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  1. He implied . . . but did not explicitly say . . . that for emotions (which are a manifestation of a subtle body) . . . it's inappropriate to expect to "see" them with organs of the gross body (as materialistic science asks).

    Instead, you "see" them with organs of the subtle body — which, unlike organs of the gross body, are poorly developed in most people.

  2. @capsBeatz He may have said "there is no mind, without a body." but that is only one aspect. If you listen
    he mentions "subtle" and causal" energies which he also refers to as bodies. Consciousness can exist
    without a "physical" body but there still needs to be a subtle or causal framework or "body". Wilber
    also says that the causal body is actually Pure spirit, when resting in the causal body one is nothing
    except what has always been: Consciousness. One Love.

  3. Que tío más raro, tiene mucha semejanza física con una serpiente, se mueve como ellas. Por otro lado, se parece también a Alisteir C. ¡¡ esas orejitas !!

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  5. Its not easy to accurately mentally 'grasp' the subtle body, seeing as we spend 99.9 percent of our conscious time in the gross body. (the only exception is meditative states and LUCID dreaming, that sort of thing). So try not to see subtle body as a lighter version of the gross body, it isnt that.
    Of course every state is embodied, you cant just leave out the exterior dimensions!

  6. He knows you cannot prove him wrong and does not worry that he cannot prove he is right. Yet his tone does not invite discussion.
    Add all that up and the answer smacks you in the face – dogma.

  7. I think the shortcoming with Ken is that he's not a good public speaker, he sounds like a forest ranger who maybe spends too much time alone. If you read ken wilbur (any of his books) you realize he's a sharp cookie and he probably knows what he's talking about. But then you watch his videos and you realize he was never the cool kid at school, and that I think irks people, that a dorky ken wilbur has much more understanding than they do.

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