IT Service Management: Perfekte Ausstattung neuer Mitarbeiter mit ITSM Software

A new employee is signing their job contract. Now the countdown has started! Only 20 days left. to organize the IT equipment. Well…What’s next? Which IT equipment is needed? There has been an email once…
The IT dept. provides, but the purchasing dept. orders the equipment, right? Is there anything left to be approved? It’s taking forever.
In the end, everyone’s in a hurry anyway and still nothing’s ready.
That’s annoying and it happens way too often. Change it with IT-SPS!
It makes sure, all the services new employees need, are ready for use
on their very first day. IT-SPS manages all tasks, processes, roles and services. Everyone involved knows exactly what to do. The whole process is being controlled and automated. Actions that used to be time-consuming and partly manual are no longer needed.
The provisioning of all services is now guaranteed, efficiently and transparently.
The equipment can be ordered with a single click. Now IT-SPS gets started: It coordinates tasks, requests approvals and does so much more! No longer lose your time, money and nerve! IT-SPS: Perfect service in best quality – right there when you need it. Convince yourself!

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