iTunes Is Dead! Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing #TuesdayTipsLive

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is joining us on YouTube. What is up? Subhajit is in there already. First to comment, he says:
Good afternoon, good morning. How are you dude? So nice for all of you
to join me this week. And we’re going to be talking
about something that is near and dear to all of
our Digital DJ hearts. It’s going to be about iTunes. So, I’m going to talk a little
bit more about that later on. But first, just a bit of
an introduction to me. If you guys still don’t know who I am, as I mentioned, I’m the managing
editor for Digital DJ Tips. I make a tonne of
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telling you about something that could potentially change the way that we organise our music. And also it’s a sign of things to come as regards music for DJs whether it’s going to be DJ downloads or music streaming, that kind a thing. And we’re going to be talking
about that in this Livestream and as I mentioned, yes, this is live so, it comes with all
of the warts and stuff. Maybe we’ll get some technical
glitches later on, who knows? But, yes, this is a live show. So, you’re probably
wondering: Hey, why isn’t this like a normal Digital DJ Tips video? It’s just like three or five minutes where you just get to the point. Well, this is a half hour show and Phil’s usually the one who hosts this, I’m taking over for this week. I usually do the
Instagram version of this. And I’ll probably be doing that
right after this Livestream. So, yes, 30 minutes, half hour show. And please, type in your comments. I will be able to read them out and actually I’m going
to do that right now. So, I’ve got my trusty iPad over here. Let’s take a look at what
you guys have been saying. I want to say, hi, to Nikki Broom saying: Hi Phil and the crew. Taurus is in here. Joe Santos, DJ Stargazer,
we have the same name. Hello Digital DJ Tips. Wondering what you have
to say about iTunes, which I never used anyway. Yeah, we’re going to be
talking about that later on. Gratji: How ‘about the music
people bought through this, do they lose it all? We’re going to be talking about that. And spoiler alert, you’re not
going to lose any music, okay. Giuseppe says: Hello. Sabhajit says: Hello. Jurgen Craddock saying: Hello. Shane Percival: I don’t
like iTunes, good riddance. Well, I think you’re
going to like the news that we’re going to be
talking about today. Cam Scott says: Can you turn up the mic? Hey, I will do just that
dude, give me one second. It’s like a little bit louder. All right so, if the audio
is a lot better for you guys let me know in the comments and I’ll also try speaking
a little bit louder just so I can compensate for the volume. Steve Gee says: Hello, from
Canada and iTunes sucks. Okay, sound is low, sound
is low, can hardly hear you. All right here we are. Cam says: Yeah, nice. The audio is now good. As I mentioned, it’s a live show. So, there we are. A little bit louder, okay. Let me just turn it up just a
tiny little bit for you guys. Okay, all right. So, let me go to my
console setting over here. And I will turn up the volume. Louder, louder, louder. Hope this is better for you guys. Can you hear me better now? There we are. Let me know in the comments
if the sound is good. Audio is sorted. Okay so, I guess I have to say all the stuff that I
mentioned earlier, right? Well again, hi to everybody
on The Global DJ Network. If you want to know how to join that I’m going to give you the instructions later on in this Livestream. Hi to everybody who is joining us over on the Digital DJ Tips Facebook page. And also everybody who is on YouTube. We are simulcast worldwide on all of these streaming platforms. It’s so 21st century, I love it. And again, we’re going to
be talking about iTunes. So, I want to know, who
stayed up last night or who tuned in during the WWDC Conference over on the Apple page? Hands up, let me know in
the comments if you did because I’m currently in Manila so, that was around 1:00 a.m. my time. And I stayed up because there were just a tonne of great new
announcements from the company. And WWDC for those of you who don’t know, this is more, it’s geared
towards the developers, people who code and folks who make apps for the iOS platform, right? But last night, Apple made a couple of awesome hardware announcements. And the first one is the new Mac Pro. And really I’ve been, I’ve been jonesing for a Mac Pro ever since. But I don’t want one that
looks like a trash can. And the new one that was
introduced last night it was a throwback to the Mac Pro that looked like a cheese grater. And I think it’s great. But at the same time it’s
also really expensive. I think it comes out at around $1,200 if you buy like the most basic setup. Which is the computer
