100 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd – Candy

  1. Say what you want about killshot murdering MGK – MGK has been dropping songs i really enjoy the entirity of 2019! And his collabs lately have been off the hook.

  2. MGK:talks about how broken he is and that how drugs help him cope with his depression

    trippie redd: mY bItCh TaStE liKe CaNdY yEaH

  3. Even though the memes are there has anyone said how sad mgk really is cause in glass house he even says "I put my daughter to bed then attempt to kill myself in the kitchen" and no one actually said that they feel bad I feel bad for mgk

  4. My boy trippy shoutn out the classicks billy and mandy was legit . Gots ta love big foe teeen alreadyknoethefuktimeitizzz. Yeeeeerdmeh

  5. Addiction is a powerful think u can even control it or go under I couldn't control it so I went under and lost every thing 9 years later aint got much but I got my mind strate drugs numb the pain but when you sober up the pain comes back and reality hits you and makes u realize things but watch to the own don't judge any one for there life style u don't know what ppl are going free in there head all I can say is do you

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