iPhone apps for the blind and visually impaired

>>The iPhone is more than a text machine.
It is a great accessible tool for those with vision impairment. Everette Bacon will demonstrate
many applications specifically designed for those who are blind or have or have low vision
on the iPhone. These apps can help with independence and everyday tasks and can also assist with
school or vocation. Everette Bacon is the Field Services Coordinator and is over both
Technology and Employment services for Utah’s Division of Services for the Blind and Visually
Impaired. He began as an assistive technology specialist in 2006. He is also the affiliate
president for the National Federation of The Blind of Utah. Jerry Nealy is also joining
us and he is a field instructor for DSBBI. And now we’ll turn the time over to Everette
and Jerry.>>Hello. Thank you Storee so hello my name
Everette Bacon. My partner here is Jerry Nealy to my left and so we are here to present to
you a bunch of different iPhone apps, basically Sasha Pavaton [phonetic] my friend and professor
here at Utah State University, asked if I could put together a bunch of different apps
and show people on one of these webinars. So basically I kind of pooled my resources
with Jerry. We’ve downloaded a bunch of different apps. We’re just going to breeze through them,
try to describe them to you as best as possible, and how we use these apps. And then at the
end of the session I’m going to provide you with the website that will identify every
single app we’re going to demonstrate to you today. So you’ll have a chance to go back
and find these apps and look at them, hear — read descriptions about them. And like
I said, I’ll talk about that later. So the iPhone has been around now for approximately
five years. They’ve had — maybe even six years I don’t know, maybe that’s why they’re
called the iPhone six. I never even thought about that. But there’s been so many different
devices that have come out since, and there have been so many different apps that you
could find in the Apps Store. And so I thought I would try to find apps that I thought people
haven’t had a chance to use yet, or maybe have thought about using but wanted to see
it live and in action before they bought it, so that is what I’m going to try and show
you as much as I can. And I thought I’d start with the first one that’s been probably the
biggest buzz in the blindness community, it is the KNFB Reader. Now there are tons of
demonstrations of this app on YouTube. So the one am going to show you today may not
even be as good as others out there, if you want to go to YouTube, and just search KNFB
Reader you’ll find a whole bunch of different demonstrations of it. But I want to show you
some of the things about the app and how I use it. What the KNFB Reader app is, is it
is — it allows basically your camera on your iPhone, it uses that technology to take a
picture of print and then it has OCR recognition software in it, and the synthesized voice
will then read it to you. You can — from there you can save the documents. You can
open it in pages, or open it in Word, or open it in all kinds of different areas. You can
even — the — send it as an AirDrop message to another recipient. There’s lots of different
things you can do with it. Or you can just save it on your phone and read it whenever
you like. It is meant for reading quick things, so it’s probably not advantageous to sit and
scan an entire book with it. Although you could if you wanted to, if you’re industrious
and that’s what you want to do you could sit and scan every page of a book. But you don’t
have to, and what I end up using it for and I know a lot of friends and colleagues of
mine what they use it for is, they use it to just scan a simple print like their mail,
things like that to find out what this print is so they know what to do with it. Because
it’s amazing how much print is out there in the general public that you don’t get a chance
to know what it is. So I’m going to go ahead and load the app, hopefully you’ll hear it,
just fine. Now I am live so I can’t promise that I won’t get a text message, or a phone
call, or something like that while am doing this. I have put my phone on mute and I asked
as many of my friends to not call me right now during this hour as possible. But texting,
I really can’t stop. So if I get a text message we’ll just fight through it and move on, but
it is my live phone. So –>>Page one of three, adjust page two of three.>>I’m now going to the KNFB Reader and you
hear it say –>>KNFB Reader.>>KNFB Reader, and I’m going to double tap
on that.>>KNFB Reader, KNFB Reader.>>So what I’m going to do now, is just kind
of go through the app and to kind of show you some of the features of it so you kind
of get an idea on what’s on the app. So it starts up in the left hand corner –>>Settings.>>You have settings so you could go in and
change different settings.>>Camera flash is on.>>Camera flash is on, so you can turn the
camera flash off if you want. They recommend that you leave it on so — because you never
know what the lighting is around you, so I end up just leaving it on all the time. The
phone is smart enough to turn the flash off if it’s in a very well lit area.>>Tilt guidance switch button off.>>Tilt guidance, now I’ve switched that off
but you can turn that on, and when you’re holding the phone over the print that you
want to read, it will give you a vibrating feeling. You’ll feel it vibrate and the faster
it vibrates the further you are away and it’ll vibrate on the right if you’re tilted too
much to the right. It’ll vibrate on the left if you’re tilted too much to the left. Up
and down, things like that. And what you’re trying to do is position your phone perfectly
straight and when you get it perfectly straight it won’t vibrate at all. So that’s kind of
a neat feature that they have set in there. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it
so I don’t really use that anymore. But it is nice to have it there if you want to use
it.>>Take picture button.>>There’s the take picture button, I’m going
to go back to that in just a second.>>Field of View Report button.>>Field of View Report, now field of view
report is another way you can find out how you’re holding your phone over the paper.
So I’m going to take this piece of paper right here, just some print that Storee gave me
and am going to hit this field of view report button so you can hear what it says.>>Field of View Repot. Take picture field
of view report button. Field of view report. [Inaudible] is off button, field of view report
button. Mostly our language, document type. Field of view report button.>>So –>>Field of view report.>>So it’s supposed to give me that report
whenever.>>Select profile button, mostly our language
doc — mostly. Camera flash is on, block settings button. File explorer. Take picture. Field
of view report button.>>It’s supposed to give me a field of view
report where it tells me I’m holding my phone too much to the right or too much to the left,
or too much to the top, or too much to the bottom. And it worked just fine a few minutes
ago but we’ll see what happens.>>Take picture button, take picture button.