itself plus the screen. And yeah, I don’t have like,
$12,000 to buy a computer. So, maybe I’m going to wait for like the next version or something. But it’s awesome for all of you video professionals out there. For those of you who make 3D
graphics and all that thing. And apart from that they also made a mention of updates to Mac OS which is the operating system for MacBook and iMacs and Mac Pros as well as updates to
iOS, iOS 13 and iPad OS. And I’m sure they’re going to
have like, some new developments when it comes to using DJ apps
in all of those platforms. But one that really
stuck out for a lot of us and something that we’ve been
talking about for a while now is Apple’s plan to discontinue iTunes. And they just made it official last night. Basically, Craig, who is
the vice president of Apple went up on stage and said something like, we’ve been listening to all of you guys give us feedback about iTunes and we decided to make some changes. And he did like a, little comedy routine. He said, we’re going to add the ability to view your calendar over in iTunes. We’re going to have the
ability to send Emojis, Memojis in your messages in all that. And everyone was laughing because, of course, basically
everyone in the world complains about iTunes
being super bloated, right? So, what Craig did was is
he said, it’s just a joke, here’s what we’re really doing. We’re turning iTunes
into three distinct apps. It’s going to be music, podcasts and TV. So, we’re going to be focusing on music. And really, I think it’s awesome because it just brings back iTunes the app to what it really does
well, initially at least. And that is to manage music. If you guys remember back in the year 2001 the first iPod was
introduced along with iTunes. And it was a way for you
to transfer your music from your computer over onto your iPod and that’s the only thing it did. All it did was transfer music. And it was great for
that, people loved it. And in 2003 the iTunes Store was launched. And that basically killed piracy or it played a big part
in eliminating piracy. And that’s why you don’t see a lot of pirate sites around anymore because back in 2003
Steve Jobs basically said, okay we’re going to give people
a really easy way to buy music and it’s going to be .99 cents per song. And that was when the
iTunes Store was born. And that was all well and good. But when the iPhone came out in 2007 suddenly we had this device. This is not the original iPhone. But suddenly we had a device that could do so many different things. It could play your music,
it could make calls and it could also surf
the Internet, right? And Apple slowly added features
over onto the iTunes app. So, apart from managing music
now you could sync videos, you could sync photos,
eventually you could also add podcasts, you could transfer files. This was like in the late 2010s. Yeah, in the late 2010s you
could start transferring files. You could backup your
phone and all that stuff. So basically, iTunes became like, it was like this multimedia manager that just became so clunky and unwieldy. And it’s just, it was so hard to use. And while I’ve been using
iTunes for a really long time I was just, I just kept
pining for the good old days when iTunes did nothing but manage music. And it seems that after
last night’s announcements that is going to come true. So, let’s take a look
at what that looks like. Here it is. Here’s a screenshot. And this is what the new
Music app looks like. So, yes it’s still
pretty similar to iTunes. But you’re going to notice that
over on the top of your screen you no longer have those multimedia tabs. It’s generally where you
would be able to access stuff like: Movies, books,
podcasts and all of that stuff. Now it’s just super clean. And over here on the
left side on the sidebar you just have a couple
of categories there. The first one is Apple
Music and you’ve got for you which is currently highlighted. You’ve got browse as well as radio. So, these let you tune into
your Apple Music account which is a streaming service of Apple. And then below that you’ve got library. Now, this is for all the local
music on your hard drive. So, you’ve got stuff in
there like your songs, artists, categories, recently
played, that kind a thing. And below that you’ve got playlists. So, these are all the
playlists that you’ve created and you’ll be able to access
them over here on the left. So, what do you guys think of
this current design for music? Let me know in the comments. The first time I saw it I was like, oh my god it’s a bit of a throwback. It’s a high resolution throwback of what iTunes was back in the day. And I think it’s awesome. It’s nice clean interface. But, again, let me know what
