iTunes Troubleshooting : How to Organize an iTunes Music Folder

Hi, my name is James Flint, and I’m going
to show the different functions that iTunes has that enable you to organize your music
folders. So we’re going to launch iTunes, and we’re going to go up to the iTunes preferences,
and I’ve already been doing this, so I’m a pretty organized person, but you’ll see there’s
these two check boxes under the general tab, the one says keep iTunes music folder organized,
and the other says copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to the library. This first
one, keep iTunes music folder organized, is going to put all the files in one folder and
it’s going to have them organized by the artist name, and then all the tracks will be, or
the albums will come under the artist’s name and then under the album you will find the
actual track names. The second option, copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to
the library, makes it so that any time you add files from anywhere on your computer,
it’s going to make an extra copy of those files in the iTunes music folder. That way
you have a one stop place for all your music needs. So I’ll show you that here in my iTunes,
in my music folder, iTunes, iTunes music, you’ll see the list here again. It’s doing
it by the artist first, so if you look under Bob Marley here, or Bob Marley and the Whalers,
well, let me try and find someone that has multiple albums. Here under Beck, you’ll see
that he’s got, there’s three albums now that are going to all come under Beck, and then
if you want to look for an individual track, you select the album name and the individual
tracks are listed in there in order. So this is very organized, straight down to all the
tracks from an album in order, underneath the album name and then underneath the artist
name. This step is highly recommended for keeping your iTunes music folder and all your
music organized on your computer. It’ll save you a lot of time in the future whether you’re
backing stuff up, you know storing things on different machines, making a playlist,
or you know changing the file names or formats. So it’s really important to know how to do,
and again it’s pretty simple, and that is how you organize your iTunes music folder.

25 thoughts on “iTunes Troubleshooting : How to Organize an iTunes Music Folder

  1. I guess this file system will work for some. I am trying to file my music under the artist, cd title, track name, ok that works fine until i have a track feat another artist or a soundtrack. i dont want itunes to make a new folder for a featuring track / put my sound track in an artist folder. how do i keep itunes from doing that?

  2. itunes is ok for organizing with simple artist & cd title music however when organizing more complex music genres like Reggae Riddim Driven music.. organizing with Itunes is not helpful at all..

  3. i need some help today i was trying to put all the music i have into there genres they belong in and while i was at it i decided to organiz the album artists i clicked artists and from there i organized them and a s soon as i was done i had two artists with the first song of one album by itself yet it has the same information but i can get them in the same album can you help me??

  4. Whenever i try to buy an app from itunes it says i need a credit card to buy it,

    is there any other way i can buy an app with like itunes gift cards because i have those


  5. if I put an album in my ipod (mp3 file converted to AAC) the songs arn't in the correct order, how do i can that? thanks in advance

  6. okay for a windows CPU, i want to recognize same artist ONCE and not TWICE.

    on my ipod/itunes, it organizes the same song or artist twice(they could be different in same song different CD or etc) and i want it to recognize it ONCE

  7. help my itunes doesnt say the divice above the ipod picture and it also doesnt have a music folder help! and when i rght click the ipod it doesnt say 'sync' just eject and other stuff

  8. So if you DL a mixtape you can import it to iTunes, and when its done importing you can delete because it made a copy into the itune folder?

  9. when ever i put in a cd it imports the music but if it is featuring another artist then it makes another file so i end up having seven different files of one album with no way of putting it back together can anyone help me message me if you have a known solution please!

  10. @zigzag2233 Check this video, it is exactly the answer to your question and it helped me to. /watch?v=DR_YR3FaE4U&feature=related

  11. i have multiple songs of one artist, yet when i go to artist, it shows the same artist multiple times

  12. Pointless. This tells me everything except what the video states: "How to organize an iTunes music folder." I can't so much as rearrange my music playlist manually. How do I do that?

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