Field of view, take picture, field of view report, field of view report.>>Well this is what we call demo effect.
I’m going to go to the take picture button to make sure it’s working there first, and
let it read to you.>>Take picture. Pause button pause. Next
sentence button, pause, previous sentence button, previous page. Announcers in CH. Previous
sentence, pause, play, pause.>>I’m wondering if it’s not hearing us through
the connection on the phone. Shane, because for some reason I’m not hearing the attached
voice. So I’m going to go ahead and clear the app out and restart it just to make sure.>>New system folder for apps.>>So I’m going to go to my app store I’m
going to close it.>>A neutral system folder.>>That’s what I did –>>Doc page two of three.>>And I’m going to go ahead and restart it.>>KNFB Reader, KNFB Reader file explorer
button.>>And let’s go back and I’m putting it right
over the paper.>>Take picture. Pause button, pause.>>So something’s happening where it’s not
reading to me where it was before. So you’ll hear that, that’s actually the synthesized
voice reading it but it has another voice that actually reads it just fine. And for
some reason it’s not right at the moment, it was a few minutes ago when we tested it
right before this podcast started. So I think what I I’m going to do –>>We’re training in the UATP database including
announcements and CDs mailings.>>Now I’m hearing it. Okay. Good. Can you
do that again for me?>>Previous page, previous sentence, play.>>Upcoming trainings, thank you for attending.
Presenter gift after training.>>Okay good. So now you can hear, because
it has a synthesized voice that it uses, it’s more of a humanistic voice. And that is reading
the print that was on this piece of paper for you. Also if I go back, just so you kind
of get an idea of what’s here, you can — I can add this page to a document. So if I wanted
to create more than one page to this, I could do that. I could change the text recognition,
what that means is I can put it in more of a column view rather than left to right. So
if you — like let’s say you get a bill or something like that and the print on the page
reads down, up, so it doesn’t read to you correctly you could switch the check text
recognition to more of column view mode. You can save the document. So there’s the document
itself I’m going to go through that. I can go back to the previous page that I did. I
can go back to the previous sentence I did. I can’t quite hear it out there, but am hoping
it’s doing it live for you. So you can do the next sentence, the next page, I have the
document language, so you can actually change this to different languages if you need to.
You have a speed button so I can make it faster or slower and that’s quite it. And that’s
all the different things that you can do as you’re reading the document. I’m going to
go back to where I was before. Go back to the page. Now I’m wondering Shane if you could
let me hear that speech again, as I want to try the field of view report and see if it
tells me some information that I was trying to do before. I’m going to do this field of
view report now.>>Field of view report.>>Tap into 15 degrees clockwise.>>So you see how it said and I couldn’t quite
understand it, but it said something degrees clockwise, so it kind of told me that I was
holding it a certain amount of the degrees clockwise either to the right or to the left.
I’m going to try one more time.>>Take picture field of view report button.
Field of view report.>>Top rotate at 17 degrees clockwise.>>See it said I needed to rotate it three
degrees clockwise and so that’s basically I would rotate it three degrees to line it
up perfectly. So here’s another — this is my bank receipt that I went out and got some
money from the ATM before I came here because I’m going to show you a money reader app here
in a little bit.>>Take picture button.>>And I’m going to take a picture of it just
to kind of show you what it says because I dint know there’s a lot of print in your ATM
bank receipt. Hopefully
it doesn’t tell you my account number.>>Pause button.>>We’re in pause, [inaudible].>>So it read you quite some of information
that was on that receipt. I’m having trouble hearing it because it’s in the other room
so it’s a little hard for me to hear, but you get an idea of what it does but it gives
you quite a bit of information. Now I can go back out –>>Page one of one. Settings button, back
button. Set page one of one. View image associate with document.>>So I want to view the image associated
with the document.>>Back button.>>And basically that put it totally on my
screen and you could really view it yourself if you wanted to kind of make it bigger or
not.>>Back button.>>I’m going to go back now. Now I’m going
to go to my file explorer here, so I want to show you what that is. So there are some
different pictures in here that I’ve taken, but let’s go and find the one that I did a
few minutes ago. Oh, I didn’t save it, that’s why I didn’t. So let’s just use one of these
ones I did before. Utah State Library, so if I wanted to do something else with this
document I could double tap on it. Actually, first I’ll go to edit and double tap on edit.
