Kylie’s Advice for You – Intro to Java Programming

I think the most important realization that I had when I got into computer science. Or the best advice that I got, was just somebody telling me, you’re not bad at it. And by it, I mean programming. It’s really hard because programming is a completely new way of thinking. It’s like learning a language. And, it’s really easy to struggle and people always seem like they know what they’re doing. because some people have been programming since they were like three in the basement with their little like calculators and stuff. And I wasn’t one of those people. And so, it took me a long time to just sort of realize that I could do it just as well as anybody else. And just sticking to it is the best thing that you can do. And there’s so much help out there between, you know, online courses. just sort of forums on the internet or your friends, anything. And just being vulnerable and asking for help is the way that I’ve gotten through it.

3 thoughts on “Kylie’s Advice for You – Intro to Java Programming

  1. No one is "bad at programming", you just have not spent enough time on it.
    I am a self taught computer programmer, and people I know are all working in non-technical fields (mostly sales or customer service). I explain programming to them like this: imagine a language from outer space and its math focused. I know thats a very off the cuff way of saying it, but thats a lot easier then trying to explain that there is all this boiler plate code to type before you even get around to typing hello world or trying to explain an int is an integer and an integer is a number and you call it an int because that is the name of the variable type, which is different from a double, oh never mind, its a language from outer space.

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