60 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program – Enhanced Edition Trailer | PS4

  1. hola playstation =)
    una preguntita: ¿podrían remasterizar el twisted metal head-on ?
    ¡gracias por su atención! =)

  2. Seriously I think y'all should allow those searching files because the Xbox is kind of winning and I do not feel like spending over $100 just to play online with that I'm just saying this because we need those files and if you do send it in the form of it update

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  4. PlayStation pls have like a free roam large city update for steep but u can still find the mountain in the free roam and u can still get a score for tricks and u can do dem score races

  5. I tell you about who disliked this video; they have no idea how space and physics work, they only know "wow look at that graphics bruhh it is so awesome dude !!"

  6. If you thought getting your Kerbals to orbit on the PC wasn't difficult enough, well, have we got a port for you! Introducing KSP:EE. Now with frustratingly wonky controls and no mods! Aren't you so happy? Hope you can calculate deltaV in your head!

  7. Look ps4 i been trying to set my old ps4 in my iniatilize ps4 because i ve ben having some problem changing between countries and i just wanna put my old account so i could live stream,watch youtube and buy games tru the ps4 in my account thst im commenting with rigth now so please reply to this and help me

  8. Hey is it worth the buy on console? By that, I mean is it not insanely laggy and does it run well? And are there no major game-interfering bugs? I don't care much for mods and controls.

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