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Mummy! Mummy? Good morning, Minty. Don’t just look at me with your eyes
filled with compliments, say that compliment out loud, will you? Mom, I was going to buy
you the same thing from the Biba online store
as an anniversary gift. Really? Thank God you inherited my fashion sense
and not your dad’s. Well, dad was the one who selected
this for you. At last he finally learnt how to surprise people. Listen, I have a surprise
for the both of you. What is it? Think about it and tell me what is common
between Saif and Priyanka? Saif’s wife is Kareena, her ex is Shahid, Priyanka’s ex is Shahid as well! – Right?
– Shush! A tattoo! – Yeah, so?
– So! Your mother’s going to get a tattoo. What?
Are you serious? Yo! That’s why I brought this kurta We’ve been married for 20 years but your mother still doesn’t know
the difference between surprise and shock. But what’s the problem in getting
a tattoo, dad? The problem isn’t in getting a tattoo, child, but there’s a problem in getting a tatoo
when you’re her age. Really? But you had a lot to say when
your sister got a dragon tattoo last year. I would compliment her even if she got
a mosquito instead of a dragon. I’ve borrowed 5 lakhs from her. Minty, give him 50-50 Rupee notes Dad, people get tattoos at her age. Yeah, don’t you remember Aamir Khan
from ‘Ghajini’? He had alzheimer’s and you have arthiritis. You don’t need a tattoo, you need medicine.
Get that on and get on with work. Minty, this is exactly why I could
never be cool in life. Okay, she wants to be cool now? Even you dye your hair to look cool! Excuse me, please mind your language. I dye my hair to look hot on Facebook
not to look cool. Which is perfectly fine. So if mom wants to get a tattoo at this
age, that’s also fine. Clearly age is not a factor! But pain is, right? What about the pain you have to endure
to get a tattoo when they’re buzzing around? Pain?
What is pain? It’s there today and not tomorrow,
Everything is temporary. So this means you’re getting
a temporary tattoo? The ones children get. No, mom’s getting a permanent tattoo. With a tattoo machine. What?
Permanent? Deepika Padukone still can’t change her
RK to RS Mom won’t choose a design
she regrets, right? Shit! I haven’t thought of a design, Minty. You made me waste money
on this kurta. Minty, when you were confused about which
side of your nose you had to pierce wasn’t it me who told you to
get it in the belly button so it will look SWAD on crop top It’s not SWAD mom, its SWAG Get a dragon like auntie. Hello!
I don’t copy people. I am original
and I know it. Why can’t you get a spear? You anyway
dance like Lord Shiva at Zumba. You keep quiet. I’m thinking off getting something
in Chinese written. Are you going to sell momos
with your brother? Get a rose. – A lotus?
– It will bloom good in mud – Get a butterfly.
– I’ll get a tortoise. Get an owl made, Lakshmi. Dad check out mom’s tattoo.
It’s so liberating.! wow, Show me that! What’s this? Your name below mine
would’ve been a better tattoo. I didn’t go to open a joint account
at a bank I went to get a tattoo for myself. Okay, as you wish…
What’s this? Why did you buy a helmet? ‘Cause I did get a tattoo, now I am going to Ladakh
next month riding a bullet. Oh man! Who goes to Ladakh at this age
when you’re supposed to go on a pilgrimage? Dad, please!
People ride bullets at this age. Who does?
I don’t. ‘Cause you’re boring. I didn’t even ride it when I was young. I wasn’t boring then.

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  1. Such a cool video! Loved it…. Why should women be judged if she wants to follow her heart and live her passion… Good concept

  2. Wah bhai saadi ko 20 saal or beti 25 ki 😁 saadi se phele hi chod diya tha kay bhai 😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. Before getting a tattoo, please donate blood…. It might save someone's life… After getting tattoo, you can't donate blood because of some reason idk…. Have a good day!

  4. Actually moms are cool in their own way 😁 love you Mom ❤️❤️

  5. Oh my God yeah my father is like this and another is my mother is so good oh oh oh😅😮😲😁😁

  6. okay…
    so why she uses "app" and he uses "tum" while addressing each other?

    improving the world we need to consider each and every parameter ri8?

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  8. KYUN??? Why good actors act BAD??? This was sooo OVER🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ is it the channel, director or script??? This was just shallow TV serial kinds.

  9. Khachar p baith k badrinath jane ki umar me bullet p ladakh jane ka Plane bana rhi ho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. jiniya kudiya o tusi sariya taxia o hnaa sariya kudiyaa fuddi dai k sondiya o jive di tuhadiya gala a yarr shame on u yarr

  11. Girliyapa= Comment
    FilterCopy= Like
    (No hate and I’m not trying to compare between them, just asking ur opinion, have a good day👍🏼)

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