Join Comedy Central’s Digital Creators Program – Apply Now

– Can your penis
fall off naturally? 100% and here’s how. – [Narrator] You all need
to develop personalities because you are boring
and unrelatable. (yelling) – That’s not (beep)
true, you (beep). – [Male] Who (beep)
in this chair? – Me. – Me. – [Narrator] It’s difficult
to describe the feeling of bringing your deepest
fantasies to life. – Classic lady on lady action. – You’re pulling us two steps
back with your perversion. – My mind can kill me. – You have a
magnificent forehead. – Are you roasting me? – They tell you be vulnerable,
tell someone how you feel. Never do that. – Just because I’m the fifth
white woman in this group does not mean I should
be treated as such. – I knew humans could
be dicks, but wow. – You could just
sit on a baby’s face and squeeze your butt cheeks– – That would be the
last way I would do it. – [Male] I have certain
techniques to minimize pain. – [Male] Oh my God,
you’re pissing yourself. – Now I’m gonna poop. – You never have to follow
through with something if you’re unhappy. I’m so smart. – I now understand telling
someone they’re holding an active bomb in a
locked van is not cool. – Classic Jordy P, dude. – Let me out! – Please believe
that I am sorry. (upbeat music)

46 thoughts on “Join Comedy Central’s Digital Creators Program – Apply Now

  1. Who else has been a HUGE fan of Comedy central before

    👇I'm gifting my next 34 subcribers🎁
    With Notifications 🔔

  2. Wow Comedy Central must be taking a huuuuge hit from the streaming takeover. This is sad. I would still have cable just to watch CC if they hadn’t cancelled all of their best shows like 3 years ago and replaced them with this try hard garbage.

  3. Palease……. gove me the opportunity to do the South Park, or Crank Yankers content?!? I'm probably one of if not the biggest, and down since day 1 fans and already put out, and promote the franchise on the daily, have massive amounts of knowledge on the subjects, am part of the Ubisoft/Phone Destroyer (and other titles) community, and would be honored to do so. Please look me up, and my YouTube page should link to everything else…

  4. I'm being forced to go to med school, but I'll definitely look into it when I'm having a mid-life crisis down the line.

  5. Why should I. You’d fire me for my political positions. And the fact I can’t stop calling #ChelseaHandlerIsAPissWhore

  6. Can I punch George Lopez in the face? Can I piss on Chelsea handler? Can I take a big stinking shit on Jim Carrey’s face?

  7. Is this real life? Ugh such cringe. Cable tv has finally accepted defeat and its well deserved. Been trash for MANY years.

  8. I would apply but I’m only 20 and still haven’t felt what it’s like to constantly apologize to an SJW while she’s knees deep into a ball sucking sesh yah know?

  9. Pretty sure you had all you needed with after hours and opcd and honest! Until you as cracked got rid of all those loveable shows. Shame on you! Unless you bring them all back! And you should! No matter the price! If they are willing, it be magical!
    That's just my thoughts!

  10. I see why your trying to find some new blood, as seeing the shit you've shown here is more of what you would call a verbal and visual car crash

  11. I'd apply, but if I wanted a shitty writing job for an hour special, or 10ep series, 360 deal, I'd keep netflix on speed dial tbh

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