yo you guys what is going on it’s Blazendary here and today in this video I’m gonna be doing something a little bit
different than what I usually do I’m gonna be shopping through the sneaker
con app which y’all already know I’m a part of. I’m just gonna be going
through talking about some of my favorite kicks that I see on there, I’m
gonna buy a couple pairs. Then later on in this video you guys are gonna see
what pairs got delivered to my house, the condition, the process, how it worked? is
sneakercon legit???? of course they’re legit, but I’m gonna show y’all. we’re
gonna go through the tag and what that is, cuz ya’ll probably like: ‘Blaze, I see
this tag on a lot of your shoes like what is that?’ so I’m gonna be answering
that question too and how you can get your own tag as well. Alright so we’re on
the interface of the app so right now we’re in the ALL category on the bottom
left tap on the little sneaker down there and it brings you to all the shoes
that are on the app if you’re like me and you got your shoes legit checked at
sneaker con they do it for free you can ask them and they’ll do it for you, scan
it right there and what it does is it brings up a little page that
says sneaker con “legit” authenticated verify the details below and then these
are all my informational things about the shoe, that’s how I got these Toronto
Raptors right, here I got these from an event, but the cool thing about this too
is if y’all see in my closet right here if we go over we hit add right here scan
that in I’m now adding my ‘fours’ into my collection so I’m gonna own them to my
closet and just like that I have a digital portfolio of all of my sneakers
that I have tagged now I got a lot more but I’m just holding off on adding them
and stuff like that for content reasons yada yada
as y’all saw we just added in my Raptors I actually ordered some fire red 2012’s
very recently and y’all will see that at the end of this video so I have a couple
pairs that I actually am looking for and I have notifications on for you can even
rate your seller filters down here so we’re gonna search for new using new
conditional new conditionals like if the box is damaged,
nine and a half, adidas, Jordan, Puma, Nike I really missed out on these
all-stars right here, if y’all are size 14 jump on that they’re worn one time I
want to save them I want list cap and gown got those as well who the seven
golden moments packed such a fire pack Travis Scott, yeah bread toes ooh the
high UNC’s I’m doing a screen-recording you called me at the worst time! Ok love you bye! Love you bye! I got
the twelves…. Oooh I love those of those core Purple’s I got mine from Sneaker Con…. South Beach
LeBron 8’s ?used?? eight and a half, kind of beat all right so that’s potential… the
tangent foams I remember when those came out right now I think that’s a good
place to stop new shoes are getting added you know probably every couple
hours who knows so let’s wait on it see what happens one week later… ok let me go
ahead bust my phone out and let’s get open this app… so as y’all can see I made
a move right here on these zoom fly off whites and I did that because there were
two hundred and thirty bucks SneakerCon is dropping mad steals all
the time I can just tell, because literally $230 like well what are these
going for right now oh wait 280 right now is the next-best and a size 8 and
the rest of other prices are just a little higher all the other colorways
you right here going for like 350 and go ahead and bust out that men’s eight and
a half and not luxury casual boots Oh 550 what what you’re joking me if these
are legit I’m gonna buy them because having another pair of turtledoves for
$550 is not bad I’m gonna go ahead and make an offer 5:20
offers place damn so I noticed they got a size 13 in the court
Royals I’m gonna go ahead order these for my dad purchase complete
I don’t even think I want to wait any longer to lose these turtle doves right
here so I’m just gonna go ahead and hit by now and if they’re not legit sneakercon is gonna go ahead and say that they’re not legit refund me. for
some fakes? that’s the best part by Sneakercon, some commotion going on
downstairs excellent knew I should have copped the
space Jams. Space Jam retail for $220 but you got an under retail pair right here
except problem is no OG box. and are kind of nasty looking no thank you.
