Make Ringtone for iPhone using iTunes & a free app- 2017 (in 2 easy steps!)

Hello Frends! Well come back to AppleFrendly. Today I’ve brought you a very easy way of creating ringtones for your iPhone in just 2 easy steps. So first, we will create .m4r version of the song on iPhone itself then we will sync our iPhone with iTunes. That’s it. We don’t need to create AAC version in this case. I’m making this video in two parts, first
I’ll quickly show you how to make ringtone then I’ll give you an overview of the app. So, Without further ado, let’s get started. The app I was talking about is ‘Ringtones for iPhone Free with Ringtone Maker’. This is a free app in the App Store. It offers an upgrade but that is not required for creating ringtones. So let me open this app and let’s start making a ringtone. So this is the layout of the app. Now we have two options for making ringtones. Let’s try the first one. So tap this ‘Catalog’. Now here you have all the trendy and new tones available and you can download them directly on your iPhone. So let me just download this first song ‘Shape of you…’ from ‘Ed Sheeran’. Tap on it and tap this little download button. So, As you can see here, downloading has started and now I just have to sync my iPhone with iTunes. That’s it. Let it complete I’ll show you the second way. Now that’s done. So I will go back. I’ll type done. So now let’s use another way of making a ringtone using your Music Library. Tap This ‘iPod Library’. Now here you have an option to choose your favourite song and create a ringtone. So let me choose any random song. I’ll choose this one. I’ll just tap on it. It’s giving me an option to choose ‘Tone Type’ that whether it is a ‘Ringtone’ or ‘Text Tone’, ‘New Voicemail’ or it is a ‘New Mail’ or it’s ‘Sent Mail’ or it’s a ‘Tweet’ it’s a ‘Calendar Alert’, it’s a ‘Reminder Alert’, I’ll just keep ‘Ringtone’ for demo purpose. The next option that we have is this ‘Scroller’. Using the Scroller you can decide which part of the song you want to set as a ringtone. So use this to scroll through your song. The next option is these ‘Handles’. Using these Handles you can decide which portion of the song you want to set a ringtone. So use this draggable Handles to set your ringtone. So let me just keep it as it is. Let’s save our ringtone. You can see here our ringtone is ready and it is giving us a pop-up. So just tap ‘Close’. Now tap this ‘My Tones’ at the top right corner. Now These are the ringtones that we’ve just created. One is Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you…’ that we just downloaded from the catalog and another one is the one that I selected from my Music Library and converted into a ringtone. Let’s open iTunes and sync our iPhone with iTunes so that we can use these ringtones. So just connect an iDevice and launch an iTunes. Now click this little iPhone icon hear. Go to ‘Apps’. Scroll down to ‘File Sharing’ section and from this list select an app called ‘Ringtones’. Scroll down. Here is my app ‘Ringtones’. Tap on it. And on right side you’ll find ringtones that we’ve just created. Select those ringtones and now we have to save them to Computer. So tap ‘Save to’. Now you can save them anywhere in your Computer but I already have ‘Apple Ringtones’ as a folder on my PC. So, I’ll select that folder and I’ll save my ringtones. Now we need to import those files into ‘Tones’ section. So to do that, first select ‘Tones’ here. And now go to ‘File’, and select ‘Add File to Library’. Now the browser opens up. Now here go back to the location where you saved your files. So select those files and open in iTunes. So now, you can sync ‘All Tones’ or you can just tap ‘Selected Tones’. You can select the tones that we’ve just important. So these are the ringtones, the Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you…’ and a random song from Music Library. So let me just tap some more tones that I use regularly. So Let’s sync our iPhone to iTunes and to do that you can tap ‘Apply’ or ‘Done’. I’ll just tap ‘Apply’. Now As you can see the syncing process has been started and It’s syncing all your tones with iPhone. So let me just skip this step and I’ll come back once syncing is done. So now, as you can see the syncing is over. So, I’ll just eject my iPhone and to do that just tap this little icon here. That’s it. Now we will exit and we will go back to our iPhone again. So, to check your new tones launch ‘Settings’, scroll down, tap ‘Sounds’ and then again scroll down and tap ‘Ringtone’. Now here as you can see, these are our 2 new ringtones that we just created using that app and with the help of iTunes. So that’s how easy it is to create ringtones now. You can use these ringtones for your alerts. So if this video helps you, Do not forget to give it a Thumbs Up. And Subscribe my Channel for all such uploads. Moving to the second part of the video, let me give you an overview of this app. So the first toggle that we have here is ‘Start / Stop Button’. You can use this button to listen to your song while creating ringtones. So, let’s move ahead and now the next option is this ? So, this is the ‘Help / FAQ Button’. So, if you tap on it, you’ll find some help topics like how to use this app, how to copy ringtones from this app to iTunes and how you can connect with the Developers or how you can share this app. So, let’s tap ‘Done’. Now the next control that we’ve here is this ‘Scroller’. This ‘Song Scroller’ is useful to scroll through your song so that you can choose a particular part of the song to set it as a ringtone. Now moving ahead, the next option is these draggable ‘Handles’. Use these handles to choose a part of the ringtone. Now, the next up is ‘Fade ON / OFF Button’. So this basically smoothens the start and end of the song. This doesn’t end the song abruptly or starts the song abruptly. So choose it as per your preference. Now moving ahead, the next option is ‘Ringtone’. If you tap on it, you’ll find different ‘Tone Types’ like Ringtone, Text Tone and others. So you can choose your tone type while creating ringtones. Now the next up is ‘iPod Library’. If you tap on it, it will take you to your ‘Music Library’. Here you can select a song from your music collection and you can convert it into a ringtone. Here you can find different options like Artists, Albums, Songs or you can search and find your song. Now moving ahead, the next option is ‘Catalog’. If you tap on it, you’ll find all new, trendy and popular songs here. You don’t even have to convert it into a ringtone. It is already a ringtone. You just have to download it and sync it with iTunes. That’s it. And the next option is ‘Search’ option. You can search a song by Artist name or Song name. And the next option is ‘Categories’. Ringtones are categorised in various categories here. So you can find you ringtone in various categories like Jazz, Pop, Romantic , whatever you like. And the last option in this category is ‘My Tones’. If you tap on it, you’ll find all the ringtones here. Now moving ahead, the next option is ‘Recording your ringtone’. So if you tap on it, you’ll have an option to record your ringtone. So you just have to tap this red button and you can record your ringtone. The last section is ‘My Tones’. If you tap on it, you’ll find all the ringtones that you’ve downloaded or created in this section. And in this ‘Files’ section, the files that
you transferred from iTunes ‘File Sharing’ option. So, that ends the overview of this app, and that’s it for this video guys. Hope this video helps you. Subscribe my channel for all such weekly uploads. And share this video and like this video if it helped you. Thank you for watching. Thank you!

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    Thanks in advance!

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  11. 👉🏼🛑Updated video: 🎬
    Friends, if you’ve updated your iTunes to latest version, you won’t find the ‘Tones’ section in iTunes. Here is What you have to do is:
    1. Create .m4r version of the song as per the video and save to desktop
    2. Now DRAG .m4r file onto ‘On My Device’ section of iPhone in iTunes Library.
    Now you should find your ringtone on your iPhone. Share the video if it helps! Cheers ✌🏼

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