I could delete it right here or I can just double tap right on the image and it gives
me select action. I can rename it to something that I want it to be if I want, I can delete
it. I can export to, so basically from there I could export it to mail. I could export
it to different — all kinds of different things and I’m going to actually going to
try to do that so I show you. I can export it to a file in the KNFB Reader app. I could
export it as a plain text file. Formatted text files, so as HTML. Let’s just choose
plain text file, from here I can AirDrop it; I can ShareDrop it with Jerry right now if
I wanted to. I could post it on to Twitter, Facebook; I could open it in Numbers, GoodReader,
Pages. All of those different things I can open it in and try all kinds of things and
more — they have got some more features coming and they’re going to add some different things
I believe where you can mail it or do all kinds of different things with it. So they’ve
got two more buttons that they haven’t added anything to. So there’s a lot of different
things you can do with this print text once you’ve taken a picture of it. So if you — let’s
say you opened it up in Pages, then you can read it in Pages, you can save it in Pages
and it would keep it there forever. So it’s pretty neat. I believe they’re going to add
Microsoft Word on there as well because Microsoft Word is now accessible. So a lot of different
things there that you can do with this app which is pretty impressive and neat. I’m going
to cancel that and go back and I’m going to stop, but that’s the KNFB Reader app that
kind of gives you a little bit of an overview of what it can do. This app is probably the
most expensive app you’ll look at on the — in the App Store and on the iPhone. And I’m going
to talk about it a little more as I hand my cable to Jerry. So basically, with KNFB Reader
is going to cost $99 in the App Store so it is a little bit more money, but the reason
is, is because the company that makes it which is KNFB Technologies, it’s the only app they
make, so it’s the only way they have to make money and it is a specified app that was made
specifically for the blind, so that they could go ahead and have a way to just take a printed
image. It is the most accurate of the different types of apps out there. There are other apps
out there that a little bit cheaper that you can go do, but the accuracy of those apps
is definitely not as up to par as the KNFB Reader. There is an app called Prizmo, there
is an app called TextDetective. There is an app called Pocket Reader, so there is a number
of different ones out there that you can go and you can read about, and see which ones
are — fit your needs. But if you can afford the $99 one, I will recommend it because it
is definitely the most accurate out of all the apps out there. Jerry?>>Hello everybody. I am here to show you
a couple of different apps as well. We have a bunch of apps here, one of them I’d like
to show you is called TapTapSee and I’m going to go to my rotor, to –>>Handwriting.>>Handwriting and then I’m going to draw
a T.>>TapTapSee.>>TapTapSee is the first one that comes up,
and this app what it does is it takes pictures of things, and it allows you — I believe
there’s a human being actually on the other end, I’m not 100% sure, but it takes pictures
of objects, and colors, and things, and tells you what they are. I have a — I’m going to
hold the camera above the object probably five, six inches, and then on the word camera,
I’m going to take the picture, do one finger double-tap on it. And this one takes a couple
of seconds but it goes out there, and you can do it with colors, you can do it with
— I have a tie on today, I’ll take a picture of it and show you what it does. You can take
a picture of people; it’s not really good with people. It doesn’t know your people,
but it’s a really good app I think for — it’s a free app initially, and it really does take
a lot of pictures that have a lot of good information. This just takes a second to –grey
Altoids pack. So it kind of gives you a general idea of what things are. I used it one day
to determine between my cottage cheese and my sour cream and that was a really big find
for me at the moment. And so sometimes I’m in a room and I just want to know what’s in
front of me. So I’m just going to take a shot in the dark. So I just find the camera button,
I swipe, I’m just going to point the camera straight ahead and take a picture. And I like
this app a lot, I use it — I don’t use it all the time, but it’s a nice feature, a nice
option to have because it gives me options. Some mornings I can’t figure out what color
of tie I’m wearing, so it gives me enough information about what I’m looking for. That’s
really all I want. I mean it takes pictures of – you can take a picture of just about
anything and it works really well. But it does — as you can tell it does take a — so
there’s a phone on a desk over there, so it’s pretty helpful that way, so it’s a pretty
simple little app. TapTapSee, it’s in the App Store, and you can get that, and like
Everette mentioned earlier there’ll be other — there will be a place you can go and find
out all these apps and what they do in one location so it’s really nice. I’m going to
hand the mic back to Everette for him to describe another app.>>Thank you Jerry, I’m going to go ahead
and plug this in, and hopefully the screen will catch up with us in a second. The next
app I thought I’d show for you and we’re actually going to show you two apps that do the exactly
same thing. The app that I’m going to use is called the LookTel Money Reader. It’s a
really neat app that reads money, currency extremely fast. So it can really tell you
bills very, very quickly. So if you do go to an ATM or if you do go and let’s say you
spend some cash and you get a bunch of cash back like at a 7-Eleven or something like
that and you want to quickly organize it without asking the guys, “Is this the five?” Or, “Is
this the ten?” You can do it yourself with this app so am going to go find it and load
it here for you. I like to go find mine in the folders. Jerry likes to do the handwriting,
so it’s kind of — all kinds of different ways you can even tell Siri, “Load this app,”
if you want to and it will do that for you. So money reader –>>Money Reader. Money Reader. Money Reader
running.>>So it says it’s ready. There’s a one dollar
bill. I’m going to flip it over here and see what it gives next.>>$100.>>There’s a one $100 bill.>>$20.>>There’s a $20 bill.>>$10.>>$10 bill.>>$5.>>$5 bill.>>$1.>>And a $1 bill. And I can mix them up, pull
out any one of them; I don’t even know what am pulling out. That’s the 20, I mean I’m
just throwing the money all over the table, and you see how fast it is. That’s $5, $1.
The one I’m kind of concerned about losing is the $100 obviously. That’s the $5, and
I’m going to give this money to Jerry in a minute so let’s see how much he gives back.
There’s the $5 again, there’s the $100, so you can see how fast that is. That’s all this
app does. It’s the LookTel Money Reader but it is extremely quick at reading a currency
bill to you. It works with all kinds of different currency. So it doesn’t just work with the
United States currency, I’ve tried it with Canadian currency. I don’t really have access
to a lot more, but my wife happened to be Canadian, so we could try it with Canada currency.
