Kingdom Hearts III – Opening Movie | PS4

HIKARU UTADA] ♪ Breath ♪ ♪ Should I take a deep? ♪ ♪ Faith ♪ ♪ Should I take the leap? ♪ ♪ Taste ♪ ♪ What a bittersweet ♪ ♪ All night ♪ ♪ All my life ♪ ♪ Let me face, let me face,
let me face my fears ♪ ♪ Let me face, Let me face,
let me face my fears ♪ ♪ O, I'll be laying with you, love.
I'm almost here ♪ ♪ Wash away all my tears ♪♪

30 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III – Opening Movie | PS4

  1. Honestly this was cool for a min until the beat drop, wish I heard lyrics to actually go wit it instead of a beat(dOnT get me wrong tho teh beat fire) but it kinda goes back to the feel I had with sanctuary when Sora was climbing those stairs namine was drawing and the beat they had going with it, it wasn’t a wild beat but each little beat matched the movement in the intro with each swing of the key blade and change of camera angle that really made it come together or the HELLA beat drop there was in 2.8 when Aqua was reaching for Terra and Ventas and while there’s wasn’t too much goin on you could feel it coming together with the song from the pacing. In this however it’s uh, well after the beat drop I can’t hear much tbh, songs dope but it can’t match the visuals to make it all come together yah know? Like high key go listen to previous openings and pay attention to all the beats that are in sync with the movements and camera changes overall enjoyed the song just not how it paced with the visuals

  2. This is a absolutely perfect. The beginning soft piano and lyrics that steadily picking up pace is classic Utada. Then it mixes in skrillex's great EDM which is highly inspired by and mirroring Utada's old J-POP is a great homage to spirit of all KH songs. I always wanted a faster paced song for the OP and this is perfect. The fusion of Utada JP style with Skillex western style is to me the perfect example of the greater importance Square has said the west has been for KH3 as a whole. Going so far as to delay the game to get a almost simultaneous release, reaching out to western content creators for KH3 reveal, all the marketing done outside Japan plus announcing the release date at E3 in La. All this shows the greater importance they now realize the rest of the world is to Square and whether or not this was the reason they decided to implement Skrillex, we should still see this as a step towards KH's greater role outside Japan. Plus this song is complete fire fight me.

  3. Lyrics:
    Breath, should I take a tear
    Faith, should I take a lead
    Taste, what a bittersweet
    All night, all my life
    Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
    Oh, let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
    It won't be long, won't be long, I'm almost here
    Watch me cry, all my the tears

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