iTunes Backup Location Change – How To Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows PC

How to change iTunes backup location on Windows PC. By default iTunes stores backup files in our system drive. And see the result. Unfortunately there is no way to change the
backup location from iTunes itself. To address the problem we have to create a
symbolic link and only in this way we can change iTunes backup location. In this video I will show you how you can
create a symbolic link with hard junction to change iTunes dufault backup location. First of all we need to make sure hidden folders
are visible on our PC. Therefore we I will go to folder options. Then view. Then here we need to select show hidden folders option. Now we will go to iTunes backup folder location. We need to go to our system drive. Then user. Then we need to open our user account folder. In my case my user account name is Rafi. Therefore I will open Rafi. Then AppData. Then roaming. Apple Computer, MobileSync. And here is the culprit iTunes Backup folder. Lets check what is the size of the folder. Wow! Its 18GB! Thats why my system drive was almtost full. Well you can either delete the folder or if
you want to keep old backup. You can copy the backup file to another drive. I will copy my backup folder. Lets say I’ll copy it to G drive. After coping backup we need to delete the
system drive’s backup folder. Now we will create a symbolic link to the
backup folder we copied in G drive. It means we are simply telling to windows whatever
data iTunes try to store in system drive’s backup folder, you just divert it to G drive’s
Backup folder. To divert backup file we will open CMD here. To open CMD within current folder we need
to right click while holding shift key from keyboard. Then click on this Open Command Prompt Here. Now CMD is opened. Now you need to write exact same command I
am writing here. mklink, forward slash, J. J means hard link. Then double quotes followed by %, APPDATA,
again %. backslash, Apple, space Computer, backslash, mobilesync, backslash, backup followed by double quotes. Now we will give destination link within double
quotes. Opening double quotes, G, colon, backslash,
Backup, closing double quotes and now we will press enter. And we can see Windows created a Backup shortcut. This backup shortcut will send the iTunes
backup file to our Backup folder in G drive. Okay we are almost done. Now we will check whether Windows is storing iTunes
backup files in new G drive’s backup folder or not. I connected my iPhone to my PC. Now I will be start taking backup. Let iTunes take a bit backup. Okay enough to see the situation. Lets open G drive, backup folder. Now see Windows is now storing iTunes backup
file to this new backup folder. Remember my iPhone backup file was little
more than 18GB. And this one is less than one GB. Remember iTunes usually overwrite backup files. Hence if you want to keep old backup files
you always need to move the old backup files from backup folder. In my case I just overwrote my backup file. I hope you understood how to change iTunes
backup location. If still you face any problem you are welcome
to tell me via comment section. I will try my best to help you with my limited
knowledge. Thanks for watching my video. Take care. Peace.

81 thoughts on “iTunes Backup Location Change – How To Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows PC

  1. i was able to do this mklink trick, but once i started backup, the files still pour into the small c driver, but also in the big d drive. any clue?

  2. I am using Windows 10 and my saved file location is AppleMobileSyncBackup . How do I create a link for another drive? It is not AppData directory. Any suggestions..!!

  3. Viewers who face problem with hard link creation follow these steps…

    1- Delete current backup folder from MobileSync folder.
    2- Click inside address bar and copy current folder location from address bar. Your current folder location might look like "C:UsersGuestAppleMobileSyncBackup". Whatever it is just copy the full location.
    3- Then use this command mklink /J "C:UsersGuestAppleMobileSyncBackup" "Here write the destination backup folder location for example, D:Backup"
    4- Press enter.

    Anyone with backup folder creation problem can comment with his current backup folder location and destination backup folder location. I will help you to get rid of your problem.

  4. how do you restore it to the original default location after doing this? i tried to backup from my old backups after i did this, and they are not there. what do i do?! thanks

  5. Hi
    Ive tried so many times, Its just not working. I am not putting it on another drive, I am putting it into my WD hard drive, which is on my network. Will it still work?

  6. mklink doesn't work in Windows 10 powershell, you must use CMD and type in the entire directory, the %APPDATA% needs to be replaced. Also, at 2:11 /j stands for junction and not hard link, /h is the hard link command.

  7. Hi, you have presented the video in a fabulous way which I really like. Thank you very much!
    I would like to know how to remove the hard link that I already created.

  8. i think i have an alternative..
    after moving the backup folder to another location, right click on the backup folder -> send to-> Desktop(create shortcut) … a new shortcut will be created on the desktop.. now simply copy the shortcut folder to the "MobileSync" folder in C:..
    –>this eliminates the code part in command prompt..
    –>if you want the backup folder in its original location just delete the backup shortcut in MobileSync and replace it with the original backup folder
    –> this also avoids having you to delete the original backup folder
    correct me if im wrong.. im not sure if this works..

  9. Hello Rafi, this particular video was too useful. However I use windows 7 on my Dell laptop to create backup for my iPhone 6s. While giving the command at cmd for backup location change. It didn’t work properly. Could you please provide your contact details so i can explain it in better manner. Thanks

  10. bro. i have an existing backup already. Im trying to restore my iphone backup but due to the drive getting full when the restoring is in process it gets error and the drive became full. So im trying to put the backup to another drive and can i still do restore backup to my phone on the new drive where i copy the new backup?

  11. Hello Rafi,

    I would like to change the default backup from the C drive to my D drive. How would I go about that? What would the command sequence be like?

