KINGDOM | Trailer (English Sub)

28 thoughts on “KINGDOM | Trailer (English Sub)

  1. Watched the movie when it came out in Japan. So good! You can tell it has very high production values. And hearing ONE OK ROCK's "Wasted Nights" blasting during the credits… Man, what an experience! It gives you goosebumps and you just want to belt out the chorus along with Taka.

    Definitely want to take my dad to go see this when it comes out over here. …But it's the same weekend as Anime Fest so please let this be shown for more than one weekend.

  2. For anyone else who was confused like I was this is a Japanese directed, produced, and distributed film featuring Japanese actors shot entirely at a Chinese studio based on the plot of a Japanese manga featuring Chinese historical figures from the Chinese Warring States period and featuring a Japanese band that sings more in English than Japanese. I hope that clears things up.

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