But it works with; they say multiple different countries and the currency there. So even
if you’re somewhere else with your phone it’ll be able to do that. Again the LookTel Money
Reader, now my understanding is this app does cost $10 so — but it’s a neat app and it’s
really fast at reading your currency. Like I said, Jerry’s got one though that is actually
absolutely free that he’s going to show you. Pass this to you Jerry. Jerry I have mixed
up these bills into all kinds of ways and I’m just going to hand over them to you and
see what you can do. Just please give them back to me there.>>Nice doing business with you.>>Yeah, I bet so. Let me put them all straight
there.>>So I’m going to show you an app like Everette
said, it’s absolutely free and it is called EyeNote, E-y-e-n-o-t-e. And I am going go
into my app switcher and see if it’s in here, one finger double-tap to open it. Now this
app’s pretty simple, there’s not a whole a lot to it. There are three options in here
it says speak is currently selected, swipe to the right, tone, so it can give you a tone
or vibrate. So let’s just keep it on the speak, now I’m going to take one of the bills and
set it on the table and hold a camera above it five, six inches, said $1.>>$1 back.>>Sometimes it’s the user, you just got to
hold it right.>>$1 back.>>So it’s telling you it’s the back of $1,
so you turn it over –>>$1 front.>>So it tells you the front. So you — when
you put money into a machine and you know it has to face up, you can do it the first
try.>>$20 front. $1 front. $100 back.>>Okay, so we going to swipe to the right,
tone, now put the actually I can’t — it’s a low tone so you couldn’t hear it. So –>>We can’t hear, but I think they might.>>They might. Okay. So it is seven tones
for a hundred, and so go back to speak. So it has three options and as you can tell,
let me out too many bills in front of it, that’s a $5, that’s the front. Let’s see if
Abraham Lincoln has a back, then again it — sometimes it’s a little bit slower but
it did have some speed there. This one’s — that’s the $10, that’s a little — actually what
it is I have too many bills at the same time so it’s seeing too many but this app is free.
It has improved a whole lot since the first one came out, so if you didn’t have either
one I would say give this one a shot, E-y-e note, and see what we can do with it. Certainly
will identify your money and turn back over to Everette.>>The makers of the EyeNote app that Jerry
just showed, is actually the US Department of Treasury. So it’s pretty nifty that they
did that, and I think it is really cool that it’s free of charge. I’ll find out later if
Jerry gave me back all my money we’ll see, but it was really kind of cool that they did
that and they made it absolutely free for everyone so we hope you take advantage of
that app and try it out. I don’t think there’s a whole lot difference between the one that
I use that was $10, and the one that he used that costs nothing. So — all right the next
app I want to show to you, sometimes getting information is really important. There’s lots
of different apps that you can get information from, I’m going to show you one right now
that I really like a lot called iBlink Radio. So I’m going to go to it.>>Money Reader. Lifestyle folder. Message
— news folder, social folder.>>I keep it under my social folder because
it’s kind of a social information gathering thing for me, I could do lots of things with
it. There’s iBlink Radio, and that is e-y-e blink radio. So you find that in the app store,
it’s a neat app by a company called Serotek, and they give you a lot of different things,
and I’m going you this — the different thing you have access to on this app.>>Connect to SAMNet, odd link radio. Connect
–>>So connect to SAMNet, SAMNet stands for
System Access Mobile Network, it is a network that you can subscribe to for $20 a month,
or you can do a yearly subscription, and it gives you a lot different things to it. You
don’t have to subscribe to that to use this app though. So I’ll go through that in just
a minute just so you can kind of see it. Here are some of the other things in the app that
are totally free. So listen to SPN Feedback Special 6, that’s a podcast that the makers
of this app do. You could submit an iReport from there. Audio tutorials and interviews,
lets double tab on that and just look at some of that.>>Audio tutorials and interviews, back button.>>So now I am going swipe through here.>>Audio tutorials and interviews pending,
Android. IOS and audio production from blind tech support.net.>>So there is a website called blindtechsupport.net,
and it gives you a bunch of different things on android and IOS information that you can
go and listen to.>>How to become a member of their Serotek
Ambassadors Club.>>You can — how to come a member of their
Serotek Ambassadors Club which might interest some people.>>Listen to RSNB special, using SAMNet socializer.>>So there’s their socializer special. Macintosh
audio demos by Mike Cicingo [phonetic], so I could go into there, I kind of like that
one but am going to go on and show you some other things Upgrading from Microsoft — that’s
a little old but Vista to Windows 7, there might be someone out there that still does
that. See that’s a pretty neat thing too, I bet you didn’t know you could do that, but
it’s out there. I am going to go back to the Macintosh one, double tab on that. So if you
are a Mac user there are some demos on how to use on Mac. So there is 01, Intro to the
Mac, you can go and double tab on that, it’s a podcast that will pop right up and it will
be telling you — giving you an intro to the Mac. It just goes on and on and on, there’s
tones of them so if you ever wanted to learn a Mac computer, this app is totally free and
there is a guy showing you how to use it right then and there. I am going to back to the
main page of iBlink Radio. Blindness resources lets go there. There is the ACB Braille Forum,
you can go and read it any time by the American Council of the Blind.>>ACB Reports.>>ACB reports.>>American Council of the Blind, ACB.>>So there’s another that goes right to their
website. BlindBargains.com is a really neat website that is run by some blind guys out
of Michigan and it basically tells you all kinds of different bargains out there on assistive
technology and regular technology that you might have being aware of, and they update
it all the time. They have a known — their own app as well that you could download but
this will take you right to their website. Blindprogramming.com, BlinkieChicks is a woman
out there that — she does all kinds of different things related to blindness on her website
and her podcast. And like I said this goes on and on and on. You can get — so you can
go to the NFBs website from here. You can read NFB news line from here. All kinds of
different things, so it just goes on and on and on, the blindness resources that are out
there that this one app gives you all in one place. So that way you don’t have to hunt
for it you can just do it all from here. Community Radio, so now this gives you access to any
streaming radio of any state out there, just too kind of give you an idea. There is SPN
Radio, ACB Radio has some streams, Blind Veterans Internet Radio, Blindy TV is a really neat
website that does descriptive audio of TV shows. Let’s go to that one because that interests
a lot of people. I haven’t done this in quite some time, but I think it’s still pretty easy
to do. So it gives you different categories, I going to do comedy. Maybe connecting to
the — you may be seeing something or hearing something out there that I’m not. Yep you
are. So that’s describing something to you and when the characters aren’t talking it’s
giving you the dialogue of what’s going on. So I hope it’s good for you, I’m going to
pause it and go back. But yeah, there’s lots of different things there and it’s just on
all the time 24/7, so you could kind of get hooked on watching descriptive audio television
shows out there, and you can go to the website too at blindytv.com, it’s a pretty neat website.
