100 thoughts on “John Cleese Did Not Enjoy Filming Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  1. These guys are pretty short sighted. Obviously HALF your audience is going to be trump fans and by pissing on us you will lose HALF your audience.

  2. Stalker Castle, ancestral home of the Stewart's. Actually was occupied by a French Garrison when Bonny Prince Charles came home to claim his crown.

  3. "…and if it's a slow audience like El Passo…" LOL! As an angry ex-American who lived in Texas for 25 years before escaping to the UK, that had special resonance for me.

  4. I am confused…..Seth hates Trump….and yet he never mentioned him until John did…… What the hell is going on?
    John is going to be knighted…..he will be forever referred to as Sir John of big gut….he had the choice….Sir John of forever pregnant….but he chose big gut. It could very well be that he ate too many dead parrots and then had constipation…..he seems to be full of crap..especially about Trump. Go back to England…sir full of crap John of big gut. Used to be Python fan….no more.

  5. Objection. Everyone I know are fans of Python and Trump. One has to have a sence of humor to put up with these deluded liberals.

  6. I'm Australian and often wondered why Cleese stayed in America. It's a great place for some years, but the shortage of American irony must have gigantically occurred and irritated John C..

  7. wee still mate yoh. (WE STILL LIKE You) miss yeah on stage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoIdEjdZIls stay clear. CLEAR ? its nut clear.

  8. The gift shop at Doune castle has a pair of coconut shells under the counter for people to borrow! Also they sell bottles of beer there called "Holy Gr-Ale".

  9. This man is a treasure. Comedic Royalty.
    If there was a living master of Straight Man Comedy, ladies and gentlemen, John Cleese is the best there is, was, will ever will be.

  10. People need to lighten up. Too many are getting bent out of shape at nonsense. Everyone really needs some Python in their daily lives. A nice tall glass of Perspective & Soda, as Douglas would say.

  11. did you know that "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!!" was a real insult the french sent to King Henry V? pretty funny 😄

  12. Hate to burst any bubbles. I have been a BIG fan of Monty Python since the early 70's and also a Very Big supporter of Trump. Humor is a very ingenious way of exposing absurdities in race, religion and cultures. By whimsically exposing them, it brings to light the differences people have and being able to laugh, not only at others, but ourselves, in many ways, helps relieve tensions between us.

  13. So – Holy Grail was made on a shoestring budget. Gee! Wonder what George Harrison's production company was called?

  14. I highly recommend visiting Doune Castle – the self-guided tour is narrated by Terry Jones. It's absolutely worth every pence.

  15. I'm a Trump supporter, and I like most Monty Python films and TV. But I'm not too sure about John Cleese in old age. I also like to think the Queen had Diana killed.

  16. At 4:45, when he gets asked about Diana, does anyone get the impression he was trying to get some fragment of truth out?

  17. Um Actually And Now for Something Completely Different was the Pythons' first film. Even though it was (mostly) re-filmed versions of their skits from Flying Circus.

  18. I think Cleese has more Trump supporter fans than he realizes. Nowadays it's the political left that seems to be prone to offensive remarks and support censorship of "hate speech" legislation to include comedy.

  19. John Cleese is a treasure. Where does he keep all that money? intravenously, I assume. As th waiter that served Mr. Creosote he is simply the idol in me that made me realise "That must be me one day; no matter what I do, I must make resting my elbows on my belly more classy than John Cleese, at any cost!"

  20. Funny now that everyone on that side has turned on him, now that he says London is in English anymore, seems like, Maybe he's right and also he's okay with people disagreeing with him. In different ways people disagree with this man and yet certain people watch this and thank ohmygod he agrees with me not the other side no way not on any facet.

  21. “My favorite is the married man; flat on his back with his wallet open”

    Eric you are literally a comedy god bless your funny old heart.

  22. How many late night shows are there in us? Most of them are just bad, zero carisma zero effort and humor is kindercarden stuff, haha poop haha

  23. Long live Trump AND Python! And Harrison was full of great quips. I believe I heard Tom Petty say that when Roy Orbison died, George called Tom and said, "Aren't you glad that wasn't you?" FUNNY!

  24. "Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! … Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

  25. Truly, if ANYONE ever deserved to be knighted, it is/was John Cleese! That Michael Palin of Monty Python is the only one of the troupe ever knighted is really an insult to the whole group, and English Comedy as a whole!

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