORDERAPP IN THE APP STORE. Is it available in the United States?

  11. I dont have the music option at 1:29 is it because i dont use i cloud or?
    Please help me!
    And i use no computer because that would take too long

  12. Your still using iTunes. In the title you clearly say without using iTunes but in the video it shows you getting a song from iTunes and setting it as your ringtone

  13. Thank you for doing this video and being so clear about which buttons I need to push and where the buttons are located at. Your video was excellent at teaching me how to make ringtones. Thanks again.

  14. You taught me how to do it and I apréciate it but my phone doesn’t let me download the app and my phone works fine and I have enough space

  15. Instead of GarageBand i will download PUBG .. this GarageBand app is like 1.6GB isn’t there a easy way to do it ….
    Apple frendly plz help by d way nice and good video

  16. All started well until I reached the part is was told to tap SELECT in the top right corner. There is no SELECT in my top right corner just a + sign

  17. hey dude, really appreciate, helps a lot
    f*** apple, no 'silent' option for timer's ringtone
    now you got my back, thanks bro!

  18. It works, thanks a lot. Btw, how to delete any unwanted ringtone from settings->sounds list, which we created earlier.

  19. Is there another app that i can use ? because my iphone isn't ios11+ so it doesn't download on my phone

  20. It’s not working on my iPhone is showing your songs are protected can’t be imported now what I can do

  21. I just stumbled upon this updated video and it helped that it was more detailed than the older one. Thank you for posting this one, as well as the one showing how to delete the ringtones created with GarageBand! I’ve definitely got the hang of it now!

  22. You’re awesome all the other tutorial are way too hard and need too much downloading thanks for making it simplistic

  23. Ummmm except ,This is again using music on your iTunes which makes me so pissed because not every song is active to be selected and transferred to GarageBand !!

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