  12. HI Rafi, I have 2 hard drives C: is my SSD and D: & E: are on my normal HDD in am able to create the Mklink but i am getting the error as Location is not available, pls help

  13. bro i shifted my backup from C drive to E drive and there is backup shortcut folder in C drive now as i have backup my device so C backup shortcut and E backup have 87.5GB size each what if i delete shortcut backup…will it affect my E backup??

  14. thats mean, before i can backup my existing ios in my pc, i have to delete first my previous back up in the PC right ?

  15. Hey Rafi, thanks for your great video, it was helpful. but in windows 10 as read in the comments it's a bit different! I tried the same command in there but it gave error. ((mklink : The term 'mklink' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet)) here's the error. I want to make a link to the drive E, can you please help me with the right command in win 10?

  16. Rafi, I have a problem with creating the junction. It says "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

  17. it gave me this msg "You do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation." what does it means

  18. its my first time to writ a comment in YouTube . and its for you because you are the best, its work very well and you help me a lot ………….. thank you

  19. Sorry to bother you but when I type in all of the command it tells me. The term mklink is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet, function script file, or operable program.

  20. Hello, thanks for the tutorial, it worked as you specified.
    However, it occurred to me after all had been done that what I really was looking for was to change my default iTunes storage location from the internal default drive to another. Is this the same as backup?

  21. I have a problem , when i try to make a backup from itunes , there is a error message that the backup could be corrupted. I do every step you do , but in the folder Backup in Disk C if i try to open it , gives me the error ” the route is not avaible”, and in the new location where i put the new folder backup there are two folder with many words and Numbers. How can i do ? Thank

  22. I am mubeen from pakistan . I have a problem . I have my itines in C drive . My backup also . Now i want to install new window in my pc . What should i do with mu backup ? How to transfer it ??? Or if i transfer it ….. and install new window . After window and i itunes then how will i restore my i phone ?

  23. Worked perfectly outside of having the option to "Open command window here" with right mouse click in the mobilesync folder on my PC. Does this exist as an option in Windows 10? How can I enable it for future use?

  24. Can you do it in PowerShell? Tried but it dididn’t recognize mklink as an cmdlet function, script file or operable program

  25. Ok everything worked intill I tryed to back up this device I’m useing it’s saying that’ not enough room even tho the place I moved it to have 863 go left

  26. This error is what I'm getting "mklink/J : The term 'mklink/J' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.

    Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

    At line:1 char:1

    + mklink/J "%APPDATA%Apple ComputerMobileSyncBackup" "D:Iphone"

    + ~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (mklink/J:String) [], CommandNotFoundException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

  27. Thank you so much. For those on Windows 10, open Windows PowerShell as administrator in the file location by going to file—>open windows PowerShell—> open windows PowerShell as administrator . When you are typing replace mklink with cmd/c mklink if you are getting the “mklink is not recognised” error.

  28. Awesome job, Rafi!! Your tutorial video is the only source that got me through a seemingly impossible dilemma. THANK YOU for helping the likes of us. 🙂


  30. i have a iphone 8 backup file in windows but itunes is not showing my backfile for my new iphone x so i can't backup my iphone 8 backup file to new iphonex

  31. Will it automatically locate the backup folder if I plug a new iPhone to my computer and do restore backup? BTW, nice video, Buddy. I've been having nightmares just by thinking if this is possible, and it is! Kudos to you!

  32. When I get to the part at 2:44 and press enter it gives me and error:
    mklink : The term 'mklink' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a

    path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

    At line:1 char:1

    + mklink /J "%APPDATA%Apple ComputerMobileSyncBackup" "D:Backup"

    + ~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (mklink:String) [], CommandNotFoundException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

    And ideas why? Windows 10

  33. Hi Rafi! I’ve been trying to backup my phone to iTunes for 2 days now…it is a 32gb iPhone and I have 70gb free in Local disk C. However every time I try backing the phone up it backs up for about 5 minutes and then stops and says I don’t have enough storage. Can you please help me? Thanks!

  34. That was brilliant! I’d been scratching my head about the lack of space suddenly on my c drive despite keeping it only for system files. Now thanks to your video I have 77gb free! Huge thank you 🙏🏻

  35. Assaamualaikum Rafi,

    need some help. I tried the above method, but I face the below error while opening the linked "Back up" folder. I tried by drive partition also, however the error persists. Appreciate if you could help. I am actually trying with E or D drive on my Windows 7

    It could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted or check your connection….

  36. hi rafi,
    i saw your video (itunes back up location change). i successfully added the back up folder using windows powershell however i canno access into the backup folider… i would get an error saying backup is unavailable,if the location is on his pc, make sure that the device or drive is connected or the disk is inserted???
    on my other laptop i did it without using powerhshell and itunes did recognise the backup, however it stops with an error saying itunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred while reading from or writing to the iphone. 
    i hope you can help me with this been working on it for two  day.

  37. Hi, what if I want to change the location to a different drive again do I just need to do the command again with the new location or what????

  38. Hello!!

    Can you pls help me with restoring iPhone backup from my laptop through iTunes with no space in main c drive.

    I am unable to restore the same coz I can’t free space on main drive.

  39. Hi,

    When i am doing the same in my Power shell with windows 10, it shows an error saying "mklink : The term 'mklink' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again".

    Please help with this. I tried many time with different combinations but nothing is happening.

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