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In this guide we will create a browser link, such as Google search and YouTube pre-installed on our Nokia 8110 4G. Unlike the first method, we will not use “LAUNCH_PATH”, to call more elements. I want to create a search engine for “AlternativeTo”, which I will make available in the B-Hackers Store, in the dedicated section. Rename the archive, change the address in the metadata.json file …. nothing new compared to the previous video…. Apart from the presence of an “index.html” file and a “main.js” file! “index.html” is called by the “launch_path” parameter. This file lists all the components of the application we want to create. Complete personalization for a while. I’m looking for an icon for this application. Possibly smaller, to avoid overloading everything. Let’s get back to more serious things! “main.js” is a JavaScript file, and an action to be performed is indicated in it. In our case the action is to open the link that we have indicated in another application: the browser! Open “index.html” with a text editor suitable for programming. I use Mousepad, for my XFCE environment. Rename the header, even if it’s not such an important operation … What matters is that the “main.js” file is indicated in the structure, ie in the “body” of this HTML file. From your browser, if you try to download a complete web page you might be able to get an offline application. But this is another story (method 3). I’m not a good developer at all, in fact, I’m not at all. But for these applications, as you can see, it doesn’t take much. I hope these tutorials can help you blow up your imagination and creativity. For those unfamiliar with AlternativeTo, this is a website where you can view all the alternatives to the software you normally use. The application we created actually opens the site in the browser. Unlike method 1, here you will have the possibility to use the browser functions. Obviously heavier and with less screen space to use. Let’s try to look for Firefox, for example … which for me will always remain the best. Even if I also use Chromium, as needed. But for me Firefox remains the best for many things. Or even Pale Moon, a derivative of Firefox …. you can consult yourself from AlternativeTo. You can download it now from the B-Hackers Store! Second video of the day … that’s enough. See you next!

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  1. Everyone is demanding for screenshot webapp especially the Jiophone Users,can your team develop this app for every KaiOS device.

  2. Please make how to make offline database app I have something useful for everyone can use offline in emergency

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