Mad Dog McCree: Draw! – PART 1 – Game Grumps

hey I'm not suger and we're the game grumps eat your oatmeal oh boy oh my god welcome to fucking Mad Dog McCree gunslinger pack yeah it's got such great games as Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog to the lost elephant the lost go moving plan and the last bounty hunter Mad Dog McCree when this ship must have been like 1996 or 97 because when I used to cut school and go to the arcade this was one of the things that they had there it was like the hot new game damn Judi just give me sex eyes for a second what is that guy doing oh it's a different one now let's play Mad Dog McCree okay oh do I play as the deputy I figure ready for US Marshal oh is this like difficulty yeah I'm gonna go sheriff single player yeah well we can played together geez really do you want to play with me of course I do do you want to play with my pistol game yeah I don't I don't know where you're going we're sorry we just have to find the other the other bro cheese Aaron we're doing a show here we're live no or don't quote live alright single player fuck it alright I mean Jesus I don't know I don't know where any of my shit is anymore running a tight ship here in redesigning hi baby I'm you know hey baby you take up some target practice first I'm on nineties drill oh shit sorry yeah uh bang oh no shooting shoot him oh dang dang it autumn does you just not get him oh I thought I did good job you kill them please let that people die what the fuck is going on the mortician cuz you got killed Oh what it looks like you're gonna oh thanks oh alright meat alright then I guess I'll go to the bank feels like a bang what I don't think you're pret hey again maybe it's this one about bullets a lot of bullets well on your dead is shit he's gonna put the sheet on you that that always freaked me out oh shit you in the middle of our okay now I don't fucking know draw draw draw draw draw bullets ha what am I doing wrong alright cool how do I reload my gun I don't know that's that's a really important thing there's a button you gotta push maybe you shoot off-screen yeah I do yeah just like in the arcade wait for him to draw I got a great job Sr dang it dude it's hard and alright ok this time I got it it's easy shoot lower into the chest bang bang you gotta fuck you great job yeah I'm fuckin Mad Dog McCree dude alright here we go fired yeah shut your bonus yeah oh dude you're killing fuckin low-budget actors left and right I'm feeling so fly right now oh I cruel be Marty McFly's I lost the audition dang dang shit really one hit that's all it takes yeah that's what bullets are alright I'll try the saloon alright oh there he is bang I got it good job Danny let him go oh I'm so sorry oh I'm so sorry those are some fucking good special effects oh my gosh Dunst I guess they were Oh he's poor Oh No uh dude all right Wow they're just plain fighting yeah oh oh haha yeah hey what's up oh hey welcome back what would make our all cameraman and not me a girl are you talking about the girl yep that's exactly what I'm looking at not the hand oh damn oh shit you're gonna have to fucking take out the dude and save the guy first okay time for the mortician I'll come the fuck on are you kidding me dude you try it a fucking trypan like 75 cents every time you get shot this game was a fucking destroyer of my wallet back I got this one mmm you want to bring a beer bar over there save me from getting shot fucking asshole are you looking at your keys I'm from Minnesota Jocko yeah Adam got him got him yay who me gotta watch the stairway Oh got him yeah fuck these guys Oh I've been shot somewhere send my wife my paycheck for 13 and my sad call yeah here have a drink since you fucking killed all my other customers Thanks what that one there always eat Ronia only you can prevent forest fires hmm oh that was urine man I did not notice when I was a kid but these are really like the fucking these are like the Minnesota funtime players you know these guys really dudes that would like travel around oh shit where where I didn't even see him did you ever see him did you for a showdown yep hey Gator yeah it sure is no you got to have your thing off-screen yeah damn oh dude you didn't draw a fast enough and hard all right cool in the middle of our it's time for a showdown you don't any bullets mm-hmm gotta watch out for those bullet things get the bullets what do they call them where your bullets why do you have any oh god damn it fucking sucks you got a game Oh huh huh huh what the fuck yeah I thought you got him that time mm-hmm didn't get him they spray-painted my hair great I wish they knew how to green-screen me I'm 32 years old all right a lot fucking damn it Wow how the hell all right here we go here we go it's showdown I think I got it draw beg beg beg beg why don't I ever won an ambush shut up Mortensen you suck you're dumb you don't know okay you gotta put you got it there you go oh god fucking Christmas dude we gotta hit with that first shot no you don't here we go yeah great job he's dead boy all right Corral time I got to figure out where that fucking guy came always I think he was in the little window on the left here there is where nope oh oh you got him yep that's where he was okay oh boy I mean the screen for this used to be huge so this is like hard mode dude yeah all right here we go what are you a US Marshal go up there I'll always be coming out the same way hello oh that was a different guy that was a different guy you liked him me he lied to you gotta watch out hey man what the fuck damn dude mm-hmm they come out of the hay like whoa that Wiimote isn't very good is it fuck off fuck off fuck this game it's pretty hard it's show time same fucking guy yeah I'm right in the side his head really snaps around I hope he didn't get whiplash time for corral the corral dude really cigarette artist well dude I fucking have to how the fuck like how the fuck mm yeah he shot you yeah did that do it happen there good job shooting you hmm come on come on oh shit what ha ha ha ha I got him watch out for the one on the ground object of the game is to shoot the guys no oh man mmm that nerd one he's a killer as sure as my hat gets taken off my head you need to shoot those guys okay here we go yeah oh my fucking face now just a piece of crap all right Carlton I do the corral do two because I gotta get good at it yeah okay like swinging with six bats okay did you really figure its way with six bats well I'm gonna get him I'm gonna get him we get him damn it fucking bitch that guy's tough shit before all right Sheriff's Office oh my god this is the bus my baby boy oh shit he missed me nice God America I was just running I tried to get away from the guy shooting me nice oh sweet I thought that was a good guy sharpshooter bonus I was a good guy thank god you're here with the god Mad Dog you don't stand a chance is what I would say if Mad Dog were here mm-hmm um they're getting away whoo whoa oh they got him right in the purple satin jacket how the fuck how in the Frick mm a hatch coming all right guys that Hank it was fabulous it's showdown time my god dude Oh God give me do one more episode of this please yes yeah I got to do the Sharpshooter all right all right this is the only guy you can beat I stand corrected that was the only guy you can be turned tune in tomorrow for one more episode of Mad Dog McCree Oh baby this is ridiculous

34 thoughts on “Mad Dog McCree: Draw! – PART 1 – Game Grumps

  1. I'd love an animation where Arin is actually in a shoot out and literally cannot figure out how is gun works

    I can picture it so clearly "what am I doing wrong" he asks while holding his revolver upside down "… I don't have any bullets?"

  2. I'd like to image when his crosshair is on screen, he's got his gun out and aimed. So when he's talking to someone with the crosshair on their face, he's just jamming the gun into their forehead.

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