36 thoughts on “Lecture -30 Client-Server Programming In Java

  1. Thank you very much dear man of knowledge and distributing it to the end of the earth. We are also your well wisher! God bless you!

  2. this actually a very good series i watched quite a few and nearly every thing on here is very well done explanations are very accurate and clear

  3. @mkbmainpc Hey I was wondering do we need to do this Client-Server application on Unix…or can it be done on Windows XP? Let me know as soon as possible because I need to develop a chat messenger ( similar to yahoo)

  4. This is a good way to explain how serversocket and socket work together. I have read some tutorials on the web but none of them was as clear pointed as this one in video format. Thank you!

  5. That's why you let the users decide the port they want in an configuration file.
    They'll just use what's good for their router.

  6. There is one minor typo: In the Example 1 Slide, the line inside the try Method should say //Socket s = new Socket("", 225); with a capitalized word "Socket" on both instances, otherwise the code wont compile. Hope this helps.

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