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Are you looking for Learning Management Software? Look no further than Core Achieve from CorePartners! Since 2003, they have delivered hundreds of
the highest quality projects, showing how easy it is to upload, organize, manage, and
distribute your content. CoreAchieve provides powerful search capabilities
that make it possible to find exactly what you’re looking for within even the largest
content libraries with helpful preset filters. Easily manage multi-segment courses consisting
of different types of content, quizzes, and other components. Once a quiz is given, the system gives immediate
feedback on well the individual did, which is invaluable to users and administrators. Our Learning Management Software integrates
beautifully with AMS, CRM, and other enterprise systems allowing you to incorporate valuable
learning and payment data with your existing customer and member data. Best of all, CoreAchieve is priced according
to the size of your organization, not the number of users on the system, making it imminently
cost effective. For more information on this expedient Learning
Management Software, visit coreachieve.com or call 866-267-3967.

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