you think in the comments. So, I’m going to go to my iPad over here and I’m going to start reading them out. Here we are. Scott Watson: That’s what
I want to hear about. I’m going to get a new laptop for Traktor. I hate Mac closed ecosystem. He’s talking about Apple as software. But you’re right, it
turned into a monster. I agree and it seems that Apple basically did the unbundling with
this current Music app and just made it super
simple and streamlined. Who else is in here? Andy Ch: It still make me
a little when Serato DJ programmes on a piece of fruit, aka Apple. And now they’re making you
see apps when the one will do and still can’t get it right. Well, I don’t know. I think when you’ve got
something like this, something that is very simple and something that you can
use to just manage your music and then you can open it in whatever DJ app that you’re using it’s just simplified in a way. And yeah, I do like making playlists within my own DJ software. I’m a Rekordbox DJ user
so I make playlists within the DJ software. But it’s more for playlists that I’m going to be using on the spot. Let’s say I make a request playlist when I’m playing a wedding. I’ll make that within rekordbox DJ and I can just populate that
with songs that I receive or requests that I receive over the night. But when it comes to just like deep diving and spending a lot of
time creating playlists and creating playlist folders
and even smart playlists I really like iTunes for that. And again, like a lot of you are kind of, disappointed
when it’s just started becoming this bloated piece of software. So, when this new Music app was announced I was just really excited about it. And it just, again, it
really takes me back to just how simple things were. And again, Apple is really
good at making things that is straightforward and streamlined. And I think this is a
return to that sort of Steve Jobsian ethos or philosophy when it comes to creating products. Who else is in here? Angela Carr says quote
unquote: The good old days, I think he must have been dreaming. Aw, don’t say that, I don’t think so. Who else is in here? Tweakin Trax says: I purchase
all my music from Beatport. Scott says: Apple is a day
late when it comes to this. Cam Scott asks: How long will
it take to phase out iTunes? Hmm, that is a very good question and something that Apple has
not made a comment on just yet. Although we have received some reports actually if you check
out, I wrote an article there all about how iTunes is going to remain
the same for Windows PC at least for the time being. So, yes, the Music app seems
to only be a Mac OS experience. And it depends on how you look
at it for better or worse. If you like iTunes the way it
is, if you’re a Windows user well, it’s going to stay the same. If you hate it and you want it to be like a little bit more streamlined like the current Music app you may have to wait a little bit longer for the Music app to arrive on Windows. Okay so, Tweakin Trax: Do you personally buy
your music through iTunes? Tweakin Trax, yes, I do. And it’s a mix actually. I buy more of my pop stuff over on iTunes especially the stuff that I use if I’m going to be making like a mix or like a podcast episode. I do that over in iTunes. However, if it’s more of the House or the Techno side of things
usually I go to Beatport. And yes, I’m also part or record pools like DJCity and BPM Supreme. Which is always awesome. And that’s where I get
most of my music from. Okay, cool. So, let’s take a look at
a couple more screenshots of the new Music app. So, this is Craig unveiling
it yesterday over in WWDC. So, again, you’ve got that
streamlined interface, not a lot of clutter over on the top. Something that looks very, very simple. And yeah, kind of liking it. And here’s another screenshot. This time this is from
9to5Mac who leaked this photo a couple a days ago, some
time last week actually. And you can take a closer view over on the folder trees over on the left. Again, you’ve got Apple Music in there, you’ve got library for your local songs and you’ve got playlists. Now I know what you’re saying, okay cool so, Apple Music is in there, my local music is in there,
my playlists are in there. What about the iTunes Store? How do I get on the iTunes Store? All right so, we got some news as well. Let me just go through my news reports over here on my news desk. And basically what they said was Apple mentioned that the iTunes Store is going to appear over
on that sidebar as well. I’m not sure where. If it’s going to be below Apple Music or above the Apple Music folder. But it will definitely be there
according to these sources. And if you want to know a
little bit more about that again, head on over to I wrote a full article about it. Yeah, you can check all
the sources in there for where I got those news. So yeah, basically, the
