iPhone and iPad Apps for Premeds and Med Students

What’s going on guys! J from MedSchoolInsiders.com. In this video, we’re going to go over the
most useful apps on the iPad and iPhone for med students. Quick note about tablet devices; you do not
necessarily need one for med school, however they are very helpful, especially during your
third and fourth year which is when you’re actually in the hospital and being evaluated
by residents and attendings. Their opinion of you is obviously very important. Now, for some reason, if they see you on your
phone, they assume that you’re texting or up to no good which is silly because you can
be looking up information, studying flashcards etc on your phone. When you’re on your iPad or similar tablet
device, they assume that you are studying, looking something up, reading a book etc,
which again, I know it’s silly because you can be on Facebook or YouTube or whatever
on your iPad. Again, not necessary but something you should
definitely keep in mind. So anyways, let’s get to it. Let’s first go over the apps that were most
useful on the iPad. So really quickly to give you guys a brief
overview; I use reminders for keeping track of assignments and due dates, notes for when
I needed to jot down a quick idea, Evernote is what I used when I was taking notes in
class. So this is my primary app that had all my
notes, all my lab assignments, things like that. So, one of the great things about Evernote
is any attachment you place in your note, so for example, we have a PDF attached to
lab 29, Evernote will actually search within that document and display those results. So that’s a very powerful feature. You all know that I’m a huge fan of Anki,
so as you can see I have more than 2,000 cards do. Do as I say not as I do. For those of you who follow me on Instagram,
you know that I recently matched, so I have much less incentive these days to be keeping
up on my Anki. All med students need to know their Anatomy
and my favorite Anatomy app is called essential Anatomy 5. What you can do is add muscles, arteries,
veins etc. And this is all 3d. You can get a very good idea of how different
structures are related to each other spatially and you can select an item, so for example
here we have the triceps, lateral head. If we can press I, you get more information,
origin, insertion, action things like that. We can even fade everything else, so it really
just stands out. Insight Timer, this is my favorite app for
guided meditations. I will be releasing a future video on why
you should all be meditating. Now, in terms of note-taking, a lot of my
friends actually like either Notability or Note Shelf. Notability is the more popular of the two. You can either draw directly on a blank canvas
like I did here. These are actually embryology notes or you
can also annotate on a PDF. So you import the PDF into Notability and
you can actually write on it. The other app I liked was Note Shelf. So again, if you have a stylus and this works
for you, you can take notes. I have not tried the new iPad pro but I know
that that stylus in that system is going to be, a lot better more detailed than this. Another app that is really neat is called
Duet. It actually turns your iPad into an external
monitor. So if you plug in your iPad to your computer,
and now my iPad is essentially an extra monitor. And this is really useful when you’re taking
notes and when you want to have, you know, notes on one screen and then your PowerPoint
or other materials on the other screen. So, one the iPhone, it is more of the same. Again, I have reminders, notes, Evernote,
Anki etc. The one app I really wanted to show you guys
it’s called Scannable. So again, I stopped taking notes on Noteability
and Note Shelf because I found that using a stylus like this, again, this is not the
iPad pro, this is a regular iPad and using a stylus like this was a little bit too clunky
for me, so what I would do is I would actually take notes on my small notebook. So that I would use this app to essentially
scan my notes. So then I could actually take this and save
it straight to my Evernote and if I had written down anything here, Evernote would use its
OCR technology to identify those words and when I search for those items, they will actually
show up on the scanned image which is pretty incredible. Thank you all so much for watching. That is it for this video. If you liked the video, make sure you press
that like button. New videos every week, so hit subscribe if
you have not already and I will see you guys in that next one.

46 thoughts on “iPhone and iPad Apps for Premeds and Med Students

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  2. In love with your videos! They have helped me so much this past semester. haha there's a visible difference in my transcript & cGPA 🙂

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  5. I've been subscribed since you uploaded only 2 videos. It's amazing to see this channel growing. Definitely going to look into those apps. I got introduced to Evernote in senior year of undergrad but I always found it very confusing. After watching this, I might give it a second try.

    P.S. Looking good, Jay.

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  14. Going paperless is awesome. I've found it a lot more convenient just carrying my laptop and iPad everywhere instead of huge textbooks.

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