Lots of different things on here. Podcasts on here, they have their own podcasts. Reading
services, those are libraries that stream their content from the blind out there. So
different states that stream their library content, you can kind of hear what they are
doing and so on and so on. The last thing I want to show you is that SAMNet, I’m going
to go and connect to that because I pay for that service for a month that is $20 a month,
it’s pretty neat. Double tap on that and in here, I have an email account that I can use
from here, I can get different news, I can get sports information, weather, DocuScan
Plus is another reading app where I can use to take pictures of print and it’ll read to
me, so it’s another way I can do that. Entertainment, this is the way where you can go and find
descriptive audio content out there whether it be movies, television, all kinds of different
things. Entertainment — and it’s anything. It has old-time radio to new radio to just
about anything you think of, books, music, all kinds of things. I’m going to keep going.
I’m going to go to My Newspaper just to kind of give you an idea of My Newspaper stuff
that I like to get. I’ll double tap on that. So I basically created some keywords and I
like to look for different things. So, baseball headlines, I can get immediate baseball headlines,
I can get anything with the word blindness that’s been in a newspaper from all across
the country. Just double tap on that and just kind of show you what that’s like.>>Chickadee, Momma June robbing me blind.
Anna Chickadee Cardwell is accusing her mother Momma June of stealing all the money she made
from their reality show.>>Who’d have thunk, but that’s a thing about
blindness.>>Blind bravery led Jolie to do this.>>Blind bravery led somebody to do this.>>Angelina Jolie tells CNN about directing
the World War II film “Unbroken.”>>So she directed it, and they say she was
blind bravery for doing that.>>Blind cricket World Cup winners.>>The blind cricket world winners.>>Each member of the Indian team which won
the just concluded Blind Cricket World Cup for the first time was handed a cash reward
by Sports Minister.>>That just kind of gives you an idea. So
there’s all kinds of different things you can do out there with this app, descriptive
audio content, newspaper information, you’d have access to Facebook and Twitter from here
and you can use it all at once. So, it’s a really neat app and like all the different
things I showed you, it kind of just takes anything related to blindness, that the blind
community is interested in, and it puts it all in one place in one app. So you don’t
have to go and search and find it which I really like, and so it’s pretty fun. Yes,
I did show quite a bit in a little bit of time there, but it’s a free app and you can
go and download it and you can try it out. So hope you like it and I’m going to pass
this back to Jerry, you got another one you want to try Jerry.>>Yes, two.>>All right.>>Two at once.>>Two at once? Okay.>>So, it’s nice to have all this education,
we can try different things. There’s a great app out there that works with the iPhone,
works with computers, I used a computer with it, it’s called Dropbox and you have probably
heard of it. And it allows you to connect to the computer, you can put stuff in Dropbox
and then have it on your phone and I’m a pretty cheap person and so I have an iPhone 16 and
it doesn’t have much space on it. And I don’t want to load it up with all those iTunes songs
and also I’m cheap, I don’t want to buy them. So I put them inside of my Dropbox folder
and then I can play them from directly in there, not to mention other text files and
things I have access to within there. So we’re going to go into it, just to show you how
to do it. Multiple ways I went to the — multiple ways to get to where you want to get too.
So I open up Dropbox, and I have probably 30 folders in here and then I have sub-folders
under that, so it’s like having my own computer in my hand, from things I’ve saved up there
and it does take space, I have probably eight or nine gigs up there. I’ll go to the index
and I’m going to look for M for my mp3 favorites, I’ll double tap on that and now I have — sometimes
I go out to Pandora and I’ll record a song and save it and upload it to this, and it
allows me to have access to the file. So, that’s the song recently that I found that
was pretty good and not sure how it would stream in here so I won’t play it, but I just
wanted to show you that this is a great feature on the iPhone to use a Dropbox. You can sign
up for an account and its pretty easy to do and another — there’s another app that goes
with this Dropbox that I really like is, that you can record. Many people that know me,
I like recording people’s voices, or recording things that we can keep memories of. I claim
that I like voices, and so that’s — I’m not a picture person, I like voices. So, there’s
another app in here called DropVox and I’m going to tell the phone to open it. “Open
DropVox.” So immediately it comes in here and it’s sitting on record and as soon as
I did a one finger double tap on that it would just start recording, you hear a little beep
and then it’s just recording and it will just go, it will record. And there’s a couple of
features in here that I want to show you. So, under settings, you can set it to do a
couple of things. So every time you are moving around it will play an indicator sound that
got pretty annoying so I turned that off. So if you didn’t want to be in the app and
you wanted to just record, you can record in the background so it’s going all the time.
So you can have a higher quality, I don’t need quality, I just want to record it. And
that’s the one I usually have on today I turned it off but recording on launch, so all you
have to do is to find the app on your phone and double tap on it and then you’ll know
within two seconds for you to be recording. So if you’re in a hurry, you wanted to get
— say you heard a song on the radio and you wanted to get it really fast, so you can have
it for later, then you can just double tap that and know that it’s going to be quick.