iTunes Store will remain open. And I know, like, last year
there were rumblings and rumours of Apple shutting down the iTunes Store. But apparently there is,
they’re not going to be doing anything about it at least not yet. Or they didn’t mention anything about it. There wasn’t even a mention
of the iTunes Store yesterday which is kind of curious. But it goes to show what,
where Apple’s priorities lie as regards music and that
is in music streaming. And we’ve been saying this a
lot over in Digital DJ Tips for like the last
probably two, three years, music streaming is going
to be the future for DJing. music downloads are still here. And we think they’re going to stick around for at least a little while longer. But in terms of convenience
we really think that music streaming is going
to be the way to go. Especially after you have
companies like Denon DJ making the announcement
that their hardware will be compatible with
music streaming services, you’re going to be able to stream stuff straight from those piece of kit. And we’re just waiting
on another big company. Maybe someone, maybe
Pioneer will come up with like a, I don’t know, a CDJ or an all in one stand-alone
player in the future that will be able to connect via WiFi and you’ll be able to access Beatport LINK or Beatport SOURCE or some
other music streaming site. And I think that’s going
to be awesome, right? So, let me know what you guys
think over in the comments. We’re talking about iTunes
and iTunes being dead. At least being replaced by a new streamlined app called: Music. So, let me know. I’ve got three things
that I want to talk about why iTunes dying is actually a good thing. Number one, and I’ve
been saying this a lot during this Livestream the new Music app is just
a lot simpler, you know? It’s no longer this
multipurpose tool, I guess, that let’s you do like, a
bunch of different things. Now it just does one thing
really, really, well. Again, a throwback to like,
the classic iTunes of yore when it was first introduced
in the early 2000s. It kind of reminded me
of why I made the shift from using an old music
management app like Winamp. Hands up if you guys
remember what Winamp is? As well as Musicmatch Jukebox. Just like really, really old-school music management apps that
I don’t think exist anymore. Well, apart from Winamp because apparently there’s like a new
version of it that’s out. But yeah, it’s just got back
to being something that is a little, a lot simpler
and a lot easier to use. And there’s just less clutter. I also like that it is
focused on one thing. You don’t have like these
annoying popups anymore. I mean, I really hated like whenever I plugged my phone into my computer and the suddenly like,
iTunes opens automatically. And it tells me that I need to sync it up or back it up or something like that. And that’s, it’s pretty annoying. And last night, at the
conference, Craig the VP did say that they were no longer going to be doing that
with the new Music app. You’re going to be doing all
your syncing from within Finder. But, again, this is something that is for Mac users only at the moment. No news yet whether this
will come to the PC, again, iTunes will exist on Windows, will continue to exist on Windows. At least for the time being. Now, finally the third
thing that I really like about this new development in the app is that by using this Music app you still have access to Apple Music. So, all of your music
streaming needs are there. If you are an Apple Music subscriber. And also you still got
access to the iTunes Store. Or apparently, you have
access to the iTunes Store. We’ll really know the true score when the app starts to roll
out at the end of the month because that is when the latest Mac OS, Mac OS Catalina will begin deploying. So, we’ll let you know a
little bit more about that when that happens. And also, for all of you Mac users who are curious as to how
this will affect your DJing we’re going to to come up
with a bunch of tutorials as well as articles on
how to do just that. So, before I go any further let’s take a look at
the comments once again. Scott Watson says he
uses Spotify streaming and not Apple Music. That’s all right, I kind of use both because I run a record label
here in the Philippines, it’s called: Wide Eyed Records. And you’d be surprised
at just how different the listening demographics are for Spotify and for Apple Music. So, I need to keep track of both. And, yes, I do like Spotify more because I like the
interface a whole lot more. But when it comes to Apple Music they have different types
of playlists on there. I also like the personal, the human curated content over in there as well as like the radio shows. So, that’s why I have ’em both. Tweakin Trax: I use Beatport because your rights as a DJ using music purchased from them is protected. That’s awesome. Joe McIsaac is asking: Will the new iTunes still work with Traktor,
