Kerbal Space Program: First Flight

[Static] Kyle: Jebediah Kerman, you ready for launch? Jebediah Kerman: Yes! Kyle: I have a good feeling about this one. This is gonna be the one that makes it off the platform. There are only so many ways a rocket can explode before taking off. Let’s just do some final checks. I’ve set the thrusters to… Uh… 73%…ish Jebediah: Thrusters at maximum! Kyle: No, that… Yeah, all right. Um, okay. Verifying that all the stages are in the correct order. Jebediah: Seems like that should have been done before now. Kyle: It should have, but they’re good… I think. So… it’s fine. Uh, are the RCS controls active? Jebediah: Uhh, how do you check that? Kyle: Don’t remember; I was hoping you would. Probably doesn’t matter. I think we’re good to go. All right. Initiating Countdown! Five… Jebediah: Boop! [Rockets igniting] Jebediah: [Screaming] [Continued Screaming]
Kyle: Oh, dear god! Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, stop. This is not the time to panic. Later, there may very well be a reason to panic. But right now you’re moving in a straight line. So just calm down. Jebediah: I don’t know what to do. Kyle: Don’t do anything. Just sit there. Jebediah: Should I open the goo? Kyle: No, leave the goo alone. Jebediah: I spilled it. Kyle: Hey! Listen to what I am saying! Jebediah: I’m taking notes! Kyle: Jebediah! Jebediah: Look! I got science! Kyle: That’s great. Thank you. What is the matter with this guy? Is he even the right person? Ethan: Looks like him. Computer: Booster depleted. Disconnecting first stage. Kyle: Right. Jeb, how you holdin’ up? Jebediah: I’m looking out the window. Everything is blue. Kyle: That’s good! You’re still in the atmosphere. You’ll be in space soon. Jebediah: Now green… Blue. Green. Jebediah: Blue. Green.
Kyle: Aw crap, we’re spinning. Jebediah: I can’t open the hatch! Kyle: Good! Don’t! Jebediah: No, it’s stuck. It won’t move. Kyle: Stop trying to open the hatch! Man… I don’t know why it’s stuck. We’ll figure it out later. Ethan: I’ve blueprints right here. Uh, looks like there’s a ladder on top of the hatch. Kyle: Who built this rocket?! Foreman: You’re good. You’re good… You’re… good… Kyle: Okay, everybody stop talking about the hatch! Jebediah: I’m upside down now. Kyle: Oh, my God… The rocket’s flying toward the ground… Wait… Why is the camera upside down? That doesn’t even make sense. Jebediah: It’s getting really hot here! Kyle: That’s it! Abort!! Kill the engines, open the parachute, lose everything! Come on everybody. Final stage. Jebediah: [Screaming] *static* Jebediah: I made it! Kyle: You made it to the beach. Jebediah: Should I get a sample? Kyle: You are literally 10 miles from the launch pad, you incessant waste of life. Jebediah: I don’t know why you’re so mad at me. You’re the one with unlimited resources and an entire space center your disposal. It’s the only building on the entire planet. You actually have only one job. Kyle: I am leaving you in the ocean Jeb. Jebediah: No. No! [Static] [♪Living Forever♪]

100 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program: First Flight

  1. The "you are literally 10 miles from the launchpad" bit sounded really like Nic Cage. I approve, great video, more KSP sketch things would be awesome

  2. "You actually only have one job."

    That was so well delivered, I spit beer all over my keyboard.

    What I'm saying is, you guys owe me anew keyboard.

  3. I wish i could stop my rockets flapping around in the atmosphere and coming right back down for no reason.

  4. Saw this video in my suggestion list while watching Scott Manley's 1.0 tutorials. Laughed my ass off. Before I came across Scott's videos (I've had KSP since it's beta release) that's how 99.9% percent of my launches went. Loved it, need more please.

  5. Why don't have you more subs?

    Says every comment section of your videos and of course I agree. This channel is one of the best if not the best comedy channel on Youtube.

    Now after all that compliment, here comes a mandatory request. :p Have you guys heard of WH40K, I can clearly see you doing amazing things with it.

  6. So you think it's amusing to make fun of Jebediah Kerman… a man who has given his life thousands of times to further the Kerbal Space Program??

  7. So there is an odd correlation between this game and Space-X (considering the recent Falcon Heavy launch) maybe this game isn't that unrealisitic after all?

  8. "You made it to the beach"


    This is so accurate, I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

  9. You missed one detail. Jeb is famous for laughing like a maniac at high speeds and only panicking when stuff starts exploding.

  10. First flight for me, the boosters wouldn't turn on. I spammed space and the thing just exploded. Had no clue what the throttle was.

    First one that made it off the launch pad made it to space, then crashed and burned as the parachute exploded upon reentry.

  11. Whoah, why are there randomly Czech subtitles on this video? XD Not that I'm complaining, but…what, does Google Translate think "Kerbal" is a Czech word or something? XD That said…yeah, this is pretty much how most Kerbal Space Program flights I've seen tend to go. Even if it's like, they're hundredth. 😛

  12. i've been wanting to buy this for years, but i saw a video talking about how they keep adding new shit instead of fixing some game breaking bugs
    anyone in here wanna give me an update on that situation?

  13. hahaha that's how I feel. like I been left in the Ocean. yay. yaaay. yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.
    I feel ya, Kyle

  14. "alright, i think we are all done with the rocket-"
    "wait, it's missing something!"
    "and whats that?"
    "wow, why didn't i think of that?!"

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