MAC Program Overview

Here at NC State, we’re more than just a university. We’re a family. Our MAC program exceptional education and real-world experiences to help launch our students’ careers to the next level. We want to make sure that we create education that fits the needs of our students, whether it’s the on-campus traditional format, or our online format, which provides an extra flexibility for the working professional. We offer concentrations in IT, Enterprise Risk Management, and tax strategy. During my time at NC State, I was able to participate in the ERM practicum, and this is a really unique experience that allows you to go out and be client-facing, and work with a client out in the real world, versus versus sitting in the classroom. This really allowed me to take what I learned first semester, and apply it to a setting that’s more realistic to what I’ll be doing once I get out in the working field. Not only does the MAC program prepare our students for the real world and their careers through the practicum, but we also prepare to help them pass the CPA exam. That’s something you don’t get from a lot of other schools is that real-world experience and the classroom and preparation, but also preparation for the exam. From learning financial ratios to learning about audit procedures and the technical stuff, as soon as I get to Becker, and I start studying, I’ve already seen it, I’ve already been exposed to it. Not only do we focus on helping top performers excel academically, but we also focus on helping build social skills, and helping them to become leaders of the future. We do this by embracing unique, diverse cultures and backgrounds and ideas. And this is what it takes to enhance the profession of accounting. One of the things that I love about choosing the MAC program was that they had the opportunity to be able to study abroad. While we were in Prague we actually had a short trip for three days. We took the train up to Berlin, and we were able to visit KPMG, the accounting firm there, and be able to hear some information from KPMG and then ask them questions. I did not think when I started the MAC program that I wanted to work for a Big Four company, but being in that environment, being in a different culture and around people who’ve had a lot of experience in Big Four firms really opened my eyes to to the opportunities that really are available. So it really got me thinking outside of the box and the normal things that I put myself in, saying “I’m not good enough for that,” or “that’s not really a possibility for me.” One of the best aspects of the MAC program is the ability to tailor career services with the students’ individual needs. So whether they’re going through recruiting for the first time as an on-campus student, or they’re in the online program looking for career advancement, our team is dedicated to opening doors and leveraging business relationships across the country and the world. Here at the Jenkins MAC program, we don’t just focus on how a student can fit us, but we focus on how we can best serve our students.

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