these ones are clean I think I’m gonna go ahead and offer no I mean for 11
bucks I shouldn’t even haggle this kid he’s gonna go ahead and buy them seems
like kind of a steal to me so I’m gonna go ahead like I’ve been looking at them
this whole time I’m just gonna go ahead and make the purchase processing request
bang bang you got it I really want these back boards I’m just gonna add them to
my wants all right I think we got a good amount of shoes y’all I’m gonna go ahead
wait for these pairs to get in I’m excited I got some I got some good
winter heat these next couple days coming up all right guys it is about a
month and like a week or two weeks since the last time that I recorded anything
for this video. A lot of crazy things have been happening and the most updated
crazy thing is that I’m moving in like two days
I’m gonna give you guys details about that and upcoming moving video but you
guys are seeing this on a Sunday it is the most updated in my life and that is
what’s going on I’m moving so I’ve literally been doing nothing but
non-stop pumping out videos and getting all the things ready in this video I was
able to hold off on just for a little bit but in terms of how fast the
sneakers actually got to me, it only took within two or three days because they’re
based in New York, it’s on the East Coast very very fast shipping to me! I’m gonna
go ahead unbox these pairs don’t know exactly what pairs were received at what
pairs we didn’t get our offers accepted on we’ll find out all that information
right now let’s go ahead crack open well this one’s kind of big so I don’t feel
like doing that and let’s alright let’s go ahead start with this
first one so right here looks like we have the Space Jam Air Jordan 11’s. I
love that space print on the inside that’s really cool detailing about the
package. the 11th looks a little differently than it did in the past and
right here I mean yeah these things would look like they’ve been worn maybe
five six maybe even seven times and the condition on them looks great of course
you have these sneaker con legit tag on there other pair really nice paid 260
for them and I got a pair of Space Jam 11s to rock let’s go ahead and see what
pairs this? Is this is a pair that I actually didn’t buy while I was on
camera this was a pair that I just saw for a really low price and I’m
definitely just got to jump on it the Air Jordan Levi collab got’em used there’s all the stars are on the sneaker stars are a great way to tell how worn a
sneaker is they really don’t have any drag so I’m assuming these had been worn
maybe twice and it’s gotten for a great price might distress them with some
sandpaper something like that try and make them stand out it’s a pretty sick
pair right here next up it looks like an Air Jordan one box and these are these
size 13 Court Purple’s that I got from my dad brand-new pretty
awesome very good price on these I think he’s gonna love them a lot of my
merchandise is purple and I think these are gonna be great for him. I’m gonna go
ahead get his reaction real quick after I record this segment and I’ll include
it right now so here you go I got a present for you! “for me?” yep “what’s that” stay right there Talk to the people “Talk to the people? hello people, today we are putting up a TV bracket, very exciting! I’m peeking from my left eye though he can’t see me left eye peeking!! all right bra
all right Bra open your eyes in 3 2 1 oh wow
what are these Air Jordan 1 court purples oh these are my first Jordan
ones! you like them? I thought I remember you said you like them I do like them, why am I being gifted
these fam? I found them for a good price on the SneakerCon app so i bought them. Ahhh we love the SneakerCon app!! very cool what color?
are they dark blue purple these are going to be fresh and dope alright y’all we got
another pair right here let’s go ahead and crack these open looks like we have
another Air Jordan 4 box fire red 4 you guys know if you’ve been following
the channel for a while I love the Air Jordan 4 and all its
different colorways the fire red 2012 edition is one of those colorways that
will always stand out I really hope they throw the Nike Air on these at some
point but until then I can only hope and wear the old retro of these they’re in
surprisingly really good condition and I found them for a great price considering
that they’re from 2012 the midsole cracking honestly is not that bad either
if I wanted to I could go ahead and repaint them myself I’m just gonna keep
wearing them though there’s no need to repaint them just yet I’m really
satisfied with this pair also a used pair but as you can tell it doesn’t even
look used right here we have the last box crack this open One, two brown boxes both
not by the same company one of them is Nike, one of them’s adidas let’s go
ahead and crack open the adidas size 9 Yeezy boost 350 pop let’s go ahead
check out the condition of these turtle doves for $550 I just found the turtle
dove that I’m going to run into the ground I’m gonna go ahead and preserve
the pair that I currently have and start wearing these instead because they’re
just a little bit more beat on the bottom but it’s really not bad at all
uppers are in great great shape there’s still really good toe box shape I’m
really a fan of this pair certified by sneaker con makes me feel a whole lot
better buying turtle doves because the Yeezy fake market is so bad lastly we
have the off-white swoosh this is the off-white nike zoom fly in the
pink orange the neon on the nike swoosh all really dope elements that create a
nice sneaker and I think that the transparency and you have to be wearing
some good socks that day so as you can see here this was a pretty good sneaker
haul we got six pairs it turns out the yellow ochres were fake which which is
great for me because I didn’t pay for them and get scammed South Beach LeBrons
also my offer was denied and somebody bought them now that I think back on it
I should have bought them but it’s whatever thank you guys so much for
watching this video make sure you smash the like button if you have enjoyed I’m gonna be moving out so hell yeah shout out to my post notification gang you guys have a chance to go ahead and comment post notification gang if you’re
one of the first people on the video you can get featured in upcoming videos that’s all I
gotta say love you guys it’s Blazendary I’m out I’ll have my moving update video
very soon like very soon that’s the next video on the channel alright stay
positive peace


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