Serato, et cetera? Okay Joey, there have been no announcements yet from DJ companies. But we are expecting them to be able to work with the new Music app just because it’s going to
be the way that Mac users manage their music
libraries moving forward. And another question that
is related to that would be: Will you be able to
access your iTunes library from the new Music app? Again, no official announcements yet. But we are expecting it
to be able to be imported over on to the new Music app. So, no need to worry right there. Alvin Otero: Will this
come to Windows as well? iTunes on Windows is a total memory hog and all-around unoptimised to oblivion. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier iTunes will continue to exist on Windows. And the Music app won’t be available to Windows users just yet. But maybe at some point in the future it will be ported over
onto the Windows PCs. So, again, just stay stuck. And we will give you updates over on the website soon as that happens. L-Biz: Got scared of
iTunes after hearing about iTunes match messing with libraries. Will this resolve this? I know what you’re saying dude and I did have some trouble
with that in the past as well. And hopefully we won’t have any of those problems
with the new Music app because that was a real pain in the butt. Scott Watson: Do any of you use a record pool for acappellas? Well, I think the best
pool, in my opinion, for acappellas is BPM Supreme. They’ve got just like
a huge selection there. Especially if you’re more on the pop side. I don’t know of any other acappella site apart from that. And you could probably purchase
them on Beatport if you like but really BPM Supreme for me is, like, a really
great place to get that. Who else is in here? Suave6565: I use Beatport for music but podcasts is not there. Yeah, I think for podcasts
you can either use Stitcher which is something I really like. And you can also try Spotify. For all of you who use, who listen to like, a lot of podcasts by the way you could try using an
app called: Overcast. It has a neat feature called
like, Smart Speed or something. And basically, it removes
all the little gaps in between speech and talking. So, it lets you consume the
podcast content a lot faster. It’s really awesome. Overcast, check it out you guys. Who else is here? Scott Watson: Does Music have a subscription streaming service? Yes, it will still have
Apple Music baked in. And you can still access
Apple Music in there. Scott Watson asks: How ‘about Audiogalaxy? Dude, that is so classic. Audiogalaxy, Soulseek, LimeWire, Napster. Those were like, the peer
to peer file sharing sites back in the day, it’s old-school. Kevin Brown: Will we
still be able to rip CDs using this new system? I’m not so sure about that dude. But maybe they will. I don’t have like, a built in CD player on my laptop anymore or in my iMac. But I don’t see why Apple
would not include that feature. Here we go. By the way, I have that tweet here. Let me just show you guys. This is from Micah Singleton and she is part of
Billboard, the magazine. And basically Apple told her that iTunes will continue to exist in
it’s current state on Windows and that the iTunes Music Store will be available in the
sidebar in the Music app. She corrected her typo there
at the bottom of that tweet. So, there you go. Guys, let me know in the comments if you have any questions
about iTunes or Apple Music or if you’ve got other
DJ-related questions that you want me to answer. Go ahead and do that. We have a couple more minutes together. So, once again, if you are just tuning in this is Tuesday Tips Live. This is where we talk about
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other like minded DJs. Really awesome place to be. And if you are not a
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to our YouTube channel, and just type
Digital DJ Tips on the search box and click subscribe. So, let’s go on to the comments. Sean Peters: Great info Joey. Seems like the new Music app
keeps the good parts of iTunes and throws out the rest. Hopefully it will allow 3rd
party apps to read playlists. Hmm, you mean .m3u files, right? I’ve always found it really handy to keep my playlists on iTunes so that I can use them on
multiple DJ applications and also take them with me on my phone. Yeah, that’s a really good comment, Sean. And actually this is the only reason why I’m able to DJ using
just about any platform. I wrote on the site some time last year that I visited the
beach on summer vacation and took along my iPad and I was supposed to just
like spend a weekend there just chill out, hang
by the shore and stuff. And then a couple of friends saw me there. And they were like, hey,
