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Java and Python are the two most
trending and Powerful languages of recent times and it is
quite common to get confused when it comes to picking
one out of the two. Now the most common question
asked by the beginners is which one is
better Java or python. This is Sayantini from Edureka
and in today’s session, I will talk about how both
the languages differ from one another and which one
fits your goal better. So let’s get started. The number of programming
languages used in production and day-to-day life
has seen an enormous growth in the last decade now
from those bustling numbers. We are going to narrow
our Focus to the two most popular languages that have created quite a buzz among the developers as
well as the beginners. So let’s begin with a brief introduction
of both the languages. Java is one of the most
fundamental languages that produces software
for multiple platforms. And the best thing is that it is machine independent and can be written
once and run anywhere python on the other hand is
a simple easy to read and high-level
programming language, but program is mostly fall in love with it because of
the increased productivity that it provides both of these have been the two most popular and controversial
languages of the decade. So let’s move ahead and take a look at the various
aspects of comparison that will help us to find
an answer to the question which one is better
out of the two now if we take a look at the speed
of java and python, the former is a statically
typed programming language, which makes it faster. Where is the later
is an interpreter which determines the type of data at runtime thus
making it slower comparatively when it comes to Legacy Javas history
in the Enterprise. And the world was coding style are typically larger
and more numerous. Where is python has
less Legacy problem, which makes it difficult for the organization’s to copy and paste codes now both
the languages are pretty simple and easy to write but if we look at the length of both the codes python
consists of less number of lines or shorter codes as compared to Java which are also easy to understand another
characteristic is the databases Java database connectivity
is most popular and widely used to connect whereas pythons database
access layers are weaker than jdbc that is why it
is rarely used in Enterprises. Now if I look
at the Practical agility Java provides more undeviating
refactoring support then python because of its
static type system and universality of IDE
for the development of mobile and web applications. But python has become
a popular choice for all the recent Technologies, like data science, machine learning, iot and artificial
intelligence. Next up, If we look at the search results
of US and India in the last five years US
has seen a drastic drift in the domination of both
the languages there has been a significant growth
in the search for python whereas the other has seen
a gradual decrease in the graph. India has also seen a growth
in case of python. The next feature of comparisons
is the salary growth of java engineers and python Engineers
based on their experience. We can see that there
has been a steady growth in both the situations over
a certain period of time now if we compare the growth
of both the engineers in case of freshers
python has a little Edge over java due to
its increased demand in the recent times nowadays. The jobs are most
related to Automation and artificial intelligence. Which prefer Know what Java and that’s exactly why we
can see the shift in the graph. Whereas if we look
at the growth in case of experienced Engineers Java
dominates over the time because Java has been in use way before python became popular and the experienced Engineers
find it convenient for them to stick to their comfort zone instead
of moving to a new language. Now, let us have a look at one
of the most important aspects that makes Java and python
different from each other and this might help you to finally decide
the winner out of the to let’s have a look at some
of the basic differences. Java is a compiled
programming language and the source code
is compiled down to bytecode by the Java compiler and the byte code is executed
by a Java virtual machine on the other hand python
is an interpreted language as the translation
occurs at the same time as the program is being executed now Java supports
encapsulation inheritance. Polymorphism and abstraction, which makes it
an object-oriented language python is also
an object oriented language, but it has an added Advantage. It is also a scripting language and it is easy to write
scripts in Python. Now statically typed programming
languages do type checking at compile time
as opposed to run time. Whereas the dynamically typed programming languages
do type checking at runtime as opposed to compile time and it helps you write
a little quicker because you do not have
to specify types every time next if we compare the number of lines in a code python
can perform the same action with fewer lines than the same code written
in Java in this example. We are printing the statement
hello world using both the languages but in Java, we need to define a class
and a main function which makes it
a 3 line code already. Where is we can just
use the print function for the statement. Case of python
in Java programming language if you miss the semicolon
at the end of a statement, it will throw an error
but there is no such need of any semicolon
to end the statement in case of python now
another important difference in the syntax of both. The languages is
the indentation in Java. You must Define a particular
block using curly braces. Otherwise, the code won’t work. But in case of python
there is no such sight of any curly braces, even
though indentation is mandatory. It also improves
the readability of the code. So if we take a closer look at
all these aspects of comparison, we can say that python has
a slight Edge over java and it would be fair
to declare the former as the winner in this battle. So, what do you think do let
us know about your opinion in the comment section below
and also mention other aspects where you think Java wins
over python till then? Thank you and happy learning. I hope you have enjoyed
listening to this video. Please be kind enough to like it and you can comment any
of your doubts and queries and we will reply them at the earliest do look out
for more videos in our playlist And subscribe to Edureka channel to learn more. Happy learning.

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  2. Which programing languages/software are required for Computer science in Specialization with Big Data Analytics Btech In India….

  3. Python is good for beginners in programming!
    Java is for experts, and you do not only create some software with java, u can use it for mobile apps, robotics & kuka, even coffe machines
    and refrigerators works with java

  4. i thing learning any language is not matter at all the point matter is that which language you understand better and with whom you are getting best result in you field

  5. I love the Python syntax and in my opinion, this programming language is clearly the winner. However, there are still more jobs for Java than for Python Developers. With Python you can only develope desktop and website applications, whereas in Java you can develope desktop, website AND mobile apps.

  6. From my personal experience, if you do not know to write basic C programming then it will be difficult to learn java. Whereas you can learn python easily. Python is more straight forward.

  7. Hi, I am a Japanese language expert and from a non technical background. Which programming language should I learn. C, C++, java, python.?

  8. kids learns python…legends enjoy java.!!!
    Doing in both but still having soft corner for java..

  9. definitely python, simple and easy to learn; later, using packages, one can use java classes directly from python. love it. what more could we want? have fun, simon

  10. We have latest best IDE s to type,debug and execute so no of lines are not at all competition for Java. we can use short cut for typing. And also java has powerful framework s to develop all types of applications, for freshers java is the best and python is for career enhancement

  11. Can you Please tell how much time will take for Python n java, because actually am arts student can I success in programming.. I have soo much excite n interest to learn code..

  12. Java is best. Python learners are very lazy and have less ind than java learners because python is easier than java.
    Java learner can complete python course very fast because it is more easier. Java can also be used for data science, ML, IoT. Everything is possible from java but needed to know all the statements.

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