KAIRI and NAMINE DLC INCOMING?! Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND – News

have you heard of a little thing called discord well if you haven't let me inform you this chord is an amazing app where you can interact with gaming communities and content creators such as myself more directly it's an app that's just great for community building I'm one of the owners of a Kingdom Hearts discord server called the Union we've been growing rapidly lately and are a little over halfway to 1,000 members thank you guys for that if you don't have an account it takes like less than a minute to make one so Korean account and join the Union discord server today to get a chance to talk to some of the members of the community and his careers as well I really look forward to seeing you guys there now let's get on with the video there is a lot of Kingdom Hearts 3 ultimania news that has yet to be covered on youtube for some reason a lot of you guys have actually found my channel due to a lot of the ultimania news that has come out over the past couple of months and i'm going to be continuing to bring you guys some ultimania news as I have recently took it upon myself to look back at some of the translations that came out some of the information in the ultimania looking at various screenshots talking to people and we found a lot of interesting things for you guys the next couple of videos specifically are going to be talking about the scenario mysteries of Kingdom Hearts 3 this is an interview which I sue anymore where he talks specifically about the lore of Kingdom Hearts the interviewer here axes him a lot of very interesting questions a lot of answers are given here some things are cleared up some things we may have guessed in the past are now confirmed and overall it's just a very interesting read I'm going to be reading part of it to you today so let's get right into it is the speech Sora gives in the opening the one that begins what they can take your world they can take your heart a monologue by Sora Post ending that's not the only answer but the words do suggest Sora's mental state post ending now this is very interesting to me this was thing that some people talked about over on social media specifically I don't know if people talked about this on YouTube necessarily but you can also tie this back into how some people believe or how new Mora kind of said that the station of awakening not opening the Kingdom Hearts 3 left dark side and you choosing your abilities and whatnot well as kind of taking place at the end of the game or was referencing towards or a mental state at the end of the game its overall something very interesting and it's really cool how the entire game kind of alludes to the ending and it alludes to how Sora might end up dying and Kingdom Hearts 3 or not might well we all know what happened what wasn't a death but we don't know what it was it was something something close to adapte and the final world Sora tells nómine someone else special I know won't let you down did he mean Riku which any more responds he meant the person nominate wants to see the most would come get her as a way of curing her up it is actually Riku in the form of the one who has been entrusted with the Riku replicas feelings who does go and get her nominate does feel a special connection to Riku the Republika now I really need to replay retain because honestly like the Riku replicas and nominee relationship was one of my favorite parts about that game but I really want to replay the game to kind of experience it again because seeing how it all ended in Kingdom Hearts 3 that relationship or the relationship din and necessarily but the conclusion to those twos character arcs I guess you can say I really want to re-experience that because Riku replica was actually one of my favorite parts about Kingdom Hearts 3 I felt like it was really cool seeing this mature Riku who we grew up to like not like this dark side of Riku basically kind of mature into his own person it was so cool and I loved it like regular Riku is already mature enough but it was so cool seeing like a different version of Riku get like so much character development in one game which was just such an interesting character and every moment where he's on screen is like so cool and I'm very interested going forward and how they develop that relationship with Rica one nominee because Rico isn't quite replicas but as numerous says here this is the person who was entrusted what Riku replicas feelings so I wonder if nominate is gonna see this Riku the same way or if she's gonna see him in a different way are they gonna pretend that like Riku replicas and this Riku are the exact same person but they kind of are but kind of aren't at the same time I really doesn't wonder where they're gonna go with that like him does extending out his hand towards her to come what temp to the Destiny Allen's that was such a beautiful scene and this just makes it better thora doesn't think nominate in this game either is this something that's going to be carried over into a future game well nominees revival did happen at the end of the game effectively making it something that will be drawn out longer but if this is gonna be a thing throughout future Kingdom Hearts games or are giving nominate all these unofficial thank-yous or forgetting to thank nomine as like a little meme I don't know I think they'll kind of be cool and charming in a way we kind of saw a glimpse of down Kingdom Hearts 3 and I wonder how far they'll go with it eventually though I do want to see that heartfelt thank-you between a sora and nominee I want to see that interaction like face to face one day and since new Mora says this might drag out for a little longer I wonder how long because that also makes me believe that Sora might not be back as quickly as we want him to be I kind of have this theory that maybe the next Kingdom Hearts saga is gonna be focused heavily as well on bringing Sora back maybe Riku Roxas Shion all the other Kela orders are the ones on the surface dealing with all the nonsense the foretellers the master of masters and all of them are causing upon the world and maybe during the conclusion the final chapter of all these games like we might receive regarding the foretellers regarding the master of masters may be – when Sora comes back makes this big anime come back and save the day I don't know it's something that they could very well do maybe some of you aren't too fond of that idea but it's something that's pretty possible and the Reese I think about that because if this is something that's gonna drag out longer the knock means that there's not going to be an opportunity in the future of restaura and nominate our face to face so this could be me that's like overthinking it and thinking too far ahead because nomura saying drawn out longer but that could just mean one video game which could release next year or there a year after and then that game after that like we'll get to thank you what nominee and Saura but I don't know just something to think about some food for thought now this one right here is so so interesting and I am very excited to talk about this one the interviewer asked how did Ansem the wise and ienzo and the others move nominees heart into a vessel without Kari being there when Carter was defeated the first time in the keel a graveyard nominees heart was thrown into the final world right and nominees heart was also thrown out just before the final battle when Kari was hit by the Norse attack I do plan to show the details of what happened after that now all the explanation about how nominee isn't like destroyed along with hi or anything or how nominee got her own vessel to begin with without Kyrie being there I'm all fine with that explanation I understood that from the get-go I am kind of interested and interviewers question because new Morra didn't contest him on this he specifically said at the end of that question without Kyrie being there and nominee got pwned to her about so at the end of the game and Kyrie was there at the end of the game or was she but Sora was the only one that faded away in that scene so Kyrie was there right but I'm thinking too far ahead probably or maybe I'll focus on that later down the line but what I do want to focus on is Nomura saying I do plan to show the details of what happened after that that basically confirms that we're going to be getting like more cutscenes regarding Kyrie and Kingdom Hearts 3 which I'm really excited about because I want Kyrie to be a little bit more involved in Kingdom Hearts 2 written Kingdom Hearts 3 she has like close to the most amount of time in that game out of all the other Kingdom Hearts games she's and but that hour of screen time although she does like do things like save storage she has beautiful cutscenes with Axl it's still not enough it's not enough to satisfy me regarding Kyrie because I want her to do a lot more I want her to be on par with me on for me or made me not she out sounds a little too good but maybe be on par with like aqua or something or Riku or store or at least be like in that conversation because right now she definitely isn't and the more they do for Kyrie the more cutscenes they add for her will only benefit the game I feel like a little bit more explanation behind as a heart attack scene behind like her getting snatched up by Zayin or that damsel in distress moment would let's do more and more for her character and I don't know how in depth they're gonna go with this what the Kyrie cut seems and like Kingdom Hearts 3 remind but I hope they do them a lot and not just what Kyrie but not many as well because nomine although she wasn't supposed to be a focus in Kingdom Hearts 3 she definitely didn't really need to be I really liked the cutscene that nominee had in the final world would store and I really loved that cutscene she had at the end with Riku I thought that was really cool now I'm gonna kind of didn't need too much in Kingdom Hearts 3 because she already did everything she counted Mia to do when free chain and Kingdom Hearts to all she really had to do her whole purpose to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 was just to sit back and wait for her return but it will still be really sweet to see more nominee and Kyrie as well especially nominee especially Kyrie also I also just find it really funny how a lot of times in this interview as you'll see in future videos new Mora kind of soft confirms like a lot of stuff for DLC like he says things like this like how he says I do plan to show the details of what happened after that maybe that could be for DLC or maybe that's for a future Kingdom Hearts game but what place would that have in a future Kingdom Hearts game so it has to be DLC right right so that's what I'm thinking but anyways though that's pretty much all for today's video if you guys enjoyed this video if you guys found this informative found anything interesting out this video anything you want to discuss with me or the other people in the comment section let me know I would really really love to see your guys's reactions to some of the things I mentioned in this video I'm going to be covering a lot of ultimania news soon along with a lot of remind news as well as I'm expecting some remind news during e3 season which is fastly approaching upon us but this everyone is just the first layer to the cake of this interview there's a lot more interesting stuff in the store stuff about xigbar stuff about Scala caelum the final world and all of that will be coming to the channel very very soon if you enjoyed today's video leave a like share the video with a friend or family member and last but not least we have not already and what to become a part of the Union all you have to do is hit that red low subscribe button down below my name is prodigy and I will talk to you guys soon peace out