you should DJ tonight. And it would be fun if you
got a couple people in here to maybe be like a nice, little party. And I’m like, I don’t have any gear. And then that’s when I remembered, oh, okay, I have most of my music or at least 99% of my
music over in my iTunes and they’re all synced to my iPad. So, I was like, oh my gosh, I could actually play using just my iPad. So, I was like, yeah sure, let’s do it. So, I went to the bar, beach side bar. Set this up, plugged it in. I just had a splitter cable, plugged it in and I started DJing using
djay Pro by Algoriddim and it went off without a hitch, it was pretty awesome, actually. And it wasn’t just like the small party. It turned out into like this
small festival level type set, couple a hundred people in
there jumping up and down. It was awesome and that
was so spur of the moment. And I don’t think I would
have been able to do that had I not been organising my
music diligently using iTunes and syncing them across my devices. So, that definitely is
one of the advantages of going to the iTunes route. And now through the music
route or the Music app route. And I know a lot of you are saying that yeah, but like, it’s
such a hassle to have to do all the organising in iTunes
and then I open a DJ app. And then I have to do some
organising there as well. But I really do think that
it is worth the hassle and a bit of the extra work just because the iTunes app itself. It’s just really good at
being able to organise stuff and seeing everything
all at the same time. But yeah, it is a bit of a hassle because of all the
other multimedia options that you’re able to access
from within that app. But now with this new Music
application, that’s gone. And that’s a thing of the past. And it’s like a bright new
start for the Music app which is awesome. So yeah, as soon as that drops we’re going to have some tutorials for it. We’re going to have a review of it. And you’re going to get all of
the usual content all about it over on the Digital DJ Tips site. Okay. Edward Hines: If you want to
use all of the old features best thing to do is not upgrade. Yep, that is also true. I think, I remember taking a look at one of my friend’s
laptops a few years back. And he was still using iTunes 10. And I was like: Why are you still on this? And he was like, I just
don’t like the look of the latest iTunes. I think it’s iTunes 12 or, I just don’t. Edward Hines says: I still
rip CDs every now and then. Yeah well, hopefully
the CD ripping feature will be included over
in the new Music app. Eric Martin: I use smart
playlists in iTunes for my Serato. I hope that will still work. Yes, all indications point to that still working over in the new Music app. Matthew Armsen: Streaming, especially in the mobile DJ world of weddings has gotten a negative connotation. I don’t know why but most
couples specifically ask me not to stream any songs. Hmm, I’m, I don’t know why that is. I fear that Apple is moving
towards streaming versus owning but cellular technology isn’t fast enough to rely solely on streaming. Okay so, two things to
unpack in that comment, dude. First up, I’m not so sure why most couples ask you not to stream any songs. For the weddings that I’ve done
this year and the last year it doesn’t matter for them as
long as the song gets played and I drop them elegantly. Meaning just that it’s
not bad beat matching and there are no gaps in between songs. Maybe what they mean by
not streaming songs is plugging your iPhone over into your mixer and then just going on
Spotify and clicking play or something like that. I think it’s also worth
educating couples that with streaming you’re
soon going to be able to stream from within the DJ app itself. And there wouldn’t be any difference. They won’t know any difference. It will still be like you were DJing as if you had the actual songs, right? Again, as long as you have
an Internet connection that is speedy and strong enough. And that leads me over on to the second point of your comment which is, cellular technology isn’t fast enough to rely solely on streaming. Okay so, that is true in a way. First up, if you are in a place that doesn’t have good 4G or LTE yes, you will have problems. If you’re on a 3G connection, yes, it may take a little
bit longer to buffer. Or if the cellular signal inside the venue isn’t up to snuff, is just really poor, yes, you may have some problems. In which case you may want to check if the venue has a good WiFi connection. The second thing that I want to talk about is the upcoming 5G spec. Now, 5G is coming sooner than expected. And it’s just right around the corner. I know that there’s a lot of hullabaloo regarding regulations and
the whole Huawei thing blowing up just a couple a weeks back. And I know that Huawei is
one of the major key players when it comes to
