iTunes App Store Refund Tips – App Special – Frackulous 100

One of the excellent things about the Android
platform is the ability to get a no quibble refund if you delete the app you’ve downloaded
within 24 hours. There’s nothing quite as simple for iTunes apps, but the folks at phones
review dot co dot uk have alerted us to an alternative process, if you’re feeling determined.
The key with iTunes apps is that there has to be something wrong with the app, be it
crashing, freezing or unusability. To alert apple, you have to log in to your account,
select “Purchase History,” click on the app you’re having an issue with, and then
click “report a problem,”. From here, you’ll have to fill out a form explaining
why you want your refund and wait. Unlike Android apps, there’s no guaranteed
refund, and the process can be slow – we’re still waiting for a response 24 hours later.
However, the chances are that thanks to Apple’s draconian rules, you won’t actually come across
as many evil apps anyway, so perhaps it’s worth the pain.

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