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  1. Dammit. I always miss these bonus facts, because I deactived these messages, because everybody else spams stupid shit with them.
    These time I saw them. Thanx for doing them. I hope I remember activating them in future videos ^__^

  2. I never understood you guys when you said that educational games can work, undtil this video! just amazing!

  3. Guna give this a try. I want to go back to school but the last time I tried I had to go to remedial remedial math. I scored kind of badly so I had to RETAKE remedial remedial math. It was a big blow to my confidence. Hope this will help lol.

  4. It's kind of adorable that James sounds much more enthusiastic about a math game than most of the stuff he talked about on this segment. Not to say he sounded bored before, but there was a certain sparkle in his eyes and voice. That sounds like a damn good math game.

  5. Thanks James for reminding me that this exist. Working on game that try to incorporate educational element to them right now. And I think this is one of the best ones out there. But then again I love playing around with graphs.

  6. Those stick figures in Sine Rider reminds me about the xkcd web comic. But then… they are only stick figures. Could just be me and my weird mind. 😉

  7. OMG!!! Thank you for reminding me of line rider! I spent hours on that when i was little, so much fun. Now i gotta try sine rider :D. Thanks for the recomendation James, brought me a tiny bit of nostalgia.

  8. Can somebody tell me what kind of game is Deathsmiles (top of the shelf)? It just popped out to me and I have never heard of it.

  9. Nice! It took me three tries at calculus before a teacher said "Look at a roller coaster. It's all rates of change. Speed. Height. Blood pressure." I wonder if they could make a version of Line Rider where you are designing not only the line by equation but also using calculus to modulate height and speed and other functions to complete challenges and solve puzzles.

  10. This makes me SO happy! I make educational videos for children, and though I don't do math in them, it really excites me to see something that looks fun and could hold their interest, teaching an important skill set like higher maths ^ _ ^ I've always been a proponent of games as teaching tools, and it's really great to see this executed so seamlessly into a game that looks like a lot of fun!

  11. Hey everyone! Chris Walker here, creator of SineRider. I just wanted to thank you all for playing, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the game and learned something too. Please send me any questions or feedback you may have so I can make SineRider better, especially if you're a teacher planning to use it in the classroom!

    Thanks again, especially to James and the rest of the folks at Extra Credits. If you want to keep up with SineRider and all my other projects, you can follow me on Twitter at @EnDimensions

  12. 7th grade math? I might have been in honors since 6th grade, and being a Junior, I only started to learn sine waves last year.

  13. 1:17 "I wish they had a way to test out of earlier sections."

    In the downloadable version of the game, there's a level select, and you can get a link to any level you're in to the online version.

  14. I'll see your line rider doodles and raise you a TechDawg


    That said its nice to see that Line Rider is not forgotten and lives on in spirit in Sine Rider XD

  15. This is actually really cool, because in my Pre-Calculus class at school, we just did a project where you needed to write an equation to produce a graph that represented a roller oaster.

  16. James' voice is so calming, it could make me fall asleep. I look foreward to a new episode just to hear his voice!

  17. For teh lulz I created a horizontal line of spheres, and chose sin(abs(x)+t) as my function. At first it worked fine, driving the balls towards the origin where my sledders were bouncing up and down. Then I added a ball to the faaaaaar left (about x=-300) and ran it again. This time the ball was driven even further left. So I conclude that the function is sampled at a constant fraction of the screens resolution, making it numerically unstable. It'd be better if it was sampled at a screen-independent constant, at least around objects. And don't even get me started on MAXINT and the likes. :)Also, anybody know what functions are available? sin/cos are demonstrated, tan works too, as does abs, but sqrt and sgn don't, and I can't for the life of me find out how to do the polar stuff in the video.

  18. Bro, you were at GDC!!!
    Either that, or you heard about Sine Rider through someone else who was at GDC and attended the Experimental Gameplay session. I wish I could have bumped into you! I was looking for you among all the other ETC alumni, but had no such luck.
    I like the way you write, and I'd like to have met you. Anyway, hopefully by next year, I'll be able to get some of my work up at GDC and present as a speaker. Hopefully, I'll see you then.

  19. This is the most exciting game I've yet to see on the show! I'll have to check this out! This is what I wanna see more in the future games: don't just teach players how to fight game's enemies etc… Teach them something interesting about the world we live in and its rules through play.

  20. Wow this game is fun, but I think it would be more enjoyable if they took out the numbers and I could just use my mouse to make the lines. All well, maybe someday they will make a game like this for the artistic among us.

  21. Y'all should also look at Ori and the Blind Forest if you haven't already. If you do decide to check it out, I dare to try and not get teary eyed.

  22. I've had my fun playing around on my calculator/graphing software. Graphing to me is very interesting. It's like coding shapes using a very few number of symbols. I'm glad there's a game to give people a very tactile and rewarding understanding of how graphs work.

  23. Put in a "tangent" function and the sled went to space and started flipping the fuck out. 10/10 would play again

  24. I'm not going to say how old I am but I'm probably a lot younger then you think by about 6 or 7 years, your videos have really opened my eyes to video games thank you for everything you and everyone else on extra credits

  25. God, I remember LineRider. We used to play that at break in elementary school; of course, for us the objective was to make him hit walls or fall of his board. It was one of the few flash games that we could get access to on a school computer, so we kept ourselves entertained on that thing for weeks.

  26. LIGHTSPEED in 3 seconds:
    Kill your browser in the same amount of time:
    Whip the entire universe:
    x^tDancing spikes of death:

  27. regarding the abstractness of graphs, this is something my TAFE aka tech college did very well all experiments and classes are linked to companies, practical tests. chemistry classes use household items, usually testing an ingredient of food like alcohol in beer and wine useing a chromatography machine

    graphing and statistics is simlar

  28. Hey James, “Dragon box” is a good educational game too. It is not boring to play and it is good for the teachers, at the end of the game the kid is resolving  the equations with the mechanics of moving picture that learned at the beginning.
    P.D. Not my native language.

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