21 thoughts on “KAIRI and NAMINE DLC INCOMING?! Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND – News

  1. Riku and Repliku in the end are their own people, but even tho Repliku's memories were changed in com. His personality remained. So its probable that Naminé will see Riku as a different person, but she will see a lot of Repliku in Riku, or she will see where Repliku came from personality-wise. From this a NamiKu relationship could be possible.

  2. I'm definitely not a Riku Namine fan however, if Nomura actually approaches their relationship around them getting to know each other in future games and deeper feelings growing between them I'm all for it. I love Namine! To me she has been one of the most interesting , coolest female characters by far in the game of my opinion. Same goes for Riku in a guy aspect. Because of that I feel that if Nomura just forces a relationship between the two that would not be fair to either one of their characters. Him hinting about Riku acting on repliku's feelings makes sense because in so many words when repliku died Riku knew that replica is in so many words was saying to look after Namine and make sure she gets the empty replica. One can even venture to say that Riku will now have to protect Namine in the place of repliku because they are the closest A-side from Sora and Roxas. But whether it means that a emotional thing will form that I'm not sure about. I really hope in the upcoming DLC as well as future games if this is the case that relationship will form between them we are actually seeing a little bit more seeds planted to form a relationship between them. If it's nothing else Nomura does a top tier job with relationship development (friend or love) type. Evidence shows with how thought out the relationship with kairi and Sora has been. But because of that it leads one to have high expectations on what he will do with any of the other characters relationship which leads me to wonder if it's really any deeper then Riku acting on behalf of his departed close friend and other half.
    But the only 100% Cannon confirmed in Repliku and Namine

  3. Namine should more have story. She was barely in KH3 and that's not fair. I'm sorry to say this but KH3 didn't have the same experience as the older games did and it didn't feel longer than the other games.

  4. Fans: So, are we going to see Roxas and Ven talk to each other?

    Nomura be like

    Nomura: They don’t need to because they’re the same person. But just different occupations. Besides, if you were to ask me if who will win? Will Ven of course. Why? Because he’s a Union. And Roxas was just a mistake. In addition, Roxas has been in Union X for a while already.


  5. On par with Aqua???? WTF???? Aqua is a lot stronger than Xion so no Kairi wouldn't be on par with her level. I wanted to see Kairi be on par at least with KH1 Sora. Being able to fight by now and at least hold her own than barely knowing how to fight at all.

  6. Kairis in a different universe that’s why sora disappeared the cut scene with all the other characters isn’t real that’s what I think

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