And if you hear a beep it will start recording and the feature that I really like about it
is that as soon as you are done recording, it automatically goes to Dropbox. So it’s
an m4a file extension, so you can record a 10 minute thing, double tap on exit and then
when you’re finished and then it will say uploading, and then it’s just uploading it
automatically doesn’t even touch your phone, so straight to Dropbox, there’s a folder on
Dropbox called DropVox. So it’s D-r-o-p-V-o-x. I don’t know if it was free it might have
been 99 cents but it was really — been a really good thing to have, and then as soon
as you get home on your computer, you can go to your computers’ Dropbox folder and that
file is sitting there waiting for you to do something with it. So it really is a handy
recording option. That is DropVox. So I’ll turn back to Everette.>>Okay. So, I created a folder on my iPhone
and I put a bunch of different blindness apps in it, I’m just going to kind of stroll through
some of those blindness apps so you can get an idea of some of the things that I have
on here. Here’s my blindness folder and I’ll double tap on it and just kind of go through
some of the things there for you and then to show you a couple of apps. So, the money
reader one that I use is right there, light detector, this is a pretty neat one app, it’s
a pretty simple app and I believe this one was absolutely free. So if you have no light
perception, I’m going to allow it to access the camera, you are going to hear a tone –>>Light detector.>>The closer I get to light and the tone
gets louder. Again, I can’t hear this it’s unfortunate but it’s just the way the webinar
here goes but I’m sure you’re hearing it out there in internet land. So as I move it closer
to the app the light — the sound changes. So that’s a pretty neat little app. There’s
a talking calculator app that allows you to use your calculator and it completely talks
for you. And it does not only regular addition, subtraction, division, multiplication but
it does even some graphing. There’s a Braille app, there’s lots of different Braille apps
out there where you could type in Braille on here. MBraille is a really neat app if
you like to text in Braille, you can actually text in Braille using that app and it’s a
lot of fun to do that. I wanted to show you a color ID one; this is a free Color ID app
that I downloaded. There are a number of different color IDs’ out there, and it’s just — so
it’s telling me that this is a pale purplish blue table, I’m going to put it on my tie,
so light blue color in my tie, pale green in my tie. This is a tweed jacket but there
is a little bit of purple and blue in there. Let’s just see what shirt color Jerry is wearing
— oops I lost the thing, sorry about that, it doesn’t stretch that far but you will have
to reset that again, sorry about that.>>Dark purplish blue. Brilliant purplish blue.
Grayish blue.>>So it tells you that there’s a grayish
blue tint to my laptop, but it just kind of goes over all kinds of colors. It finds all
kinds of different colors in there and you have to play with it, kind of get used to
it but it definitely will give you all kinds of information on colors and you can go into
the settings. I’ve got 20% of my battery rating but we are okay. So I can switch the camera
button, I can make the loop active which is what I’ve been doing so it will keep talking.
There’s a flash I can use, and I can go with a different setting but it’s a neat little
color identifier that was completely free, and like I said there’s lots of different
ones out there that you can use.>>Blind Bargains.>>Blind Bargains has an app that’s really
neat, if I double tap on that one.>>Blind Bargains, Blind Bargains, bargains.>>And so there are some bargains out there
and I’m just going to scroll by headings so that you can hear the different ones.>>Heading not found. Save 40% on — bargains.
Heading not found. USB solar battery charger for $11.99. So there’s a battery charger for
$11, special pricing on Wal-Mart’s most wanted gifts and there’s another rapid charger, a
chrome book for $199, free shipping site wide at Target, 6 days ago that was posted. So
all kinds of different things that you can do on here and he’s got a search, he’s got
audio where you can listen to different things that he’s put on that app. Classified so you
can sell stuff if you want on here, so if you have old technology that you want to sell
or if you want to look for old technology you can look for that under the classifieds
and in the bargains that I was telling you about. So that’s a neat one and it’s mainly
related to blindness and technology that people are interested in. Go to my second page here.
VO Starter, now that one is a really neat app because if you are a brand new voice-over
user, this is a neat app because it basically makes a game out of learning how to use voice
over. So, it kinds of goes through this whole process, I’m going to load it and see how
we get on there, I’m not going to be able to hear it though it does talk. I’m going
to tap the middle of the screen to get started, so it tells you that you need to flick right
to get to the extra object, and it kind of goes through the whole different flicks with
you, and it makes a game out of it, it makes it a lot of fun and really neat to use. It’s
a really fun app but that makes learning how to use voice over really easy. So if you — let’s
say you have a newly blind person that you’ve decided to get them an iPhone, but you know
they are going to have trouble using the touch screen for the first time, well you could
go and find this app. I believe the app is free and it’s called Voice Over Tutorial,
LookTel is the name of the company again that makes it, so you might even in the App Store
look under LookTel or VO Starter. Lots of different ways you can find it but you could
load this app on there for them, get them started with that. This is — I use this all
the time with brand new iPhone and iPad users to kind of get them going on how to use their
new iPhone. Because I can’t spend 24/7 with them showing them how to use the touch screen,
I have to leave them at some point. But I want to get them to where they are using their
device and they are feeling good about it and this app allows them to do that and everything
it teaches them, they can then transfer that skill and use it on the iPhone for their everyday
use, which is really neat. I’m going to show you a couple other apps. I’m going to go to
— these are more fun apps that I think people really like. Uber is a really neat app, Uber
is a — if you live in an area where you want to do ride sharing or, you know, that your
city does ride sharing, Uber is a neat app that you can find a driver and that driver
will come and pick you up. I don’t believe Logan is using Uber yet so I can’t really
demonstrate it here. But Salt Lake is and other major metropolitan areas are using it
and it’s a really neat app that tells you a lot of different things. There are many
GPS apps out there and Look Around apps out there, they are so many that I don’t even
know where to start to show you. My favorite one is probably this one called BlindSquare.