installing 5G connectivity in most of the Western world
and parts of Asia as well. But I think that 5G is going to happen, it’s going to come sooner than expected. And it’s just going to
bring so much faster connectivity to all of us. And I’m not so sure whose tweet I saw but basically it was like, a speed test. It was a screenshot of a
phone with a speed test. And I think the download speed was at a hundred gigabytes per second or a thousand gigabytes,
something ridiculous. Early to tell right now. But once that infrastructure is in place then we’ll be able to see the efficacy of being able to stream
from within your DJ hardware or within the DJ software. So, there you go. Tweakin Trax says: 5G’s going
to be a mess for a while. No doubt about that. Currently it is already
a mess because, again, there are a lot of regulation concerns over in the States as well as in Europe. But that is coming at some point. If not 5G as we know it, some
version of it will be released and that is what’s going
to be the next spec for a lot of mobile devices, right? Derek Rudolph: With
iTunes mean pretty much moving onto streaming is it
best to have a DJ record pool? Yes, it still is a great idea
to have a DJ record pool. Want to know why? Here is the main reason why. There are exclusives that
you are only able to get on certain record pools. So, for example, DJcity has a lot of reggaeton and moombah edits as well as mashups and stuff that you can only get on that record pool. They’re not available anywhere else. They are record pool exclusive. Another great example is BPM Supreme. They have exclusive BPM Supreme bootlegs. They got BPM Supreme mashups and remixes that you can only get on that pool. Another one, if you need
yet another example, Direct Music Service has great exclusives courtesy of some of the best
DJ/producers in the States including: Jason Jani. He’s one of the top if not
the top marquee event DJ. He does remixes on the regular. And they are so awesome. You’re not going to
find them anywhere else. So, yes, even though we’re moving towards a more streaming environment I think record pools will
still offer downloads. And that’s why it’s still a good reason to join a record pool because, again, you
don’t, you won’t be able to get those exclusives anywhere else. So, yes, if you want to know
Derek which record pools to join I just named three of the best there: BPM Supreme, DJcity and
Direct music Service, DMS. Okay, Matthew says: Thank you. Thank you for joining, dude. PdotTV is in here. What’s up Pdot, how are ya? And finally, Norman Derbridge:
Hello from Montreal. What’s up, Norman? All right so, thank you
everybody for joining me on this week’s Tuesday Tips Live. That’s it for a half
hour talking about iTunes and also Apple Music and stuff. So, thank you once again. And before I end this
I just want to address this final comment that just
came in over in YouTube. This is from Cam Scott
basically saying that, let me just pull up
the chat app over here. Openin’ the browser. Yeah, as I mentioned,
lots of talk going on about 5G right now. And whether or not it could be something that is potentially dangerous. Ah well, I can’t access the, hmm, I can’t access the chatbox anymore. Anyway Cam, yes, I agree that
research needs to be done on whether 5G is actually safe or not. And I’m sure that all the watch dogs that are dedicated to making sure that technology is safe will be on it. And I guess that’s also one
of the reasons why people are still kind of holding on and a little bit weary
about the technology. But I think it’s a good one to have, at least, for now by the looks of it. So yeah, we’ll see. Now, again, thank you for joining this week’s Tuesday Tips Live. I’m filling in for Phil this week because he’s in Amsterdam. Thank you to everybody who’s joining us on The Global DJ Network as well as those of you joining us from the Facebook page of Digital DJ Tips as well as on YouTube. My name is Joey Santos,
I will see you once again next week for another Tuesday Tips Live. Bye-bye.

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  1. I mean the tour1 system is already been updated so for those players they could just add some small updates to make that happen, my thought

  2. SoundJam MP, the original app iTunes is based on was pretty nice. It had recording and streaming abilities.

  3. I only used iTunes for sync the music to my iPhone. Are there good alternatives for this than iTunes or the new Apple Music?

  4. Great content and subject! First time watching, I became a subscriber.

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  5. I'm sorry but I am a House/Techno DJ. I don't use iTunes so it was not a love loss for Apple to change it's platform.

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