iTunes U Course Sharing Tutorial

In this video, we’re going to
talk about how you share your iTunes U course with your students or with the world.
So I’m logged into the iTunes U course manager and I can see my two courses.
In this example, I want to share my Digital First Example Course.
One way is to share with students privately and I do so by clicking the share button.
I would then send my students an email or post on a message board in Carmen, this link
and the enrollment code, so that if they have an iOS device they can access my iTunes U
course privately. As the instructor I would then need to go
in to my course, I just click on the name, click where these three heads are and my students
will start showing up and populating inside this area.
Notice if I send a request the students must first request to be enrolled in the course
and I have to OK their enrollment before they actually have the course information.
Again, in this window I have the link and the code that I could give to my students
that have iPads, iPod Touches, or iPhones. Students that do not have these, cannot access via a private course.
The best way to release your content in iTunes U is to do a public course.
To do a public course you click on the name of your course, mouse over your overview section.
Click overview, then mouse over. Click edit course settings and click Submit
Course to iTunes U Catalog. When you click submit request, it will send
me an automated email that says you are ready to have your course go public, and then I
go in and approve it and release it to the world.
Again, this is the best way to release your course because students with any type of computer
or mobile device will be able to access your content.
And the last thing that I will point out, is that at any time, if you have any questions,
you can click on any of these frequently asked questions sections and it gives you a basic
overview of how to share your course, how to create content, and what to upload.
Thank you and happy learning!

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