This is a really neat app because it gives you a lot of different information. So, I
could search for things, I’m just going to go through and kind of show you some of the
different things on here.>>Four square button. Other button. Filter
announcements, all, button. Mute speech button. Search places within radius of 1.24 miles
adjustable.>>So I can search for places within one to
24 miles and its adjustable, the accuracy is within 33ft, so it doesn’t get you right
to the front door but it gets you pretty close. So here are some places I can search, Arts
and Entertainment, that’s what I wanted to find, is food. So there’s 11 places within
1.24 miles of me, there’s the Panda Express, Einstein Brothers & Bagels, Tandoori Oven,
these are all Storees favorite places to eat by the way. So Federico’s Pizza, Jamba Juice,
and what’s nice is it tells you 1.21 miles to the left, so you get kind of an idea of
where to go. And you could even use — you can go into one, and you can look at — if
I select a Jamba Juice, I can start tracking where — when I’m walking, I can track myself
so it will tell me I’m getting closer, and how many miles/feet that I am from it. I can
plan a route, a walking route or a driving route, I can even show on a map because what
I wanted to find that there’s the website, there’s some tips about it that people have
put, it shows you the address, the phone number, it’s just about anything you want to know
about that place. And you can do this search for all kinds of different things not just
food, but it just seems that food is kind of the most popular one, but BlindSquare is
probably the most favorite app amongst blind users out there for GPS. But there’s a lot
of other different ones, AroundMe is one, Sendero LookAround is one, a very advanced
GPS one is the Seeing Eye GPS; that one is actually a subscription service that you can
subscribe to, it gives you a lot more detailed information, but it just kind of depends on
what you are looking for. There’s tons of different ones out there and I want to let
Jerry do one more app, you have one app or not.>>I have Flesky.>>Flesky, okay. One more app and then I’m
going to tell you how you can find out about all of these different apps and I think we
might take some questions and be done.>>Okay, this app Flesky VO, it’s been renamed.
If you had it originally and thought it was broken for whatever reason they didn’t want
to fix it, so they traded another app called Flesky VO for voice over. And this app –>>How do you spell Flesky?>>F-l-e-s-k-y>>Thanks.>>And that is very important, it’s a good
app. It allows you to type — it’s kind of a touch typing, position typing kind of thing.
I’ll demonstrate it here for you.>>FL lowercase.>>Actually this one’s on my front screen
so I can just go. So I’m going to open it here, so there’s a keyboard on the screen
and sometimes I don’t type — I type pretty fast but on the phone I’m a little slower
finding individual letters and so I’m just going to type — you basically — you get
used to this, it’s difficult in the beginning but you just have to touch and find where
the screen is. You can touch the screen; I’m going to touch the middle of the screen, so
I put my finger right on the T which is exactly what I was looking for. You basically swipe
left, I don’t have my sounds turned off so it would blip at me but right now it said
deleted T and so swiping left deletes. So I’m going to type the word “that”, you get
used to how this works and so I’m taking my index finger and I’m touching the screen in
the different spots, imagine putting individual periods on each spot where the letters are
in the position of the keyboard.>>It’s a QWERTY keyboard.>>A QWERTY keyboard, so I’m going to try
and type the word that again, that, and then outside I’ll type the word, is. Okay so had
was wrong so I can swipe left to erase had. I can try is again, is. Is, that is great,
g-r-e-a-t, and if I swipe right I again, it gives me punctuation. If I don’t want a period,
I can swipe down with one finger, flip down, exclamation point. Now as soon as I put that
exclamation point, it’s ready for the next sentence and so then I can type whatever,
the word knowledge, that’s nine letters. So you get used to it and so now you have some
texts on the screen, you want to write a text, you could do a two finger swipe up. So if
I just want to copy to the clipboard so I can go paste this somewhere which is primarily
what I do, you can, but you can swipe right for more options.>>Settings, button. Flesky. Feedback, button.
Instructions, button. Facebook button.>>You can do — you can send it to Facebook,
Tweet it, you can go to your — it’ll pull up right up on your texting as though you
typed it in texting. So it allows you a bunch of different options and so it — you can
copy it, go into your edit mode with your rotor and flick up and down to paste after
you’ve copied it to the clipboard and you can send it off that way. And so it’s a really
good app that way if you’re doing a lot of writing on the phone, and you don’t want to
use a keyboard of any sort, it’s an excellent way to do that. It is free as well and Everette’s
going to tell you here in a minute exactly how to — where to go find all of these apps
and more. Even with specific categories, if you didn’t know what kind you were looking
for, you can specifically look for a category name and it gives you options in this website.
So, thank you for listening today and I’ll turn it back over to Everette.>>Okay, so just too kind of give you an idea,
probably the website that I use the most to find out about different apps is called applevis.com.
I’m going to spell that out for you, you can go www.a-p-p-l-e v as in Victor, is.com, applevis.com.
It is a free website that is outstanding; I believe that website is now on your screen.
