Leave Application Process

Hi, where can I find this lecturer?
She has a class right now. Then how about Mr Andrew?
MrAndrew….He is on MC today. Haiyo, I just wanna apply leave.
Then how am I going to apply leave? You can come back again. Sawadeeka… I want to apply my leave application.
Oh you need to go to the International Office first HUH, the other block? That’s so far away. Yes, sorry dear So inconvenient. Never mind, forget it. Haih, this is the 10th form I am updating
again… Boss, when did this student take leave?
Which student? Kishan.
He took leave ah, wait ah. Ruby, can you bring the log book please?
Okay! Kishan….Kishan…Kishan….
Ah, right here …………..

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