One of the links that I want you to pay attention to is, that it’s right on the main page, there’s
a lot of different things this does, but the link that I like the most is called the apps
link. You can click on the apps link and it opens you up into another page that gives
you tons of information about apps. So you can then look up apps by category, you can
look up the most recent apps that have been interviewed or that have been checked out
by somebody. So basically what this is a way where you, an individual person can look at
an app and you can put a review of it or — and they have people that do this all day long
and there’s probably hundreds of thousands of apps that they’ve reviewed on there. And
so if you find a specific app that you want to go and review and look at, you can read
the review that they’ve put. They’ll give you a description of the app, they’ll tell
you which device it works best on or what it was tested on, they’ll tell you whether
it’s free or if it’s a paid app, and they will give you some tips about what blind people
have said that have used this app. And then they’ll even provide a link in the App Store
that you can double tap to and go right to the app store and download the app. So you
can do this on your iPhone or the computer, however way you want. And then they even have
apps, a whole list of apps of I believe over 100 of apps that have been specifically designed
for the blind or visually impaired. So then you can go in there and those specific apps,
you’ll see the KNFB Reader in there. You’ll see things like Seeing Assistant Magnifier,
there’s tons of different ones that let your phone become a video portable magnifier and
lots of different things in there that you can try and play with. You could spend a great
deal of time just kind of looking at different apps and finding out what they are like, and
what they do, way out of time before you go buy it. And so this website is an invaluable
resource and the guys that update it on a regular basis, they’re great. They also have
put tons of tutorials, podcasts, print tutorials that well your screen reader reads it to you
or again, a podcast where someone’s actually describing something like I am now and it’s
a really neat resource that is available to you or if you’re teacher of the blind or something
like that. So please take advantage of that, that’s a great place where you could find
all that and now you basically know my secret, that’s where I find out everything or any
other blind person that you know, this is where they go and so you could be well informed
like that too. They review — I would say on a daily basis a new app is reviewed and
put up there, so it changes daily and you can look at that and find out stuff that you
want to. I didn’t show you any games, there’s tons of games out there that are specifically
set up for the blind, sports apps where you can download your favorite pro-football radio
station or pro baseball radio station. There’s just — we could go on for hours, so I thought
I’d end with that but then if you have any questions for me, I’m happy to answer those
questions.>>If you have those questions, go ahead and
type them in now. There was a question I was going to run by Everette. If you would talk
a little bit about why you think Uber is a good resource for the blind and low vision
population. I know there’s been some controversy about that, I know you had some recommendations
for Salt Lake City Council on why it was a good resource?>>Sure, so basically when you’re blind and
you need to get somewhere, transportation is sometimes difficult. Public transportation
is not always accessible to you, the buses don’t run when you want it to, maybe they
don’t pick up in the spot you wanted to be in. And let’s face it, in a big city like
Salt Lake, everything is designed to the trains and so they want you to drive your car and
park it at a park and ride and get on a train and us blind people we can’t do that. So our
other alternative has been taxis for years. Well the taxi services have become just overwhelmed
that they haven’t kept up to date with technology. So taxi services are still kind of in the
dark ages where you have to call and reserve a taxi and then it comes out to you and you
get a person that is a really nice person but probably doesn’t understand you very well
and you are trying to tell them where you need to go. They don’t have a GPS, so you
got to be very specific and tell them exactly where they need to go and then you get there,
they want cash or coupons or something like that, and you’ve got to be able to give them
that. And then you’ve got to rely on them to give you the exact change back and that’s
pretty frustrating. Well Uber is a ride-sharing program where individuals that drive can sign
up with Uber, they become a driver and this app is fully accessible, you can go through
and basically you put in where to pick you up. It has a GPS so it can get your exact
address right, it can’t see you so if like you’re at a certain store downtown it’ll see
that you are at that store, and it’ll tell the driver you are at this place and you can
choose to be picked up there. It gives you an estimated time arrival of when the driver
will be there, it tells you the car that the driver’s coming in, the name of the drive,
you can even call or text the driver from the app. All of that reads perfectly well,
then you can even ahead of time, put the destination of where you are going and the driver will
know where you need to go right when you get in the car, and they’ve already set it up
on the GPS, they take you there. You’ve already put in your credit card information the first
time you signed up and so it just charges your card the exact amount of the trip. So
— and it’s about a $1.25 a mile where cabs right now are at $10 minimum and then 2.25
or 2.50 a mile after that, so it’s a lot cheaper to do that. And these are just individuals
driving their own cars. They are background checked so they do have to go through the
National Federal background check and they are licensed, they have to be insured. So
it’s a very safe and easy way and many cities are taking advantage of this, and Salt Lake
is one of them now that has made it legal. So we are pretty excited to have that available.
Any questions or anything Storee?>>Doesn’t look like we have any at this point.>>Okay.>>So I think we’ll wrap up. I’ll watch for
those to come in but I did want to mention a few things, the Utah Assistive Technology
Foundation does have grants now specifically for technology for blind and low vision users.
So if you are interested in getting some of this technology but don’t think you or your
clients would be able to afford it. That would include things — other devices as well, those
grants are available, they are up to $400, and you do have to be at or below 150% of
the poverty level. But those grants applications are on our website at uatf.org and we have
someone that can also help you with questions you have on those and the phone number is
also on the website. Looks like we don’t have any questions, so I’m going to go ahead and
wrap up. I did want to remind you to fill out the evaluation that’s on the bottom of
the Agicast page titled UATP Survey. I appreciate any ideas you have for future webinars; I’m
looking for things this next semester. And I also wanted to mention that today’s training
will be archived after it’s closed captioned, and I’ll put that on YouTube and send an email
out about that. And we also will have some DVDs available as well if you are interested.
You can also access our previous webinars, and those are on our YouTube channel and that
button is linked on our webpage at the bottom, which — again our webpage is www.uatpat.org.
And we’d like to thank Everette and Jerry for being here with us today and I’m sure
if you have future questions they’d be happy to help you again they’re with the Utah Division
of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Thank you.

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  1. You can get the KNFB Reader for Android too. But it costs a lot of money as they said the one for iphone did.

  2. Great next show one on the Andoid phone, which most of us who are low income are using. When I see assistive technology that is only available for iPhone it really annoys me. I'll tell you like it is, I don't want pitty but truth be told most of my friends who are blind are using some not so popular brand android phone from some place like Metro PCS, or Boost Mobile, in other words less expensive cell phone service, mine for the longest time was only capable of 3G. I will be looking for your video on Andoid phones and what assistive technology is available for that, which is not for iphone lol no no just what is available for android.

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    These apps are amazing and this is the only thing I like about being Visually Impaired.

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